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Operation: Sparing Match

Things seem to get worse the moment they got back form their little excursion. Relena weaved her way down the hallways of the base to her rooms, Hilde and Akima in toe, they were surprised to find a messenger waiting for them at her door. Akima, realizing what would happen if Relena was seen this drunk being a princess herself, rushed forward to head the man off.

"Yes?" Akima said sweetly, getting in the way of his field of vision as Hilde slipped the stumbling Relena into her room.

"I have a message for Miss Peacecraft." The man said glaring at Akima for getting in his way.

"Ah… Well… Yes. Umm, "Akima said, tilting backward to look in the room, only to find Hilde, waving for her to send the man away. "Miss. Peacecraft is not available at the moment, but... I'll take that!" she exclaimed as she grabbed the man's clipboard and rushed into the room, locking the door behind her.

"A speech?" Hilde yelled at the hung over Relena.

"Ow," Relena said, holding her head, "please, if you love me at all, you'll be quiet."

"We can fix this, "Akima said from her pacing across the room. "We can fix this. Relena, you have notes for all your speech's right, in case you forget something?"

"Yeah, but… How'd you know that?" Even hung over, she wasn't stupid.

"Never mind," Akima said with a wave of dismissible. "I'll give it for you. I may not be very important politically, but I know how to give a speech." I should, considering Chris has gotten drunk more than a few times before a royal proclamation.

"Well," Hilde said from her side, "I'll get this poor thing here to Sally, you go on. The note says it's in the main hanger. You've got ten minutes." She said looking at her watch, and helping Relena to her feet. "Have anything to wear?"

"Clothes I can handle," Akima, said absentmindedly, "I just hope they don't get close enough to smell that I haven't taken a shower in two days."

With a snort of laughter, Hilde and Relena disappeared out the door.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Quatre. "Is that Akima?"

"I don't know. Is it?" Duo asked, placing a hand on his friend head, and lifting himself up, "She looks cute enough to be," he said. Hilde, ever so gentle, shoved her elbow into his ribs. She smiled sweetly.

Akima walked up to the microphone. "Miss Peacecraft is a little um... under the weather," she smiled at the crowd that had gathered there, "I will be giveing her speechin her absence."

By then end of the speech, no one was even the least bit disappointed.

"Akima is a great speaker, so don't worry, they won't be mad at you" Hilde was saying to a sick Relena as Herro and the other guys entered the room.

"How is she?" asked Quatre.

"I'm sorry," said Akima as she walked into the room, "I never tried it on anyone but my older brother," she sat down next to relena who was sitting up in her bed.

"What are you talking about?" asked Wufei.

"You guys won't have remembered it, but when you guys got drunk last night, I gave you some of the hangover cure I used when my brother got drunk. Your body must have been too weak to hold it Relena. I'm sorry. I didn't know that was going to happen" Akima said, her eyes downcast

"That's okay Akima. I just won't do that again, will I Hilde?" Relena said to a worried Hilde.

"We haven't been sick though. So I guess we can hold our liquids. Eh Quatre?" Duo said as he patted the pale Quatre on the back. That turned into a bad idea when Quatre started to gag, eventually letting lose into the garbage can Relena had been using.

"Guess not," said Duo, his eyes laughing. "Well, at least we can trust Akima, huh?"

Akima looked at the ground, and Herro put a hand on her shoulder. She just looked at him and smiled. "That's enough." Herro said suddenly, taking charge of the group "You guys go rest up. I'll take care of them for now." He helped Quatre into a chair, " Wufei, would you get Sally in here." The Chinese man nodded, and left the room, the other following closely behind him.

Akima stayed behind, "Herro, if you ever need any help, I'm always here."

Herro looked up at her, and nodded.

Later that month

It was about a month after Akima's first day on the base. Her personality made her popular among the crew members, and the pilots. She had Duo especially had a close relationship, so much so that Hilde had just stop trying to keep the two from flirting. She seemed to make quick friends with almost everyone she met. Her close friendship with Herro made Relena a little jealous, but when Relena thought about it, she thought herself to be rather silly.

Herro is 20 years old, and Akima couldn't be over 17, so why should I be worried? was what she told herself when ever she saw them together, but that didn't really help. They were either talking or joking around or working on some spare part. Every week the five Gundam pilots would take an hour or two to train themselves and Akima usually went to watch. The guys would be in the weight room or hand to hand fighting each other in the base gym.

Sense Akima decide to watch one week, Relena took some time off to join her. When Relena couldn't find her she decided to go on ahead. Relena was opening the door to the gym when she heard hard breathing and some scattered cheering.

Someone must be fighting, she thought. I wonder who it is.

Just then she heard a voice call out tauntingly: "You're getting slow!"

Relena walked into the gym and saw two people sparing in the ring. The ring was in the middle of the gym, and could be clearly seen from any of the 3 entrances. Relena looked around the gym and saw about 2 dozen other people watching the two fighters. One was about 6'2 in height and the other was about 5'5. The 6'2 one was in a red sparring uniform, and the 5'5 was in a blue uniform. Red seemed to be having a hard time hitting Blue. Blue was smaller, but was much faster. Red punched several times and missed all but once. The one punch hit Blue in the side of the head. Blue staggered, but recovered fast, rebounding with a punch to the lower belly. Blue hit Red hard and fast, too fast to block. Red fell backward in the ropes, but Blue stayed still, waiting for Red to recover.

"Come on Herro! You're better then that," a familiar voice yelled to Red. Red was a very winded Herro. "You've hit me enough time to prove that four times over!"

Who Blue was Relena didn't know. She walked closer to see Blue's face, but couldn't see through the arms held in front of the persons head to protect it from the numerous punches thrown from Herro; "Hey Relena over here" yelled the voice again. Relena looked to see Duo, Trowa, and Wufei sitting on a bench to the right of her side of the ring. Duo waved at her to come sit with them. She walked over to them and sat down in-between Duo and Trowa

"What's going on? Who's fighting Herro" Relena asked, but Duo never got the chance to answer her, for just then, Herro dropped to the floor, spun around on his hands, tripping Blue. Blue hit the floor backwards, and tried to get up, but Herro was on Blue in a second, pinning Blue to the floor.

"One!" Duo yelled. Blue tried to throw Herro off, but only succeed in tighten his hold. "Two!" Herro smiled triumphantly "Three! Herro wins!" The people who were watching all cheered as the two fighters relaxed.

Herro got up, and held down a hand for Blue. Blue took it and stood up.

"That was not fair." Blue spoke with amused anger, a hand on the left hip. "There wasn't anything in the rules that said you could trip me," Blue took off the sparring helmet. It was Akima. She was sweating, and had an angry look on her face.

"Yeah, but there wasn't anything that said he couldn't either." Duo told on the petite girl.

She looked at Duo with a smile "If I'd known that, I would've tripped him the first round." She winked at him, and then turned to Herro, who was panting slightly. "Now, now, Herro," The girl said a small smile on her face "You shouldn't be winded after only a ten-minute fight; you should want more." Herro looked up at her when she said the last sentence, "you've gotten weaker, and you know it."

Herro look angry at first, but when he met eyes with the girl, her face stern, and his face got softer. "You're right," he whispered back. He took off his helmet

"Your pretty good Akima," Duo said into the awkward silence "You may even be as good as me. That's for sure." he started to laugh, a hand behind his head.

"You do realize that's not hard to accomplish, right Maxwell?" Wufei threw into the air.

"Aww." Duo looked hurt "Oh, come on Wu-man, that was harsh and un-called for!" But he was laughing even harder now.

"Don't call me 'Wu-man' weakling," Wufei shot at Duo. Duo stopped laughing.

"Only if you don't call me 'weakling', Wu-man," Duo said, and when Wufei let out an exasperated sigh, Duo started laughing again, Relena joining him this time.

"You've gotten better Akima." Herro said to Akima, ignoring Duo and Wufei, "You've been training?" Duo and Relena stopped laughing. Then all four friends looked from Herro and Akima, to each other with confused looks.

"You mean," Trowa asked pointing from Herro to Akima, "you two have sparred before?"

Herro and Akima exchanged a look, and then Akima opened her mouth to say something. She never even got to say a word for Hilde came skidding through the doors to the right.

"Relena! There you are." She ran up then them panting quickly. "Oh, guys! I think you should see this!" She panted. "Come with me quickly!" She grasped Duo's arm and started to run back through the doors

"Whoa, whoa, Hilde-babe! What's up?" Duo asked his wife–to-be

"We just got a distress transmission from a space colony. Come on!" Hilde was now pulling Duo out the door. The others had just walked up beside him, and Duo was still fighting, refusing to budge till he knew what was going on.

" Hilde, what's got you so excited about that. It's just a colony." Trowa said, "We get distress transmissions all the time."

Akima and Herro were now climbing out of the ring through the ropes. "Yeah, yeah," Hilde said waving her hand impatiently, "but this colony is different: it has no weapons to defend itself, and neither Quatre nor Zechs has heard of it before. Its like, no one even knew it excised." Akima slipped. Hilde and the others turned at the sound of her hitting the floor with a grunt of pain.

Akima got up quick, ignoring the laughter of some of the men, a look of fear on her face, "Not known of?" her face was white as a sheet. "What's the name of the colony? What's wrong!" Akima rushed over to Hilde. Hilde looked confused but started to talk anyway.

"Well, it's being attacked by some very strong unknown force. And I think they call the colony 11237, or the Trill colony. They just... Hey!" Akima pushed past Hilde running at full speed out the doors before Herro could grab her.

"Damn." Herro swore then ran after her. Again, the others could just look at each other in confusion.

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