The List

By: lbfan

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Chapter 19 – A Simple Life

Harry began to stir awake. A comforting flowery smell brought a smile to his face. Opening his eyes, he saw her bright brown eyes compassionately gazing at him with a smile spread across her face.

"Good morning, Love," Ginny greeted. Still in the hospital bed with him, she was leaning up on her elbows.

He smiled as he said, "This is my favorite way to wake up. Good morning, Darling." He noticed her catch her breath and sigh again at the term of endearment.

"And I could get used to hearing those words uttered to me every morning." Looking around the ward, she added with a cringe, "This is not exactly my vision of a romantic, first night sleeping together."

As if she was watching them like a hawk, Madam Pomfrey snapped, "Lady Black, a bed had been freed up for you to continue resting in."

He added back to Ginny, "On our wedding night, promise we can leave Madam Pomfrey here at the school."

Ginny smiled at Harry and started to get up. She told Madam Pomfrey, "I feel well enough to leave, and please call me Miss Weasley. I'm done with the Lady Black title. The 'Weasley' name has more honor than any other surname or title." After considering what she said for a while, she added, "Except, someday, I would like to be called, 'Mrs. Potter'."

Ginny, sitting with her feet over the side of the bed, allowed Madam Pomfrey to examine her health.

Harry pointed out to her, "Darling, I can see you backside." Her hospital gown was gapping open in the back.

Turning backwards, she whispered to him, "Over the past year, I have caught you looking at all of my sides." She did not seem at all irritated by the fact, by the smile in her brown eyes.

He whispered back, "Yeah, but your backside is new to the curious boy next to us." He reached up pulling her gown together as she blushed.

Madam Pomfrey excused her to get dressed and leave. As she was saying her goodbyes to Harry, visitors came in to see Harry. Ron, Hermione, Neville and Luna were happy to see Harry awake and Ginny up and around.

After some friendly banter, Hermione told Harry, "I hope you don't mind, but I have opened up Potter Mansion to be a Hospital and Lodging for the guests. After all, you did tell me to take care of the wounded."

Harry smiled at her and answered, "You did what I would have done. So, Neville, you removed the Fidelius Charm on the mansion?"

Neville nodded.

Harry stated, "I can't wait until all of the Fidelius Charms are off the properties. I don't ever want to live in hiding again."

Talking specifically to Neville, Harry asked, "So what are you going to do with the LB Ranch?"

Neville stated, "Oh, Mum and Dad are letting me use it as a starter home. I'll move in after I leave school."

Hermione told everyone visiting, "Alright, Harry has other guests waiting. We should be on. Bye, Harry."

After they left, Remus, Professor McGonagall, Alice and Arthur entered to talk with him. They all gave him a friendly greeting, wishing him well. Arthur announced that Alice was going to be his Head of Magical Law Enforcement, and Frank was doing the same for Department of International Magical Cooperation.

Alice encouraged Harry, "I hope you get well soon. I would like to offer you a permanent paid position as an Auror."

With a slight cringe, Harry declined, "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm going to be married soon. I don't want a job where my wife will fret that each day I leave for work would be my last. I'm done chasing down dark wizards. I want a simple life, with a simple job and a simple home. I just want to be ordinary. Besides, I already have a job that I like. I am a teacher."

Another rare smile crept across Professor McGonagall's face.

Harry added, "As for my volunteering as an Auror Commander, I resign my duty."

This displeased Alice at first, but she conceded, "Very well Harry, but as the commander of the Ministry Aurors at the Battle of Hogwarts, you have to finish you job by attending the ceremonies to honor those who fought."

Harry replied. "I agree that is the least I should do."

Smiling again, Alice encouraged him. "By the skills your students have shown, we should have no problems rebuilding our Auror force. Remus, Harry, keep up the good work teaching them."

Arthur placed his hand on Harry's shoulder, "Son, that was a good thing you did. You will make a good husband."

Arthur's comment made Harry feel very happy. He wanted so bad to have his approval besides just the betrothal. He wanted the whole family to be happy for them.

Thinking of family made him realize that he had no threats to his life anymore: No Dursleys, no Snape and no Voldemort. It felt strange not to be on guard against enemies, and it felt liberating.

Tonks, Molly, Emma and Dan were in the next group of visitors. This group mostly hen pecked, and coddled him, which Harry did not mind it in the least. Thinking of the contrast to his childhood with the Dursleys, Harry asked Tonks, "Have you heard anything from the Dursleys?"

Stunned, Tonks told him, "They're dead, Harry. Last week, Death Eaters killed them and destroyed their house. Vernon, Petunia and Kreacher are all dead."

It was sad that they too had to die. Harry asked, "What about Dudley?"

Shocked, she asked him, "You didn't hear? He died a few months ago. Someone stabbed him in a gang turf war. He was hanging out in a very rough crowd. Sorry, Harry."

Harry waved her concerns aside, "It was not like we were close. They raised me but tried to remain as distant as possible. Still, Aunt Petunia was the last of my blood related relatives, and it was only because of that she died." Harry shrugged. He was quietly thinking for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Harry left the Hospital Wing. After some breakfast, Ginny said, "We have to meet with the press at Potter Mansion this morning."

Despising the press, Harry retorted, "You go. Have a good time."

Feeling it was a losing argument, Hermione and Ron left to talk with some of the other D.A. members.

Ginny pressed him, "Please, do this for Dad. I'll be with you the whole time."

A few minutes later, Harry changed into some nice robes, and Ginny led him down the front steps of the castle to the waiting carriages. Ron, Neville and many others were already in carriages waiting to leave.

It saddened Harry to see so many of the D.A. members looking at the Thestrals for the very first time in their lives. The battle that they worked so hard to fight had stripped a part of their innocence away. Those youths should have been sheltered from experiencing death first hand.

As soon as Harry and Ginny climbed into the carriage, the procession through Hogsmeade began. As they entered the village, people from all over were there to celebrate and congratulate the heroes. There were confetti, fairies, and fireworks scattered in the air. People were singing, dancing and hooting in joy.

Harry sneered at Ginny, "I hate this."

Patting his arm, she told him, "Smile and wave to them. Feel happy for them. Today you are only but one of the heroes that liberated them from evil threat. Soon, we will be able to go back to living an ordinary life."

She thought about this for a minute. "Well, you may finally have a normal life."

People were walking behind the carriage procession to the mansion at the end of High Street.

Once at the mansion, Harry was encouraged by his friends to make a speech to the press and guests that awaited them. He wowed the press with his oration, and they split up into smaller groups to allow the press to ask them questions. Just as promised, Ginny stayed next to Harry the whole time.

A press agent asked, "Miss Weasley, we were told that you no longer desire to be addressed by your betrothed title, Lady Black. Does this mean that you will no longer lead the Black Community Alliance?"

Ginny responded, "I will continue to volunteer my time with the Black Community Alliance, and no, we will not change the name of the organization."

The same press agent asked, "So you will be keeping the black griffin emblem to represent the Black family?"

She corrected them, "The emblem did not represent my betrothed family name, but instead Harry. Harry's Animagus form is a black griffin."

A female reporter in the front row asked Harry, "I thought your Animagus form was a black fox as seen in the battle."

Harry answered, "Ginny performed some magic which joined our consciousnesses. Since her Animagus form is a red fox, she transformed us into the fox, but in my body, we became a black fox. I should let her explain."

Ginny added, "In my research, I have learned some ancient blood magic for couples. This particular enchantment strips my health and my soul and gives it to my mate. Temporarily, my body was left with Harry's wounds and without a soul."

Another reporter asked Harry, "Are you going to be teaching this magic to your students?"

Harry was taken back by the question. Ginny answered for him, "No, in most circumstances this spell results in death. I felt that I had no choice but to try it in faith. If I had cast this spell on any other, my soul would have been lost or I would have driven the other person into insanity.

When I performed the spell on Harry, I found an empty space in his heart that was meant for only me. In him, our two souls joined and became a whole, despite we had two separate consciousnesses. Because of that, Harry was able to return my soul to my own body, reversing the spell. As you can see, using the spell then becomes a gamble that the other person is your intended life soul mate."

That left many of the reporters speechless. Harry called on a reporter waving their hand in the back.

"Mr. Potter, your display of magical power seemed to even intimidate He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Are you going to continue to exert your power bringing the world under your control?"

Harry was so shocked at the question, he about fell off his chair. Ginny was deeply offended at the question, and gave the reporter a menacing glare. Harry answered in disgust, "I had the command of Giants, Goblins, Dwarves and all sorts of witches and wizards from different walks of life. I don't want to keep that power. All I want to be is a simple teacher. I will leave politics to the politicians."

Ginny was standing to wave down a security guard, but Harry pulled her down to her seat. He told her quietly, "It was a fair question. Someone was bound to ask it."

An elderly reporter in the front asked, "Mr. Potter, do we know that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, is truly dead? He did come back three years ago."

Harry's eyes saddened, as he said, "No."

Ginny confidently said, "Yes, Neville Longbottom definitely vanquished Tom Riddle, or also known as Voldemort. Please everyone, say his name."

Harry looked at her with a startled expression.

The reporter asked her, "How can you be so sure?"

Ginny ran her hand up to Harry's hair, exposing his forehead. "It is because of this."

The cursed scar that had been on his forehead since he was one was completely gone.

She explained while casting a mirror charm on her wand, "When I woke you up yesterday, I noticed it."

At the end of the press conference, Neville approached Harry and Luna to Ginny. Neville asked, "Harry, how do you make it look so easy? The press treated me as if I was bigger than life, and they wanted to know every detail of my life."

Harry just shrugged and smiled.

Luna told Ginny, "I believe."

With a big smile Ginny asked, "What?"

Luna replied, "I believe that dreams come true; wishes, happy endings, and… love. Oh, Ginny, it was wonderful!"

Excited for her, Ginny urged her on. "Yes, what was wonderful?"

Luna's eyes glowed in delight as she recounted, "Last night, Neville took me out to dinner at the Black Candle, and he proposed to me!" Luna showed Ginny her engagement ring.

Ginny gave her friend a big hug.

Overhearing the conversation, Harry patted Neville's back in congratulations. As the Girls continued their discussion, Harry pulled Neville to the side to talk quietly. "Neville, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. Many times, you have gone out of your way to protect us and make sure we were safely in hiding. You even fought Death Eaters to save my… fiancée." He was going to say "wife," but he caught himself. "You spent months of your time training with me. Even when I needed you the most, you dropped what you were doing to help and protect me. Thank you, Neville. I promise I will always be there for you."

Neville gave him an astonished look. "Harry, I should be thanking you. You gave me something that no one else ever had. You believed in me, and trusted me with your life. It is only because of you, I am the person I am today.

As if that was not enough, you gave my parents back to me. Because of you, I am engaged to the woman I love. And your stipends were enough, I could buy her an engagement ring." Neville shook his head in amused astonishment. "Here I was worried that I stole your thunder by killing Voldemort."

Harry was going to say something, but Neville stopped him. "Let me say this. I haven't even come close to being able to repay what you have done for me, nor can I ever. Ever since you risked expulsion to retrieve my Remembrall from Draco, I have been trying to repay my debt to you. You have transformed me from a near-Squib to Brittan's Wizarding Hero of the Century. Did you know that I'm up for Order of the Merlin First Class?"

With a smile, Neville continued, "You killed Voldemort. I was just your weapon. I don't deserve all of this fame and glory when you were the one who made me. Even the sword that took his life was a gift from you. I am always in your debt and will always be your friend. Whenever you are in danger, I will be there to watch your back. That is the very least I could do for you."

Harry held onto Neville's arm as he spoke in earnestness. "Fine, we are mutually in debt to each other. As for Voldemort: You only liberated me from the life of constantly dodging the press by killing him yourself. I wouldn't have wish that responsibility on anyone else, but you did it anyways. Because of you, I can live the life I always wanted: a simple one."

They continued their talk. Neville explained how his mum offered him a position at the Auror Academy and how he received the bounty for the capture of Voldemort. He continued, "There is plenty of money for us to live off of why I complete Auror training, especially if we stay at the L.B. Ranch."

Hermione and Ron walked over. Well, with Ron, it was more like strutting. Hermione rolled her eyes in irritation.

Ron was eager to tell, "Hey, Neville, Harry, you aren't going to believe who we just met."

Harry could see that Ron would continue.

Disgusted with his behavior, Hermione muttered, "Prat," under her breath.

Ron continued, "Viktor Krum came strutting over to meet us and started flirting with Hermione."

Hermione sneered, "He was not flirting!"

Shushing her, he continued, "He was too. Now, let me tell the story. He asked her out to dinner, and I told him that she couldn't go. I explained, 'She is engaged.' His jaw dropped, and he looked surlier than ever when he saw my ring on her finger. He grunted congratulation to her and stomped off. Oh, the moment was priceless! He could beat anyone to the snitch, but I beat him to the most priceless possession of the entire world, Hermione's heart."

Hermione bit her lip and shook her head, as she was holding back a smile.

The next day, Charlie approached Harry. "Harry, come out to the forest with me. The portal is still open." Charlie was slowly walking with the help of a crutch.

Puzzled, Harry responded, "The portals should have normally closed on their own."

Grabbing Ginny's hand, Harry followed Charlie into the forest.

Ginny squeezed hard to Harry as she witnessed the death and destruction that pervaded the forest floor.

In quiet reverence for the lives that have fallen, Harry slowly made his way to where the black portal remained open. All around, there were centaurs, pixies, wolves and bears remains scattered about. At the portal, Harry noticed a magical staff was extending halfway through the portal. He explained to Charlie, "That must be what is wedging the portal open." Harry cast a Levitation Charm, "Wingardium Leviosa" on the staff to move it from the entrance and carefully laid it down a few meters away.

Immediately, the portal collapsed close.

Harry studied the damaged and asked, "Charlie, what happened here?" He gently ran his hand over the torn bark on one of the trees.

Showing compassion to the tree, Charlie showed Harry the spell to repair the bark and heal the tree. "When the portal opened, Death Eaters poured out of it. We all waited a short while, until we attacked. Perdita enchanted the trees to move their limbs like the Whomping Willow. All of us, including the pixies fought constantly. It was eventually Mosag, Aragog's wife, and other Acromantulas that helped us win the battle here. As a reward, Mosag allowed her children to take the Death Eaters to their nest and eat them.

Perdita and I thanked Mosag and didn't say anything as her children carried away the Death Eater army."

Sweetbriar cantered into the clearing they were talking and nuzzled Ginny at her side. Ginny greeted the unicorn with a light hug and patted his neck gently. In further inspection, she noticed that her unicorn was hurt and started tending to his wounds.

As Harry started healing other trees in the area. "Charlie, thank you for staying here and fighting."

Flowers started to grow and bloom all around them, as fairies from all over the forest started to surround them. Obscuring herself behind Sweetbriar, Perdita entered the clearing. "Thank you, Harry Potter. The school, the forest and the world are now safe because of the battle that you had led. We all owe you our gratitude."

Harry gave her and the creatures around him a bow. "I was just explaining to Charlie that the battles at the school could have been lost, had the Death Eaters from this portal were allowed to join the battle. It was all of you that we owe our lives to. It was because we all worked together that allowed the success of this battle. Thank you all for fighting. Thank you for believing."

Ginny approached Harry cradling a lifeless fairy in the palm of her hand. "Harry, cover my hand with yours, and repeat after me."

Harry cupped his hand and covered the fairy with his hand over Ginny's. Seeing her thoughts, he was able to say the words with her. "I believe in fairies." Harry repeated the words, allowing feelings of love pour from his heart.

He removed his hands from her exposing the excited fairy in her palm. After the fairy flew away, Ginny kissed Harry and explained, "It takes love from a pure heart to revive a fairy."

Astonished, Harry countered, "Surely, Neville would have been better."

Shaking her head, Ginny explained, "Neville will always have his fame, but you Harry have something more precious: Family and friends who love you. We are only heroes because you brought the hero out of each of us. And it is all of us, Perdita, Charlie, Sweetbriar, the fairies and all of the other creatures of the forest that are thanking you."

Fairies, birds and Pixies fluttered around, dropping flower petals all about them.

Perdita said, as she walked out of sight, "Thank you for believing in all of us."

Later in the week, Ginny and Harry held a private memorial Dobby in the back of their home in Godric's Hollow. The whole Granger family was there, including Ron. After they cremated his body, Harry planted the ashes beside the house. He spoke softly, "Dobby will always belong to us in our hearts."

Over the next week, there were ceremonies, memorials, galas and parties. Harry restored the wards at Hogwarts so that they were stronger than ever.

The Beauxbaton carriage arrived being pulled by the four Abraxans. After Madam Maxime stepped out of the carriage, the other Hogwarts students orderly filed out.

The students assembled, as they were when the carriage picked them up a week ago. After the last student took his place, Maxime announced, "Professor McGonagall, your students."

Susan reported, "All students accounted for, Professor."

Professor McGonagall announced to the students, "All of you are excused. Lunch will be served in the Great Hall shortly." In a neat and orderly fashion, the students all returned into the school. Gabrielle broke away from the crowd and greeted Harry, "Hello, Professor. With the battle won, does that mean you are going to leave us now?"

Harry knelt down to her and answered, "Oh, I can't leave. There is still much more I need to teach you."

Gabrielle hugged him. "Oh, I'm so happy. You are my favorite professor." She let go and turned to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?" Harry asked.

She turned back and answered, "I have to go tell Cindy and Rachel. They will be so excited!" She ran back to the castle to catch up with her friends.

Professor McGonagall and Hagrid encouraged Madam Maxime to stay until dinner and allow the horses to rest. She accepted and helped Hagrid with the harnesses.

Ginny approached Harry. "I am so jealous." She took his hand and guided him back to the castle.

He asked, "Of whom?"

With a smile, she answered, "Gabrielle got to hug you in front of everyone."

To tease her, Harry responded, "Oh, that's nothing. I give hug to many of my students."

She swatted him in the arm. "That's what I mean. All of these girls get to wrap their arms around you all of the time, and I have to wait until we're behind closed doors." Her lower lip trembled in a playful pout.

Harry reassured her, "Well you get to have my lips as well. Does that count for anything?"

As the spring continued on, the school returned to a little more normal atmosphere.

Every other weekend was a Hogsmeade weekend, and Quidditch played the off weekend.

Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup that year with amazing saves by Ron. Unannounced to Ron, a quidditch scout was at his last game, and the Chudley Cannons made him an offer to join their team as starting Keeper.

Hermione was her usual self, forcing Ron and Harry to revise for their NEWT's every evening. Harry played along even though he only was taking Charms that year. As for the list, they ended up completing everything on it, especially having fun.

Mr. Weasley was elected to serve as Minister of Magic. The Prime Minister was pleased to see the magical world under his safe control. Arthur and Molly rebuilt the Burrow. With their combined incomes and they money they saved by staying at Harry's properties, they we able to add all of the modern conveniences to the new home.

Dan and Emma Granger rebuilt their home and purchased back their old dental practice. Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione continued to visit then for the family meal every week.

Ted and Andromeda Tonks were enchanted by the Potter Mansion at the wedding. They now work for Harry as managers of the Potter Hogsmeade Resort. The Mansion was remodeled to provide accommodations to visitors of Hogsmeade. The village soon became a popular tourist destination for wizards and witches from all around the world.

The Weasley Wizarding Wheezes opened a location in Hogsmeade along High Street. With the sales from law enforcement supplies, Fred and George expanded with specialty catalogs.

Wormtail was captured while sunning himself on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. He revealed that he quit the Death Eaters when Voldemort required him to kill Harry and Ron. On his possession was a large stash of Galleons, which would have lasted him for many years.

At the end of the school year, Hagrid left his teaching position with Hogwarts and moved to France to teach at Beauxbatons. He later married Olympe Maxime.

This left Minerva McGonagall with a big task. She had to re-staff many of the positions at the school. Until a new instructor was found, Charlie Weasley helped teach the Care for Magical Creatures classes.

When the summer came, Ron married Hermione, and Neville married Luna. Luna decided to leave school and home school her last year. She would have missed spending her last year at Hogwarts if her dorm mates were not so mean.

Luna kept in contact with Ginny by writing once a week. As a wedding present, Harry gave Neville and her their new home, the Longbottom Country Estates.

Over most the summer, Ginny stayed at the new Burrow. The rest of her summer, she spent at the Grangers. She spent the days split between helping with the Black Community Alliance, and spending time with Harry.

Like Dumbledore's funeral, the following school year was ended in a ceremony and the Hogwarts express was delayed a day by the general interest of the students to attend it.

Harry waited in front of the whole school and all of his family. Ron and Neville stood next to him to show their support. At the end of gabled isle draped with white roses, Sweetbrier bid his goodbye to his companion of the last two years. Dressed in a white gown with a crown of flowers in her red hair, Ginny gently took her father's hand and marched down the isle. Pixies scattered rose petals about her and the warm glow of fairies swirled all around them.

As a phantom played the wedding march on an organ, Ginny and her father, the Minister of Magic, did the step-pause-step down the isle. A dozen white birds fluttered behind her carrying the hem of her gown.

Arthur presented Ginny to Harry and sat down. McGonagall led the wedding. "We are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony. Do you, Harry James Potter, take Ginevra Weasley to be your lawfully wedded bride; to have and to hold; to love and protect; for sickness or in health; for richer or poorer; for as long as you shall live?"

Gazing into her bright brown eyes, he said the words once again, "I do." As like last time, a mist of glowing dust started to swirl about them.

Professor McGonagall continued, "Do you, Ginevra Molly Weasley, take Harry Potter as your lawfully wedded husband; to have and to hold; to love and protect; for sickness or in health; for richer or poorer; for as long as you shall live?"

Staring back into his green eyes, she also repeated the words, but this time for the whole world to witness. "I do." As she said the words, there was brief flash of light and the glowing dust surrounding them shot out away from them.

Oblivious to anything around them, the two of them were transfixed into the others eyes. A soft feeling of love was pouring out from them, bringing feelings of happiness the wedding guests.

Interrupting the moment, Professor McGonagall asked, "Do you have the ring?"

Harry turned back to Ron who handed it to him.

Nodding to the Headmistress, Harry sunk back into her eyes.

McGonagall instructed him, "Repeat after me: With this ring, I thee wed."

Harry said the words, "With this ring, I thee wed." He slipped a wedding band over the ring finger on her left hand. When it came in contact with the engagement ring, a bluish light glowed all around Ginny. The wedding band and engagement ring magically meld together.

With another rare smile, Professor McGonagall announced, "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He gently lifted her veil and kissed his wife. His heart was racing in excitement, and the kiss was everything it was the last time, if even better.

When Harry and Ginny finally came out of their kiss, they were greeted with a warm applause.

Professor McGonagall announced to all of the wedding guests, "I give you: Harry and Ginny Potter."

The bells in the school's clock tower started ringing. Bells could be heard across the lake in Hogsmeade too.

Harry and Ginny walked down the isle to a large reception area. Colin was took some picture of them and their family, and then they greeted all of the guests. An hour later, they sat in an open Thestral-pulled carriage and paraded down through Hogsmeade to the Potter Hogsmeade Resort. People waved and cheered. Those who weren't at the wedding were able to see it on the Wizarding Video Wireless. The rest of the family and friends followed behind them in the standard Hogwarts carriages. Neville was also greeted with many cheers and applauses as his carriage passed by.

At the Potter Hogsmeade Resort, Harry and Ginny had a private reception. Ginny changed out of her wedding dress and put on the "Fleur de le Mar" robe. She rejoined the reception. Between the ring and the robe, a soft light-blue glow radiated from her. The first thing she noticed was that everyone's attention was on her. She showed the robe to Harry, who immediately expressed his approval.

After the reception, Harry and Ginny waved good-bye and flew off to their honeymoon, on a Firebolt, of course.

Professor McGonagall remained as the headmistress for thirty more years after which Harry took over the position. It was that time, that Harry's youngest child left school.

Remus and Tonks moved into Grimmauld Place. They both continued to work for the ministry.

Ron continued to play for the Chudley Cannons for many years, making them one of the strongest teams of the league. Hermione stayed on at Hogwarts and taught for many years. When they were not at Hogwarts, they lived at their Mediterranean Villa that Harry gave them for their wedding present.

The press and the public constantly plagued Neville as a celebrity. He finished Auror School and became famous in law enforcement worldwide. Occasionally, he would take Harry with him on his adventures to watch his back.

While Neville was dodging the press everywhere he went, Harry was able to fade into obscurity and live a peaceful life as a teacher.

Harry and Ginny moved into their home at Godric's Hollow where they later raised nine children, an even mixture of boys and girls.

The End.