---The Prophecy That Was Destined To Join---

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Chapter 1:The Prophecy

A long time ago, there was a prophecy written about two girls, not knowing when it would take place. Centuries later, it becomes true…

10 centuries before Sengoku-Jidai…

"Milord!" a small, scrawny bat youkai burst into the throne room, "Milord! The enemy has busted through our defense lines! Do you have any ideas! And on top of that, we've still got the prophecy to worry about!"

The lord stood up abruptly. He knew just what to do.


"Lady Aviru!" The lord demanded. He trembled in fear-whatever she saw in the future that could make her eyes go wide was definitely not good.

Lady Aviru mumbled something incoherent, distractedly.

She had long brown hair and was blind, but instead of her pupils being milky white, they were clouded with a misty pink, giving her the power to see the future. "I s-see a girl with raven, flowing hair and midnight blue eyes and a girl with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes! This is very coincidental; hence the first looks kind of like Princess Louna. She looks like the girl from the prophecy!"

"What? Tell me about this prophecy!"

"It was long told that a girl with large amounts of energy would one day save youkai-kind! They say that this girl was said to live for 800 years after she was born and would live up to that mark of time unless a certain katana was used, one called the 'River Shine' If she died before 8 centuries due to the cause of the sword, then all the youkai would die out within 2 weeks of her death. The worst part is-no one knows who this girl is, or when this prophecy will take place. The other is said to support her all the way and always be with her"

-----------------------------------------End Flashback--------------------------------------

"Servant!" The Lord called out. "Go fetch Princess Louna this instant! We have to business to do now!"

"Y-yes milord" He scampered out of the room.

'Although I know she isn't part of the prophecy, we'll make everyone believe she is, so they won't dare to attack us again! Yes! This is how we'll finally make peace around here!' ((A/N: Just to say, he's very selfish ))

The servant burst through the door a few minutes later.

"Father, what is it that you need now?"

"We need you on the battlefield now!"

"But father! It's dangerous out there!"

"It's an emergency-come now!"

"But father…"


He grasped her arm tightly and literally dragged her out the throne room.

The Castle Doors…

At the grand castle doors, stood Lord Annacisia and Princess Louna. Then, upon seeing the lord, the enemy launched out another battle cry and surged forward through the castle gates. Tons of bodies littered the courtyard and there was bloodshed in every inch of the field.

The lord called the millions of youkai's attention to the doors.

"You dare mess with us!" he cried out, "We hold possession of the prophecy bearer and you dare to put her life on the line!"

The crowd gasped and gawked, frozen in shock. He launched into another one of his lies. "If you endanger her once again, I will see to it that you can't do anything else. Ever. Again"

"But father, I'm not-"

"Louna go inside"


"Go inside!"

She turned around hastily and prodded back to the tower room, sulking.

1 Month Later...

The youkai feared her. For if she was to get harmed, it may affect the youkai in the future, ((A/N: They were told that)) but when she died from an illness, nothing went wrong. It was all normal.

This angered to youkai to no end, for they had been tricked, lied to. In their blind rage, they stormed the castle halls, beheading the lord along the way. Then it was finally calm amongst themselves again. Now they still thought of the prophecy and whom…?

Now the only thing they can do is wait. Who exactly are these 'prophecy bearers?'...

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