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Chapter 3: Laughter At the Café

Mario and Luigi were walking down the path and were on their way to the café.

"Mario please, don't show it to Daisy. Who knows what will the princess do to us?" Luigi said, getting very worried and fidgeting behind his back.

"Relax bro, everything will be fine." Mario smiled.

"Uh… really?"

"Of course, besides Peach will never shout at us for filming her unless we don't tell her."

"But it's wrong Mario, the princess will be very embarrassed."

"Yeah I guess you're right."

Mario quickly snatched the video camera from Luigi and dashed off, leaving dust. He ran off after him. Mario sprinted around the lamp post and ran past Tayce. T's house. Luigi tried running as fast as he could but it was futile. Mario was running as speedily as his kart in a Mario Kart race.

"Come back here, Mario!" Luigi bellowed.

Mario rushed past the citizens but he didn't realize that Goombario, his mum and sister were there. They stared at him in awe.

"Who was that?" Goombaria asked.

"I'm not sure; it must be some crazy moron ran past us." Goombario said.

"Children, why don't we head over to that shop over there?" Goomama suggested, gesturing to a building a little further than where they were at.

"Okay!" Goombario and Goombaria exclaimed.

So the two younger goombas ran to the item shop that is much bigger than the first one near the green pipe to Mario Bros. house, while Goomama was walking behind. Meanwhile, Mario finally nearly arrived at Shroomnet Café. It was located where the little toads usually hanging around. It is a shape of a mushroom that Mario normally eats to recover some HP but it's ten times bigger. It has an automatic door that is nice, smooth and polished by the staff. The Café has a mushroom head for the roof and the red with white spots for the surface. Mario raced towards the door as it slowly opens. Luigi somehow got there after him but before he went in, he skidded to a halt. Inside, the whole room has red with white spots just like the whole building and the tables and chairs have the same pattern. The computers, however, are red. Printers and Scanners were connected to it. The bar desk was white with red spots and there were empty glasses on it. The bottles and cans of soft drinks were behind Tayce T. who was working at the Café as a part-time job. She was carefully wiping a glass using a wet cloth. Daisy was sitting at a chair, facing a computer and moving her mouse. Mario ran to Daisy but Luigi abruptly pushed him, thus making the video camera flew in the air and hit Daisy on the head which then thankfully landed on her desk, in front of her. Mario jumped up and down at the left side of her and Luigi doing the same on the other side.

"Hold on, hold on! What's going on?" Daisy demanded.

"Daisy, you'll never believe what we taped!" Mario shouted, excitedly.

"Mario shut up! It's no big deal, it's nothing." Luigi said, glaring at him.

"It sure doesn't sound like nothing." Daisy replied, not believing what they are saying.

Mario and Luigi continued to jump up and down, trying to reach the camera while Daisy was holding above her head.

"It's super as me!" Mario hollered.

"No it's not!" Luigi yelled.

"It's spectacular as spaghetti!"

"No it's not!"

"It's lovely as lasagna!"

"No it's not!"

"It's pretty as pizza!"

"No it's not!"

"It's awesome!"

"No it's not!"

Daisy touched Luigi's head and holds him down when he was about to jump up.

"Aww come on Luigi, I'm sure it's no big deal." Daisy said.

"Yeah, we won't tell it to anyone else." Mario added, grinning.

"Pleeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeee?" Mario and Daisy beaming as they beg.

"Okay, I guess." Luigi said in an irritate tone and crossed his arms in a frustrated manner.

"Yahoo!" Mario cheered as he jumped up again.

"But just Daisy, nobody else, and then we erase it got it?"

Daisy and her plumber friend ignored Luigi and quickly the princess connected the black USB lead into the video camera which is linked to the computer. The footage immediately uploaded and it started playing. The computer screen shows Mario and Luigi was in front of Peach's castle seeing Peach was playing Truth or Dare with her servants.

"Luigi, quick, pass me the camera!"

"But why would you want to use the—"

Mario covered his brother's mouth as he put a finger near his. "Shhhhhh! They'll hear us!"

Peach, Toad and Toadette were sitting in a circle. Toadette spun the bottle and stopped on Peach.

"Okay, your majesty, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to hop around the room in your bikini on one foot and say "I'm loony, I'm loony…" repeating. When I tell you to stop, you do a sexy pose."

"Um… do I really have to do it?"

"Yes, unless you're too chicken."

"All right, if you say so."

After a few minutes, she returned to the circle wearing her white spotted bikini. She hopped around the bedroom on one foot.

"I'm loony, I'm loony…"

Looking at the computer screen, Mario and Daisy stood there like a statue and all of a sudden, they jumped on their backs laughing their heads off. Luigi just rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and didn't laugh. Daisy was holding her tummy and Mario stood beside her.

"It-It-It-It's so funny, It-It-It h-hu-hur-hurts!" Daisy said between giggles.

"I- I- I can't- BREATHE!" Mario exclaimed.

Mario and Daisy were in hysterics while Luigi was at her desk, moving her mouse on the mat.

"All right, you had your fun, now let's erase it." Luigi replied.

Daisy instantly in a flash was at her desk next to Luigi and grabbed the camera. "Oh no, no, no. You realize how long I've been waiting for this kind of trash! So called-cute-princess will never live this down!"

"But that would be wrong, Daisy. If anybody sees this, it would totally humiliate Princess Peach!" Luigi warned.

"Yes, exactly!" The princess sneered.

Yoshi, Waluigi and Wario came in as the automatic doors shut. Luigi rushed to them when he heard an opening sound from the door.

"Guys, what in the Mushroom Kingdom are you doing here?" Luigi asked in a worried tone.

"Why would you need to know?" Waluigi questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Guys, glad you could make it." Mario replied with a big smile, greeting his friends. He turned to Daisy. "Have you got the footage on yet?"

Daisy winked and did a thumbs up at him for a reply.

"Guys get out of here!" Luigi bellowed.

"Yeah, whatever." Waluigi said.

Mario one way or another reached to the door before the three exited. The door opens since the sensor notices Mario standing at the red fluffy mat as wind blew through him. "No, ignore him! Just stay here!"

Waluigi, Yoshi and Wario turned around. Luigi ran to his brother.

"Mario!" Luigi shouted.

"Just these guys, then we done, promise." Mario said, assuring him.

"Now you listen here—"

Luigi was cut off by the footage's audio.

"I'm loony, I'm loony…"

Toad and Toadette bursts into hysterical laughter. Toad fell on to the floor, kicking his legs back and forth while Toadette covered her mouth, giggling.

"Ha, ha, ha, you can stop now. Now, do a sexy pose."

"Do I really have to? What if anyone sees me like—"

"Don't worry, nobody will see you. Just do it, okay?"

Peach sighed and put her right hand at the back of her head and puts her other hand on her hip. She then shook her bum however Toad whistled at the sight of the pose and Toadette tittered. Princess Peach walked away.

Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi were staring at the screen for 20 minutes and unexpectedly Mario, Daisy and now Yoshi, Wario and Waluigi jumped and landed on their backs, their legs were sticking in the air, kicking. Luigi turned to his giddy friends. "YOU GUYS! I EXPECTED BETTER FROM YOU!"

"THAT WAS SO FUNNY! Did ya see that sexy pose?" Wario laughed.

"Y-yeah, I never knew that princess was SO sexy!" Waluigi grinned, holding his stomach like if he's in so much pain. Tears came out of his eyes and slowly slid down his cheeks while his face was literally exceedingly red.

"Come on Daisy, erase it." Luigi said, impatiently.

"All right then." Daisy said as she went back to her seat. She moved her cursor and deleted the whole footage.

"No Daisy, don't do it!" Mario said in a panic, biting his white glove. A bar at the screen was showing that the footage was deleting. It shows paper flying from the folder heading to the recycle bin icon.

"There it's gone, happy now?"

"Yes." Luigi grinned, confidently and putting his hands on his hip.

"No!" Mario said, unhappily as he flopped his arms down. "But—"

He watched as Luigi had the video camera in his right arm and his pals walked after him. When they were out of sight, the red-clad plumber turned around to Daisy in disbelief.

"Daisy, how could you—" Mario stopped in mid-sentence when he saw Daisy holding one but ten glimmering and polished CDs in her hand. The plumber pointed at them in astonishment, open mouthed and wide eyed if like his eye balls were popped out of his sockets. Daisy nodded and smirked.

"Daisy, you're a genius!" Mario exclaimed, happily.

The princess of Sarasaland chuckled to herself. "Aww, you shouldn't have Mario!"

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