Title: "To The Seer Overheard"
Author: Athena Keating-Thomas
Words: Apx 650
Notes: Gen, Snape-centric, SPOILERS for HBP
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Comments: Welcome and welcome! Hurrah! I've started to climb out of my writing slump thanks to an idea I got from one of myLiveJournalfriends' recent posts. I & E is still in the works, have no fear,as are a couple of new stories which I'm plotting out. Thanks as always to those who read my stories, especially to those who review. :)

Snape was brassed off. The faded carpet on the floor at Spinner's end was quickly being worn even further than it already was.

It was enough to think of what he had to do before fleeing Hogwarts. Heck, it was enough to think on what he had to do the past several weeks. What he saw in Potter's mind as he used Legilimency to anticipate the boy's hexes was just too much, however. Now that he had the time to think about it, now that he was numbed to certain other events, it really made him see red.

That bug-eyed witch! Referring to him as a pushing, thrusting young man, indeed! And to Potter of all people! He'd show her who was truly the fool!

Snape grabbed at a piece of parchment from the desk and plunged a quill into his ink bottle, prepared to vent his spleen at his unseen tormentor. Spiky letters recognized with dread by all of his students marched their way across the sheet with the assistance of Snape's gritted teeth and enough pressure to nearly break the quill's point, the oily ends of his hair brushing the parchment as he bent over it. With a grim smirk of satisfaction, Snape rolled up the parchment and stalked over to fasten it to his owl that was thankfully smart enough to follow him after Snape had left the school.

Sending the owl on its way, Snape folded his arms before him as he watched it fly off, imagining the expression upon Trelawney's face when she read his missive. Short, he thought, but oh so sweet. And once his owl returned, he'd be able to see it firsthand through its memories. His smirk grew maliciously wider.

Yes, he could relax with some tea now.

Sybil ran a lightly caressing finger across her crystal ball as she passed it, on her way to sit down with a nice cuppa tea, and the leaves thereafter. Something had been troubling her for some time, and this morning was no exception. The night skies offered her no solace earlier, something she expected was linked to the loss of such a wise soul as the Headmaster. It worried her deeply. So much so that she resorted to donning her softest robes and her favorite shawl and beads to console herself.

Sitting down, she set about the careful preparations for a proper tea, interrupted at the end by the scratching at a nearby window. Recognizing an owl, she rose to allow it entry with some bemusement; she wasn't expecting a communication today. It apparently was expecting a reply as it waited upon a table after she offered it a bit of biscuit. Curiously, it watched her as she unrolled the scroll. With a shrug, she settled down to pour and sip at her tea before adjusting her large glasses and reading.

The unfortunate scroll was soon doused by a spray of tea before it slipped from numbed fingers to rest upon her table. The Seeress heard the beating of owl wings as she slowly read the message again.

Professor Trelawney,

It might behoove you to make a note for next year's classes and future endeavors. The Astrology that you so believed in all these years has in fact been quite inaccurate. The recent discovery of a tenth planet in our solar system, named Charon, has been outlined in recent scientific journals. Enjoy enlightening your students.