Amy refused to look their way, much less acknowledge them. A deep, quiet blanketed her mind when she first had spoken those words. She was unusually calm despite the adrenaline coursing through her body. The moment was ruined when Rouge whispered, "Kinky," with a flirtatious laugh that caught Knuckles attention. Oh, her wonderful, supportive best friend. Not. Amy casually flicked her hand towards Rouge and the pretty woman was suddenly unbalanced and found herself slightly in the air, unable to control her wings. "Amy!" she shrieked.

Amy tilted her head to the side and ducked as a barrage of attacks came her way. "Sorry, Rouge, you were in the way."

"Huh, I guess you'd like to watch your suito-"

The wind chipped away her words as Amy manipulated the currents.

"Oh, honey, that won't work. I know a little more tricks then you, see?" She gracefully turned in the air and landed softly onto the ground several feet away from her leader. "And yes, Knuckles, I'm fine."

The said man sputtered in response, face turning red as his skin and marched away. Well, just enough so that he can hear her. Amy smiled.

Her movements were watched by two very observant eyes; a pair of crimson and lightning blue eyes. They caught everything; from her rapid beating pulse, to her flickering eyes that knew they were watching and the tension in her body. Shadow had distanced himself from the group, watching from beneath a tree as Amy turned to him. Bright green orbs glanced at him and he made sure to lock their gaze. He slightly lowered his head, narrowed his eyes and stared back intensely at her, surging most of his emotions that she can catch. When her eyes slightly widened and she stiffened, Shadow allowed a small smirk. She understood. Good, she always knew him.

He had no doubt he would catch her. She was always a prize, a rare, lovely girl that he always thought was too good for him. So when she practically destroyed parts of the earth, angry sparks at her furious eyes and long pink hair flying, Shadow knew she had a wicked side. That only he could bring out. Oh yes, he would enjoy their time together. He wasn't disappointed when she broke their stare, because she knew. He was actually surprised she held it so long. She just needed one more little push. Before her escape. All is fair in love and war.

Amy backed away from her friends and walked briskly towards the walls of the cliffs. She turned the small curve and continued. Shadow uncrossed his arms, noticing Sonic keeping track of the entire jungle, the arena, so he would recognize any blockage and hide-outs. Ready to know where Amy would be. Hmm. Shadow already knew the entire field, and crept back into the shadows, heading towards the tricky Amy. At the corner of his eye, Sonic stiffened, knowing.

It was her choice.

Damn, damn, damn, Amy chanted. Her and her stupid mouth! She let out a small, frustrated scream with a stomp that cracked the ground. 'Oh crap,' Someone wasn't going to be happy. She had already wrecked the entire battlefield and now she had to break a small portion of a perfectly natural space? She groaned, stress and indecision clawing at her. 'Don't people just go with their instincts? ' She should do that. 'Expect my stupid instinct tells me to have both. Huh.' Amy paused. Then shook her head, that was only if they manage to jump at her the same time and was pretty sure her body would be bruised in their tug-of-war.

"You've had your chance. It's my time now." Shadow tugged Amy, as gently as he could, while digging his feet into the ground as he used his strength.

"Everybody deserves a second chance!" Sonic retaliated, gripping her hand and trying to force them to go his way.

"That's not what you did with that crazy egg villain."

"Hey! You'd do the same if he keeps destroying your house with a freaking big sledgehammer!"

"Give it some time." Meanwhile, Shadow would get Amy.

Meanwhile, Amy thought if she could swing them both up with her tornado and bang their heads. But Shadow's pride would bruise being so close to the 'faker'.....and Sonic would be hurt. She brushed the last thought away hastily, although she was warming to the idea of being so close with Sonic again.

"I have a problem."

Immediately, their attention focused on her, "What's wrong?"

"I can't feel my arms anymore."

Her lips twitched upwards at her imagination. 'I'd so kill to see them bickering again. They go through some of the childish fights' she thought. Rouge had once said they tried outracing each other in a Paraná-infested lake, their heels nipped painfully, and if that didn't work, they would try to dunk their heads into it instead. Amy laughed out loud, slightly tripping. Oh that would be so-

A streak of black and dark scarlet landed in front of her, preventing her escape. She would have stumbled if his hands reached out to catch her. She broke out of his reach and found balance. She looked cooly back, "Shadow. Fancy seeing you here."

"And where do you think you're going."

She pushed her hair back from her face, "Just a small walk. I do honour what I request, you know."


He didn't lean back when she subtly motioned to him. Amy sighed, "This isn't fair to Sonic-"

"What he did to you in the past wasn't either." She flinched. "You give him too many values."


"You think I wouldn't give you any happiness?"

Amy fell silent. They both knew he would. He was there during the long months, silently supporting, sharing secret kisses and touches. But Sonic was back. Maybe she enjoyed Sonic's grovelling, his pleading eyes and admiration. It was almost enough to make up for the past. Maybe she just wanted to draw it out, enjoying that he wanted, needed, her. Or maybe she really did want him back. "I know you would," she finally said.

Selfish, selfish, selfish,

You're hurting them both,

"But I stand by what I said. And," she quickly added when he bristled slightly, "I know you're faster and stronger than me. That's why I want to test your determination."

His tall height leaned closer and Amy stood her ground. But her mind scrambled when she saw the deep, dark possession in his eyes. He would do anything for her. The almost desperate light in his eyes. She was always drawn to him. He suddenly turned and disappeared, knowing he accomplished what he wanted her to know and see when he sought her out.


Sonic sighed, his leg swinging free from the edge. He was whipped. Bad things happen when you take things for granted. Just like his Amy. He wouldn't force her to change her mind, desperately plead with her, but just silently wait for her. He would prove to her how much he would go through to just see her smile at him again. A darker side of him told him to just knock her out and bring her back so everything would be the same again, like before. He shook his head. A smile tugged his lips as he thought of Amy shrieking and wrecking everything, her hammer swinging everywhere and everyone flying to the sky with spiked hair from the lightning.

Her bad temper.

'Soon,' he thought, 'everything comes down to this.'

Sonic didn't turn when he heard a twig crack behind him.

Her mission was to kill him.

Eliminate, destroy and wipe-out his existence.

He didn't mind. As long as when he died, if he ever saw her tears falling down her beautiful face, then he would die a happy death. She'd cared. After everything they went through, that was enough for him.

Inwardly, Sonic smiled darkly that she had looked for him.

They were silent when he sat and she stood, looking at the view. "You know, Sonic," Amy began, "I'd always choose to live here than home."

"...I get that," he glanced sideways at her, "I'd go with whatever you want."

She raised a brow at that.

"Listen, I....I'm sorry."

Silence reigned.

"It's just, when the world depends on you and everything...things just sorta get messed up in here," he tapped his head, "And I guess I can't control whatever feelings back then. It was always so exciting, the danger and all. And I mean it, if you want to live in a sea full of sharks or a desert where you only wear your bikini – "

She snorted, trying to hold it in, but laughed anyways. Sonic grinned.

" – I'd still be there. If you want me to."

Amy should have just forgiven the hurt a while back, so that she could move on with her life. But with who? That didn't really mean she would have to have someone with her. Her friends were enough. Which was why she was so damn determined to loose them both when she ran. But Shadow didn't deserve that and Sonic wanted to amend their time together. And –

"Wow, is that a – "

Sonic smiled. Amy always was always so easily distracted. He listened when she chattered about the species she saw, from its colour to what it was doing, " – And rawr! .... I think it just killed that poor frog." He idly noted that one of her weapons was twisting in her hands. "Why does everyone call a suicidal person a coward since he isn't brave enough to live but courageous enough to take a life?" she murmured. Her mood swings, too.

Life well-lived, Sonic thought when she disappeared suddenly. He tensed when she was on her knees behind him. Her arms stretched beside him and circled his neck. Her sharp weapon resting loosely in her grip as she hugged him. She lowered her head beside his, breathing slowly. "It's takes courage to live and take a life. One needs to accept the shot of a bullet towards oneself if he's ready to fire at another."

He sat, holding his form strong as she put her entire weight on him. Everything was in reverse.

Once upon a time, Amy loved Sonic and would give him her heart every day. He'd refuse.

Years later, Sonic would find Amy again and it was his turn to give her his heart. She'd refuse.

Now, it was hers to hurt and cherish.

"Sonic," she said, "I could kill you know."

"I know."







That little minx!

The two outraged hedgehogs fumed.

She had up and ran. She set the rules. Judge, jury and executioner. Referee, too. And she started it without even telling them.

Tails had first noticed when Cream's eyes had watered a bit. Knuckles had found out when Rouge teasingly joked with him. Until they noticed her disappearance, they raced to Sonic.

Rouge was Shadow's other close friend and had dropped several more hints. Until she finally slapped his head and kicked his shin.

How they both lost sight of her was anyone's guess.

Shadow glared, gritting his teeth at his competitor. "You'd better start heading back now, faker."

"I'm thinking you should get used to me onwards, Shadow."

Rouge and Cream felt the air chill and the wind blowing more furiously around them. Knuckles stepped in, "Enough with the pissing match! Amy is probably –"

"Laughing and crying." Rouge finished as they stared at the empty space and tracks lining the ground. "It's okay," she said quietly, "she'll come back to us."


Branches and leaves smacked into her skin as she raced, diagonally, zig-zag, forward to cover her tracks. Her body was on auto-pilot, loving the sudden excitement of two furious men after her to catch and claim her. Her breath came out in short-breaths; it was definitely a race to the finish. She wanted to win it all. She pushed more energy to her legs as she pumped her legs faster. Up the hills, down the slopes, through the small creaks and over the cliffs.

She ran and ran.

Animals cleared the way. She felt free. Yet she was still trapped. The air blew around her face and body, her freedom was so close! Maybe she didn't have to choose. Keep them both or let them go. Choose one and hurt the other. Friends or lovers? Amy loved running, especially knowing she was being chases. The thrill of danger. Perhaps she should have –

A horde of white birds flew to the sky southeast of her, rattling the peace. She jumped up to the highest tree, taking care to cover. Oh yeah, that was definitely one of them. Whoever it was, he was still far, but rapidly gaining speed. In the right direction.

Amy bit her lip. She made tracks to confuse them to the opposite directions. So how the bloody was he able to still ignore them and go straight at her? Where was the other one? She didn't know who and whether or not she was worried or relieved. She didn't waste any time to think and watch in fascination, Amy headed straight to the muddy earth.

Idly, she might be crazy, but she sworn she could have felt the thundering footsteps as they raced for her. Her blood boiled, cheeks flushing. This was so bad. Shadow had taught her, but Amy had manipulated every one of her tricks and strategies each time, surprising him. She never repeated a trick or two, always messing around with him and felt pride swell she accomplished mastering the arts of hiding. Sonic wouldn't know, her heart throbbed painfully, then again he was used to tracking. So was Shadow.

She hummed almost hysterically at her thoughts as mud slapped at her feet and knees. She would have tripped but she used the air to tilt her the right way. Once she circled a large portion of the area, she quickly switched to the outside, the final escape. Yes!

The pink-haired girl felt relieved when she lost the one following her. Still no sign of the other one. Maybe – Oh no. Emerald eyes caught it. A tree had been marked. She knew that mark. It was his. He knew how she would go about. And from how deep it was, he wasn't happy with her unannounced departure. She swallowed, backing away. She ducked for the thick trees and bushes, cursing when it rustled loudly. A tint of blue in front of her. The lake was close. A small cliff was beyond that. She would use her power to cross it.

A quiet bush rattled her. Amy started, losing her rhythm. Who is it? Her heart was in her throat as she resumed her pace. She timed her speed and the rate of how long it would take to make noise when she went through the large forest. That was too soon. One found her. Up ahead, she saw a dark shadow moving towards her. She let out a large breathe, pulling in more oxygen, switching her course.

It was too late though.

A streak of colours caught her attention left and right and was headed straight to her. A bit more! She was so close!

She was found.

She reached the clearing, hoping to cross the finishing line, when the sun slowly descended, and tensed her muscles to jump. The air felt good around her but she felt the unmistakable presences behind her, so close, hands reaching. She closed her eyes.

Arms wrapped around her waist as she let out a small scream as they were air-borne.

She was caught.

Amy didn't need to open her eyes to know. Tears pricked the corner of her eyes, welcoming the warmth.

Finally. She opened her eyes and smiled brilliantly.

I hate what I wrote. But I thought, what the hell. I needed an update for those people. This was better than nothing. Whelps, other than the messy time and fluff, I'm ending this story soon. I resolved the triangle too!