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Chapter 1 – Missing

The moon shone over the jungle as two figures were running. It was already midnight and no sound came from any directions. Amy was running beside Rouge to the Mystic Ruins. They wouldn't stop for anything or for anyone, they just charged straight to their destination. Rouge worriedly took a glance at Amy. Amy's emerald eyes were red from crying, but now her expression was confident and showed no expression of weakness anymore. Rouge was really worried about Amy before they went on this trip. Amy's cheek was swollen for a reason.

'Never will I forgive you, Sonic. I'll get my revenge,' Amy darkly thought as her emerald eyes narrowed at the memory. 'You'll regret it,' She started to run even faster that Rouge had a hard time keeping up with her.


A happy and cheerful expression was placed on a certain pink hedgehog's face. On her right hand, was a book that was given to her by Tails, to give it to Sonic. Amy's eyes were browsing around the sidewalk as she looked for him. She spotted him at the other side of the sidewalk and called out, "Sonic!"

Hearing that voice, Sonic looked over his shoulder and saw Amy, running towards him. He quickly dashed off with amazing speed and took no hesitation of looking back.

"Sonic! Wait up! I have to give you something!" Amy yelled as she tried to catch up to him. 'Why's he always running away from me' Surprisingly, he stopped and turned towards her with an anger expression.

"Why do you keep chasing me! Would you just stop? It's annoying me!" Sonic screamed to her now terrified face. He spotted a book on her hand, "And I bet that you told Tails to give it to you, to give to me! Can you see? I don't like you alright!"

"B-b-but T-Tails-"She was interrupted as a hand slapped her cheek before she could finish her sentence. Amy looked sideways as she saw Sonic's hand was raised to the air. Tears started to fall down her faces. Amy quickly dashed back to her house and ignoring Sonic who was calling her name. He sighed and went back walking.

Amy ran as fast as she can back to her house and shut the door shut and slid down to the floor. Rouge entered the scene from the loud banging and saw Amy crying. "Omigod! What happened, Ames?" She asked worriedly as she went to her side.

Amy looked up and Rouge gasped as she saw a red mark on her cheek. "Ask Sonic!" She choked out, with her voice full of disgust. Just then, Knuckles came from the living room, since he was invite by Rouge. He quickly went to Amy as soon as she was crying.

Just about he was about to ask, Amy yelled, "Ask your friend, Sonic," She replied, her tone was now dark and she was glaring.

"What'd he do now?"

"Well, let's see now," her voice full of sarcasm, "Tails told me to give something to Sonic. I found Sonic but he yelled at me for lying, slapped me and walked away after I came here,"

Knuckles looked absolutely speechless while Amy crossed her arms. "And while your at it," Amy said getting up and throw a book to his arms, "Give it back to Tails," She quickly rushed up and slammed her door shut. Rouge averted her gaze to Knuckles who still looked speechless. Rolling her eyes, she snapped her finger to his face.

"I can't believe Sonic would do that!" Rouges said. "You've got to do something about him! He crossed the line! I can't forgive him, if you won't I'll gladly will do the job," With that, she stood up but Knuckles cut her off.

"I'll do it. I have business to attend to." With that, he slammed the door shut after he exited and went to found a blue hedgehog.

End of Flashback

Amy stopped running for a while to catch her breath. Rouge's hands were on her knees as she panted heavily, "Gosh. Honey, we need to find a place to stay for now," Rouge said between panting.

"…You're right. Let's see," Tears were once again falling down the pink hedgehog's face. But she refused to wipe them. Rouge frowned, "How about that cave up there?" Amy said as she pointed to a small cave that was located below a cave.

"Well, that's good enough," They calmly walked inside the cave and seemed to fit them right. They prepared their things in place and made a fire and chatted.

"Training starts tomorrow," Amy reminded as Rouge sighed.

"Ohh, c'mon. We've got to find food and then we'll train. How long do ya think they'll notice the note and that we're gone for the past 5 hours?" Rouge said as she kept on her eyes on the flaming fires beside her. Amy smiled,

"Well, I hope not too soon. I want to improve myself,"

"Well, so am I. Knux said he'll gladly beat the life out of Sonic when he founds him," Rouge said with a laugh. Amy couldn't help but laugh as well, but her eyes saddened at the name of Sonic.

"You guys are such good friends to me,"

"Of course we are! We can't let someone hurt our friend and get away with it!"

"I just hope that we could bring Cream along," Amy said as her emerald eyes started to worry. Rouge eyes saddened and went over to Amy and sat beside her.

"I hoped so too, but, she's too young. Besides, we promised that we'll come to get her," encouraged Rouge. Amy lightened up a bit.

"Let's not chit-chat about this. This'll be the last time before we go to sleep! We shouldn't let sad things enter our mind! Let's talk about boys," Rouge said slyly and frowned as Amy smirked at her. Both of Amy's elbows supported her as her hands were on her face with a smirk. Rouge went back to her place and sat cross-legged.

"Alright, let's talk. So, Rouge, how's it going with Knux? Am I expecting children in the later years?" Right after Amy said that, a pillow was slammed into her face.

"C'mon, Amy! I'm only 14! And you're 13! Why are you thinking about that now?" whined Rouge as she flushed red and buried her face to her pillow.

"Well…you two have been close lately," Amy suggested as she went deeper into the conversation. "Well? I thought you two were together already?" Amy said as she faked a confused face.

"And why would you presume that? I don't like him!" Rouge said in a matter-of-fact.

"Yeah, right! We always see the way you keep on looking at each other when you think no ones looking!" Amy excitedly yelled out and giggled after.

'At least she's happy now,' Rouge thought as she had a slight blush. But her eyes widened and quickly stood and asked worriedly, "We?"

"Yup! The whole gang!"

"My reputation is ruined!" Amy sweatdropped.

Tails Workshop

A yellow two-tailed fox was resting against his bed as he looked over his sheet he had in his hands. He glanced at the clock, 12:41a.m. "Where's Sonic and Amy?" Tails asked himself. On cue, a blue hedgehog dashed in front of him.

"Hey, Tails. How's it hangin'?" Sonic casually said. Tails stood up and looked at both sides of him.

"Where's Amy?"

Sonic's eyes hardened and crossed his arms, "What about her? For all I care." He then remembered accidentally slapping her. "OMG! I slapped her!"

"What!" yelled Tails.

"Well, she was chasing me again and lied about you giving me this book. Ugh! Why do I always act before thinking!" He said as he instantly regretted doing that to Amy.

"What do you mean 'lying'? She was the only one available so I told her to give you a book that you forgot," Tails said as he started to panic along with Sonic.

"You mean…she wasn't lying?" He asked worriedly. "She might never look or talk to me ever again!" A book was thrown to Sonic's head, "Hey! What's your problem?"

"What's my problem? What's yours? Hurting Amy like that!" Knuckles yelled as he was standing at the door with an angry look.

"I didn't –"Sonic was unable to finish his sentence because Knuckles charged towards him and he easily dodged. "Do-it—on purpose!"

"You were always hurting her! I've seen her crying all the time when I went to her house!"

"What were you doing there?" Sonic asked as he blocked an attack.

"To talk to them! I'm Rouge's close friend!"

Sonic quickly rushed out of the house and headed towards Amy's house. Knuckles and Tails followed after, though Knuckles was glaring at Sonic.

As soon as they arrived at Amy's house, Sonic furiously knocked on their door. After a while, Cream answered while rubbing her eyes. Her eyes and face was red from crying.

"Why are you crying, Cream?" Tails asked worriedly.

"I'm not crying, Mr. Tails. But thanks for worrying for me," Cream smile while Tails blushed. "What brings you here, Mr. Sonic?" she asked politely.

"Is Amy awake?"

Cream frowned but forced a smile, "I'm not sure. Why not come tomo—"But Sonic paid no attention to her and made his way inside her house and dashed to the stairs. Cream kind of hated Sonic of what he did to her best friend.


Cream politely knocked on Amy's door and waited to go in until she had permission. She peeked in and saw Amy on her bed and crying.

"What's wrong, Amy?" Cream asked as she went beside her. Amy cried on her shoulder.

"S-S-Sonic! H-h-he slapped me for no reason!" Amy stuttered and cried harder. Cream was speechless, as was Knuckles before. Not before long, Amy stopped crying.

"How could Mr. Sonic do that?" Cream said softly but her voice slight rising.

Amy shook her head, "Forget it," Rouge entered her room and sat at the other side of Amy. Amy turned to her, "Rouge, can you….go with me…to train…? I don't wanna stay here anymore and face him." Amy asked. "I wanna improve myself,"

"Sure, I'll come,"

Cream tugged Amy's dress, "Can I come, too?"

"Sorry, but your too young," Tears started to form on her eyes, "But we promise that we'll come back for you in two years and we'll be together again,"

"Alright," Cream choked out. Amy wrote a letter and went over to her side table. She got the only picture of her and Sonic. She was holding her Pico Pico hammer that was resting on her shoulder and Sonic did the peace sign with a wink. Amy smiled at the memory. She slid the note at the back of the frame and went downstairs. They tightly hugged each other and said goodbye.

End of Flashback

"You okay, Cream?" Knuckles asked as he noticed that she was in deep thought.

"O-of course,"

Sonic knocked on Amy's door before peeking in. Her room was dark and he finally found the switch and flicked it open. Her room was bright pink. He found that no one was on her bed, "Amy?" He searched her room but found no one. Later, Cream Knuckles and Tails went up.

"Where's Amy?" Sonic asked immediately as he grabbed both the orange rabbit's shoulders. Cream was slightly frightened.

"I-I don't know," She lied but the boys found it convincing. Sonic's arm fell back to his side and made his way to Amy's bed and looked at the only photo she and Sonic were in. Amy was grinning sheepishly at the camera. He noticed a paper behind the frame and took it out and read it,


I knew that you'd find this soon. Anyways, don't even try and finding me and Rouge. We've left and don't plan to come back in a few years. I'll never forgive you. I'm out for training myself so I can beat you. Me and Rouge will be coming to get Cream in a matter of years. Goodbye


As soon as he read it, he dropped the letter. Knuckles went over and grabbed the letter and slowly, he's eyes widened.

"Rouge, she went with them?" Knuckles asked with anger and dashed off to Rouge's room to found no one there.

Sonic went over to Cream, "Do you know about this?" She shook her head. Finding no answer, he left the house and went in search of Amy.

Mystic Ruins

The sun rose and shone itself to the jungle. Rouge woke up and saw no sight of Amy. She panicked and exited the cave. "Amy! Where are you?" She called out. She flew and finally spotted Amy. Rouge slowly made her way to her with no notice. She gasped as she saw Amy and Shadow together. Amy was sitting by the lake while Shadow was leaning on a tree.

"Shadow! Your alive!" She screamed out. They directed their attention to her. "But how'd you guys…why're you together? How'd you find him?"

"Long story,"


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