Summary: Reyna Tanerin, a girl entering middle school, is moving from an almost perfect life in America to strange Japan, where things go topsy turvy for herself! Her father is Nanjiro Echizen's good friend and soon she meets Ryoma, but what will become of the two? When Ryoma shows her around school, he also introduces her to the Tennis Team! All of them become like older brothers, except Eiji who acts like a younger brother. But it seems as though Ryoma's not the only one who fell in love... RxOC Maybe even EijixOC or FujixOC in the later chapters!
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"What! We're moving the day after tomorrow!" I practically choked on my dinner.

"Well honey, you're father and I got a job in Japan. And after all, you are part Japanese," my mom replied with no difficulty.

"Yeah, like one-fourth!" I retorted angrily. "I don't wanna move!"

"You are part Japanese whether you like it or not," dad chewed on his piece of steak slowly.

"Come on, why Japan? I don't even know Japanese! I even know how to speak a little of Korean, why not there?" I poked at my broccoli with my chopsticks.

"It won't be that bad Reyna," mom tried to change my mind.

"I don't even know anyone there? Let alone have any friends," I grumbled angrily.

"Your father has a very good friend there who's even a tennis champion. He also has a son about your age… Ryoma was it?" mom looked at dad and he nodded in reply.

"What's all the fuss about over here?" my older brother, Kenton, yawned and came into the room. "I could hear you from upstairs."

"Shut up Kenton," I took a sip from my glass of water.

"What did I do?" he frowned at me. "Man, I'm hungry. Why didn't you call me down?"

"Well, I was going to but you were studying so hard," mom said.

"Not to mention sleeping too," I snickered under my breath.

Kenton glared and sat down across from me. He was in 9th grade, but the fact that my parents thought that he got mature because he was older was so out of range. You wouldn't believe what he did to me, even at his age. And worse when we were younger. Now all he does is throw heavy and hard stuff at me when my parents are gone and pull my waist long black/blue/red hair, which hurts very badly. Anyway, through all of that, he's a very protective brother nonetheless—very protective, and rarely nice. His looks were so different from me though. He had dirty blonde hair and aqua blue eyes. While on the other hand, I had black hair – which I dyed with blue and red streaks – and amber colored brown eyes.

"So pipsqueak, who's this Ryoma dude?" Kenton grinned mischievously.

"Don't call me pipsqueak! And how should I know who Ryoma is anyway?" I frowned at him, losing my appetite. I picked up my plate and stood up, walking to the sink. "It's your turn to wash the dishes. Aren't you happy you woke up?"

I walked upstairs and jumped on my bed. Opal, my pure white Himalayan cat, climbed onto the bed and used her tail to tickle my face. I laughed. "Hi there Opal, where were you all day?" I picked her up and set her down on my lap. "Meow" she relied and stared at me with her opal-colored orbs. The reason we named her Opal. She jumped off before I stood up, as if predicting all my moves, and followed me to my desk. I sat down in my revolving chair and then Opal jumped onto my lap.

"I don't want to move," I sighed and continued petting Opal.

"Well, let's think of some positive stuff," I thought. "Well, there's gonna be snow, and… AHH! That's all I can think of," I nearly pulled my hair out. "I'm just gonna start packing to forget. Wait, how is that going to help?"

I took out my huge suitcase from my closet and threw all of my clothes into it. Opal sat on the bed watching me as I went from one side of the room to the other, opening every clothes drawer I had and throwing them into the suitcase. A few minutes later, I paused from my work and turned around. "This really isn't what I thought it's going to turn out like..." I stared at the large pile of clothes in my suitcase.

"Crap... I'm gonna need to fold all of this." Opal cocked her head to one side and then walked out of the room leaving me behind with the outrageous pile. I never even knewI had this much clothes, except for the fact that when my mom goes shopping, she brings about 6 large bags full of clothes for us to try on. I sighed and began folding the clothes neatly so they would fit inside the suitcase. About an hour later, the clothes were packed inside and I exhaled deeply. "I am never going to do that again," I grumbled and left the room.