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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider


Chapter 1: Teamed up

She moved forward. "Glad you came back to save me, stranger," she said to him. 'Me? Stranger? Oh please,' Kurtis thought.

"Name's Kurtis." And he put forward his hand expecting a shake hand.

She grabbed it. "Lara," and pushed him a bit so he connected with the wall of the airlock. "And this is business," she continued.

"I owe you one," he said with a smile.

"You owe me a painting," she responded.

"Sorry, that went AWOL at the Louvre."

'Glad you realized your mistake,' she thought. "So, what brings you here from Paris?" Her hand on his chest moved around slowly as she checked for any more weapons. At that time, she herself pushed her body forward so that it touched his back. He enjoyed every bit of it, but turned serious again. "Eckhardt," he replied. As she threw his chirugaii on the floor. "We have business only if one of us walks away from it, you?" he asked.

Lara grabbed his shoulder and made him face her, her pistol back where it was only a minute ago. "Personal reasons."

Kurtis, studying her look decided that it was time to spill. "Eckhardt plans to use all five Obscura painting to revive an ancient evil called the Sleeper, and rebreed the Nephilim race," he explained, "To do that, he collects alchemically transmuted elements from his murder victims' bodies."

'Point to be noted,' a voice inside the tomb raider's head spoke. "I've seen him at work as the Monstrum, with that glove!" The glove, of course! There was something in the glove that created the symbol on the wall when he killed Luddick. It was that thing all along.

"Eckhardt is the original Black Alchemist," he telepathically operated his chirugaii on the floor as it started spinning and rose behind Lara. "The paintings must be destroyed," he informed her, " and, to do that I need the Shard you picked up at the Louvre."

Lara took it out and observed its crystal appearance. Kurtis took out the one he had. Both the adventurers started circling round each other, as if fighters expecting a blow: Lara's pistol aimed at Kurtis and Kurtis' chirugaii spinning to life behind her. "There should be three Periapt Shards," she reminded him.

"Eckhardt has the last one. With all three shards combined, they can destroy him, permanently."

"Tell me about the Shards," she said with an eager look on her face. He complied.

"These are the weapons of the Lux Veritatis. Two of them were entrusted to my father," his brows furrowed and his voice dropped to a deep tone, "Eckhardt murdered him so he can get his hands on them."

"So Eckhardt went after your father and you want revenge?" she guessed. His spiky weapon went above her head and he caught it. "Justice!" he exclaimed.

"We should work together."

"You're trusting me?" he said with a smirk.

"If that's what you think. Here," and she threw his Shard back at him as he caught it. And asked her final question, "How can they be used to kill Eckhardt?"

"He must be stabbed with all three Shards, and that should destroy him," he turned the Shard to make it circle round his fingers and when saying 'stabbed' he stabbed the air with it.

"We'll split up. You need the third Shard so you can go after that. I'll find the last painting and destroy it," she decided.

"No, I don't think so. We shouldn't split up," he objected.

"Why not?"

"Because if we do, we'll have to go on separate paths."

"Is there any problem in that?" she inquired.

He ran his hand through his thick black hair. "Actually, yes. See, Eckhardt and his pals might be expecting us to do this: Split up. If we do, they'll attack one of us and the other won't know."

"So?" She folded her arms on her chest.

"Well like, we have the same goal, destroy Eckhardt. We should stick together so if anything does happen to one of us, the other will go after him. Or if one of us gets severely wounded, we'd obviously need help and we can help each other that way. You know what I mean, we both can act as one figure to destroy him."

"Okay, got it. I think we'll begin with the painting." She examined the engraving. He moved close to her so he can see too. "The paintings hidden in something called the Vault of Trophies. The entrance is underwater." She grabbed the bottom of his chin with two fingers and turned his face towards her. "No problem." He simply nodded and picked up his Boran X and followed her out of the air lock.

"What!" She got the engraving and the map!" Pieter Van Eckhardt exclaimed angrily.

"Yes, she did. And worse, the male joined up with her. They won't separate ways," Karel continued for him.

"I don't think we should stop them. That damned vault has been stopping us for months. Let her do our work," he said whilst rubbing his hands together, smiling. "And then..." Eckhardt gave out a slow, evil laugh.

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