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Operation: Prologue; No Longer A Princess.

It was starting to get dark; she was running down the street with all her might. The four men had finally found her hiding place. She had to get away from them; she had to run. The men were too fast, and were gaining on her, even though she was running as fast as her own two legs could carry her. She turned down an ally and ran in to a dead-end. She swore, and turned again, only to come face to face with the four trackers. The four men had lined up and were blocking her only escape.

"Why are you running dear Godmother?" Called a sweet voice from behind the men. The woman cringed at the voice. "Your not scared of my men are you?" a young woman of about eighteenwalked through the four men.

"Why are you after me Melissa? What is it that you want that you haven't already taken from me?" Asked the woman.

" The location of your daughter Sylvia. That's all."

" Daughter," She laughed "What daughter? I have no daughter." The woman named Sylvia looked around for an escape.

" Oh yes you do, and I want her now!" Melissa yelled as if she was a little girl. "Tell me where she is or your never leaving this ally alive!"

" I don't have a daughter." Sylvia replied evenly to Melissa's ravings. "And even if I did, I wouldn't tell a little witch like you where she was."

"Yes too, too true." Melissa said with her voice so even it scared Sylvia. " Gentlemen dispose of her, and I don't want anyone to be able to recognize the body, if you please. I'm going to have some diner, report to me when your done, would you?" Malissa said as she walked away

The men started towards Sylvia. She backed up to the wall, then started to cry. As her thoughts landed on her daughter and her true love she stopped and smiled. "I did it Herro. I saved her, for you," She thought to herself, "She is the only one left, I just hope she's strong enough to make it the rest of the way on her own." As the men got closer, and one pulled out a gun, she whispered "I love you my daughter, and you, my beloved Herro Yuy."

She smiled as the man holding the gun pulled the trigger. She fell to the floor, still smiling.Her final mission was complete.

Melissa walked away, and smiled when she hears the gunshot. Too bad, she thought, now I have to take his offer. She spun on her heelswhen she heared a footstep behind her. A young man with short brown hair and sunglasses on appeared behind her. She relaxed, turning around so her back is to the newcomer.

"Looks like I will need your help after all." She dug into her pocket, and pulled out a computer-predicted picture of a young girl, around her own age. "Her name: Sara Atwoods. Your mission:" Melissa fliped the picture at the man. Hecaught it, looking at the girl in the picture's hazel eyes. Melissa continues "Find and dispose of her."

She awoke to the sound of sirens. Her brown hair crazy about her head, her hazel eyes wide in shock.

Panic at once filled her, but only for a second. She was out of her bed and in the hallway before she knew it. People ran to and fro, but no one noticed her there in her silk nightgown and satin slippers.

And a lot of good they did her when her room shuddered sideways, almost knocking her to the ground. Her four poster bed and solid oak desk crashed together, making a sickening sound that told her she'd need a new set of both.

That wasn't good. Anything that could knock a colony this big sideways that much was trouble. Big trouble.

She looked into the hallway, searching for a familiar face in the chaos. Nothing, she saw no one that could help her find who she was really looking for.

She knew that her brother would come for her, if she waited in her room, but waiting was such a brainless thing for a Gundam pilot to do, even if she was a princess. She ran instead.

She got many confused looks from the servants that ran around her. The colony shuddered again, this time to the other side.

Shit. Not good.

As something gave way the whole structure fell sideways and it took a moment for the gravity control to catch up sending her head first into a nearby wall. Stopping her fall with her outstretched hands, and continued running down the hallway to the room of her most trusted friend.

"Oliver!" she yelled as she entered the room, falling headfirst into the form of the man she had called. He caught her, steadied her, and she lifted her face to met his eyes.

The man before her was a little over four years her senior. His long blond hair and blue eyes were common for the people of this colony, even if her brown hair and hazel green eyes were common to the royal family.

"Princess," he said, looking her over with a quick glance. "Are you okay?"

She looked at him with a look to sear flesh. "Ask me that again, and I'll shoot you." Before she could hit him for the look he gave her, the room sifted again.

"God damn it!" She yelled, frustrated at not being about to stand up for more than four minutes at a time, "What the hell is going on!"

Surprised by his princess's outburst, Oliver smiled at her. "Well, because you ask so nicely…" She glared at him and he laughed.

"We've been attacked." For the first time since she entered his room, she noticed his com-screen was on, showing a large white spaceship firing on her beloved home. Oliver continued, "It seems a meteor hit the shield and gave away or position to a rebel ship. They attacked just a few minutes ago." His mischievous eyes glanced at her for only a second. "Did it wake Your Highness up?"

His voice held in it absolutely no sarcasm what so ever, but she knew him better than to think that didn't mean he wasn't being sarcastic. She chose to ignore the comment. "You don't seem too worried about this," she said to him, looking away from the com-screen, "you know, considering our colony has no weapons in which to defend it self."

"Ah, now that where your wrong, or have your forgotten your little friend in the battle hanger."

For the first time in her life, she blushed. How could she, a Gundam pilot, forget about her own Gundam in the middle of a battle?

She stared at her old friend, and he grinned at her. "I've been a princess for way too long," she mumbled, and kicked off her slippers.

"Oh yes, my dear princess," Oliver said with a smile, "which is why Akima has been asked to attend a special meeting on earth."

Again, she gazed at him. "What do you mean 'Akima?' I havn't been called that in years..."

Oliver handed her a small envelope, and she grabbed on to him as the colony shook. She stared at the small white paper in her hands. Two words written on the front: Akima Lowe.

It had to be from Doctor J. It had to be. She could recognize that handwriting anywhere. She gawked at Oliver, and wondered for a spilt second why he had it. Sure, he'd been the only one in which she confided her past to, her training. Her brother would have never understood, what with the laws about women on this place. Being King had it perks, but that didn't mean being his younger sister gave her any.

"Oliver-" she began but he interrupted her.

"Open it." He smiled, "It's important that you read it now. This is the perfect chance for you to escape this place. You brother is preoccupied and no one would notice another mobile suit amongst the one that have surrounded us. Besides," he patted her on the head brotherly," we need you to help save this place. We both know you have the power to drive away every single of on those suits by yourself."

She stared once again at the letter in her hand. "Oliver, how do you know…"

"You really think that Doctor J would have left you here to fend for yourself, without sending at least a little help?"

As her world, and her feet, few out from under her, she remembered in her mind that Oliver had been her only about as long as she had. Six years. Only six years. Six year since the last time she saw her brothe- No..he wasn't her brother anymore, he was her friend. She'd learned that a long time ago. Her friend.

As Oliver helped her to her feet, he smiled at her. "No time to talk about this now, little princess. You have some reading to do, and I have a Gundam to prepare." And he was gone.

No time to think about it now, she repeated in her head. She'd have time to think after the battle; after her head stopped spinning.

She ripped open the letter a read it once through before leaving for her room. It had been from Doctor J and it content would change her life forever. Back to her old friend, back to her old life, and not even an explanation why. Only three words and she was running, ready to leave her new life, her real home for the dream she'd lost so long ago.

He needs you.

But as she found her way through terrified servants and debris, she could not fight what was waiting for her when she returned to her room.

Even in the chaos around them, his hair was in place, and his clothes were flawless. "Olivia!" her brother, the King, called to her as she entered her room.

She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw that eh was surrounded by guards. "Christopher, what's going on?" She asked slowly, careful not to raise her voice above the proper tone that a woman should take to a man.

"You're coming with me, now sister. You're not safe here." He grabbed her arm and the guard surrounded them immediately. As she was dragged down the hallway from which she came, she looked up at her older brother and could only barley stop herself from saying "You think?"

They went down hallway after hallway, until they passed the Master Control room for the colony itself. Her brother left her side then, ordering the guards to get her safely to her escape pod, where she would stay until they came for her after the battle.

Before she even had time to argue with him, they were off again, this time she was being dragged by a much larger man then her brother. She could very well tell that they didn't want to leave the King unguarded, but they had been given a direct order, and they could do nothing but obey.

As they rounded the last corner from the shuttle bay, she spotted Oliver, waiting for her at a rather uneventful looking painting. "Oliver!" she called out to him, and got his attention. She could see him take in their new complication, and devise a plan. He was smart, smarter than maybe even her father had been, and she knew he could get her out of this very uncomfortable situation.

"Gentlemen," he called out after them, "gentlemen! Please. The King has asked me to watch over his sister until his arrival." The guards look at him with suspicion. True, he was the princess' major domo but still, the king had said nothing about returning.

"Yes," Olivia chimed in, "Oliver is to watch over me, and stay with me until my brother arrives. Please, return to Christopher and guard him for me. I am ever so worried about him." Her face was pure worry and the guards nodded together, before racing off to protect their king.

As the group of guards disappeared around the corner, her and Oliver exchanged a look, and slipped behind the painting on the wall and into a secret stair well that had been covered by the painting so many years before.

As they went down step after step, they could hear the battle ranging on around them. It echoed through the walls and still shook the colony.

As they arrived at their destination, Oliver handed her a change of clothes. She quickly changed into them from her silk nightgown, realizing that soon it would be too late for her friends and family. She had to get out there quickly to help her people. She had to help him as well. She didn't know what help he needed, but she would be there anyway.

As her Gundam come into her line of vision, she longed very much to just climb in and be free. Although the mobile suit was well over five stories in height, she scaled is legs and torso easily. As she settled in the cockpit, Oliver's voice came over her computer.

"You need to get out, help, and leave quickly. You don't have time to be seen." He reminded her so much of the doctor, she wondered hwy she'd never noticed it before.

Time for that later Akima, she told herself.

A map appeared on her screen, coordinates marked already glowing read for her. "This is where your friend is. It's the Preventers base in the old country that was England. Doctor J has already secured a job for you there as a new mechanic. "

She heard his hesitate, and knew something was wrong. "Olivier what is it?"

"You need to be careful. As Akima, you're more open to threats and much more vulnerable."

Why as I more vulnerable as a servant than a princess? She wondered, confusion weighting heavy on her mind. What was he talking about?

"Don't worry about me my friend," she said, hoping her voice was calm and unwavering, "I can take care of myself. Besides, I'm going to join with the man that made me who I am."

Herro Yuy.