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Chapter 6 — First Day at Seigaku Part: 2

I hurriedly followed my new found friend out of the locker room and to a basket full of P.E. equipment.
"This is how they do P.E. in Japan!" I stammered at Sakuno. "No laps? Jog around the field? Stretching?"

"Well, we do that. I just came over here to think of what activity to do," Sakuno smiled and after a few minutes, she showed me to a spot that I was to go to every time after I changed in the locker room.
"So I stay here and wait for the teacher to come out?" I asked Sakuno.

She nodded happily and walked to her own spot and began stretching a little. I decided that I should just wait and stood there, looking around the P.E. field. It…was…big. That was all I had to say. Huge. Seriously! I spotted tennis courts about 10 yards away and thought about taking a look over there. I quickly looked around to see a few students rushing out of the locker rooms and I sighed as I walked over to the courts. There were a few people practicing and they were really good.

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from behind me and I jerked around. There was a P.E. teacher standing with a clipboard where my spot was. I rushed to my spot and my face turned pink in embarrassment.
"Reyna Tanerin?" he raised an eyebrow at me.
"Y-yes," I mumbled quietly avoiding all the eyes of the other students.
Some of the girls snickered and the boys ignored me. I sighed disappointed. This is not how I imagined starting out my first P.E. class.

When roll call was over, the students dispersed and went to different activities after warm-ups. Sakuno hurried over and began dragging me to the tennis courts as fast as possible.

"C'mon! We better hurry," she said and quickly grabbed two rackets.
"What? Why?" I was dragged over to the courts without notice and she handed me one of those rackets. "But I--" the rest of my sentence was gobbled up by squealing girls around the courts.

"Is this what they really do during P.E.?" I thought as a thick line of girls streamed around the fences that blocked them off from the players.
When I was able to look closely inside the courts, there was a singles match going on between two guys. One was getting easily pummeled by the opposing player. I glanced away for a moment, looking around for other activities other than tennis but all of a sudden, there was a scream and a flood of ooh's and ahh's.

"There it is! Momo-senpai's Dunk Smash!" a girl screeched and the rest squealed in delight.
"How awkward," I blinked as I turned to Sakuno. Unfortunately, she was also cheering aloud. I gave a reluctant cheer to act along but inwardly heaved a heavy sigh.
"What kind of school allows students to do this?" I thought and glanced accusingly at the teachers walking around.
"What a lucky shot, I'm dead tired now," I heard 'Momo-senpai' talk as the fangirls quieted down. He gave a wide grin as he looked around at his fans and added a thumbs-up.

He reminded me a bit of Ryoma, except for the grin…and the thumbs-up…and the height…and actually everything…except that he would say whatever he wanted without indignity or fear of humiliation.
I mean, what kind of person other than Ryoma would really say that stuff and get extolled for it? Anyhow, I was getting bored of this and I feared that if I didn't do an activity soon, I would get marked off. So, I tugged on Sakuno's sleeve and pulled her out of the crowd.

"R-reyna-chan!" she stumbled amongst her words and tried to keep herself from falling backwards.
"I personally think it's unhealthy to scream for something like that," I teased her and poked her shoulder.
She nodded and heat rushed to her cheeks. I smiled and held up my racket. "Will we really need these?"
The girl gave a hasty nod once more and showed me to the separate courts. "We can play here," she opened the gate and stepped inside and I followed, looking around with an expression of wonder and how in the world I would play tennis.
Sakuno pulled out a ball from the basket in the corner and tossed it to me. I caught it but didn't know what to do afterwards.
"Uhh, so do I hit it now?" I felt ridiculously stupid as even Sakuno giggled and nodded.
I smacked the ball with the racket and watched as it gracefully flew in through the air with an arc and fell to the other side of the court. But without even a chance to get ready, Sakuno slapped it right back. Fortunately, it landed out of bounds.
"Jeez that came by fast!" I called to the other side.

The other students paid no attention to us and I was just fine with that. I would rather have no one see my horrible-ness in tennis. Thankfully, Sakuno realized this and picked a court on the outer edge of the blacktop behind other vacant courts. Except the only problem was that there was a wide grassy field where other sports such as kickball and soccer were played. Even some classes were out for experiments thanks to school curriculums. Unfortunately, I didn't see one of my worst nightmares watch amusingly as he was sent to go fetch another peer from outside.
I stumbled and tripped and staggered hitting the balls I could and dodging the ones I needed to, until my legs gave out and I fell to the ground breathing heavily. Sakuno seemed just as tired as I was and it was apparent I had put up a fight. A darn long one too.

"Wow Reyna, you're not half bad," Sakuno tossed the tennis balls that we used back into the basket and came over, wiping her forehead with her sleeve. "Did Ryoma-kun teach you anything?"
I gave a short laugh as I stood up and brushed dust and dirt off of my P.E. shorts. "Him, teach me tennis? The only thing he's ever taught me is that there's someone in the world as annoying as my older brother."
Sakuno seemed surprised as first then her expression changed into a slight smile.
"Well, I suppose that's Ryoma-kun to you," she shrugged and we left the courts and back to the lockers.
'Did Ryoma really not teach her anything about tennis when he even taught me? Oh right… He was forced to help Tomo and me… Ahh... What a day,' Sakuno thought excessively as she left period 2.

"Okay, what's my next class?" I looked down at my sheet of paper and read thoroughly. "A 15-minute break?" ---
I edged my way around the campus feeling really lost and saw a whole bunch of students gathered near the lunch tables and even a familiar looking head. Kenton. Yes that's right. I stooped so low in this school that I had to go ask my own brother to help. He was surrounded by a group of people and throwing his head back to laugh once in a while.
'Oh gosh, he can't see me like this…But I have to do something or else I'll be doomed," I bit my lower lip slightly and made my way to him.
He glanced around the crowd and soon saw me coming up to him and his face lit up immensely. He parted the crowd and allowed me to slide through and now I had become the center of attention amongst some ninth-graders. Some of the girls glared down at me and some even sneered. I swore it was a mistake to ask Kenton for anything at this school.
Actually, he saw the faces on some of these girls and waved a hand at them as he placed a hand on my head ruffling my neatly done hair. He explained that I was only his younger sister and the girls lightened up and focused their attention back on Kenton.

"What do you want?" he asked quietly.
"You already have a posse here like the one you had going back in America? An amazing feat my brother has done all in one morning," I leered at him for a moment, then deciding to stay on his good side, I added, "But of course, that's a good thing."
"Seriously, what do you want?"
I sighed hesitantly and muttered, "What the heck am I supposed to do for 15 minutes --"

"Finally I found you… You're such a pain to look for you know."
"Ryoma," I turned around half-shocked and half-embarrassed to have everyone in Kenton's new 'posse' stare at the two seventh-graders.
"Hey Kenton," he added. This entire time, he'd been speaking English to the two of us and it looked like he was going to until next year or something and the ninth-graders stared at the three of us with mild interest.
"I was ordered by the principal to show you around during break…" he pulled down on his cap and turned around in some other direction. "I might as well show you to my team members."

Kenton shrugged and I hurriedly followed, my hands squeezed tight around my bag. "You just HAD to humiliate me over there didn't you," I muttered.
"I already saw you being humiliating enough earlier; there's no need," he grinned.
"What…!" I turned my head away quickly avoiding his grin.

I couldn't believe it… The so-called Prince of Tennis at this school saw ME…ME OUT OF ALL PEOPLE… fail at an attempt to play regular normal EASY tennis. My social-life that hadn't even started was already washing down the drain. School was going to be living hell if I didn't get away from this guy. Then my thoughts of agony were interrupted by a single suggestion.

"I can help you learn."

At first, I made no reply as I racked my brain in search of what to do.
Am I supposed to agree?
Should I argue?
Mock him that he was lying to help?
And then I realized he wasn't finished.

"I mean the way you were playing; it should've never been called tennis. It was excruciating pain to watch and laugh at the same time, and even I didn't know what to do," he grinned even wider, stifling an evil, tormenting cackle.

My head whirled and blood boiled at this note of teasing and I was just about ready to choke him with my own two hands. Instead, I had learned to deal with this through Kenton and instead of physical damage, mental one was even better to stimulate and enjoy.
Though I had no dirt on him other than him having an obsession with baths…

Wait… That was it!

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