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" HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!" Two voices yelled over the blaring music of her I-pod. She faked a smile and nodded. Though somehow this birthday seemed that it would be anything but 'happy'. Lately things, weird thing, seemed to be happening all around her. But Sam was used to weird things, her best friend just happened to be half-ghost half-human.

" HELLO!SAM!" Danny screamed lifting up her head phones.

" What!" she snapped

" We were wondering what time your party was going to be at?" Tucked added shoving Danny out of his way.

" Party? What party?" She asked gawking at her techno-geek friend.

" The one you invited us to, Duh." He said waving his hands.

" Sam are you ok?" Danny asked sounding very concerned. " You seem very spaced out lately."

" hmmmm?... oh yea I'm fine." She reassured him." The 'Party' If that is what you want to call it, is a 7 until whenever. Bring your stuff incase you sleep-over."

"Um, yea incase you are forgetting I have never been to your house. So where is it?" Danny asked

" huh? Oh Tucker will take you there." She said Snatching her i-pod head phones away from him. Danny and Tucker nodded and went off to class.

Sam fiddled with her lock trying desperately to get her locker open. She growled "Shit , now I'm going to be late for class." She gave her a locker a good kick and still it wouldn't budge. " OPEN DAMMIT!" she screamed. With a spark of light the lock broke and the locker flung open sending sam flying back against the wall.

" That was weird." She said to herself., though she didn't have any time to think about it because the bell was about to ring. She quickly grabbed her English books and raced down the hall to Mr.Luncer's class. Danny waved at her and signaled for her to sit down. She smiled and took her seat next to him.

" Where were you? The bell is about to ring" he asked

" Locker trouble." She replied recalling her incident with the lock. Though it still seemed odd to her she simply disregarded it as static shock.

He nodded and returned to his work. Mr.Luncer sat down at his desk and awaited the usual stragglers. When the whole class finally arrived he began the lesson.

" Class please open your books to page 293." He said pointing to ' Shakespeare, Poetry throughout the ages'

Sam placed her hand on the book, suddenly it flung open and the pages fluttered by. Luckily no one seemed to notice. Her eyes traveled down the page meeting with the number. " hmmm... 293" She said to herself

" Mis. Samantha... Mis. Samanth!." Mr.Luncer called

Sam Instantly awoke from her trance " Um... Yes Mr.Luncer?" She asked staring at him.

" Since you are so talkative, why don't you begin reading 'A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Sam nodded and Began to read. " For everlasting bond of Fellowship-

Upon that day either prepare to die for disobedience to your father's will; Or else to wed Demetrius, as he would..."

Without knowing Danny began to stare at Sam as the words gracefully left her lips. When she had finished the first paragraph she ended and looked up at Mr.luncer. " well done Miss. Samantha, Now I want all of you to have the first ten pages of this read by Monday. And also I would like you all..." Mr.Luncer was cut short by the loud BRIIIIIIING of the last Bell. Students began to gather up their belongings and rush out the door. Mr.Luncer stepped in front of the door to stop the oncoming stamped. " I will say it once more, because I don't want to hear ' But I Didn't hear you' on Monday. Read the first Ten pages of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for Monday's class. Oh and I want all of you to wish Miss.Samantha here A happy 15th birthday." He moved away from the door. Nobody said anything as they all proceeded to run down the halls, eager to be free of the Hell hole called 'Casper High'.

Sam rushed over to her locker Praying to god nothing else weird would happen. She slowly put in the combination. Making sure every number was right, so she could get out faster. When it finally opened with no spark, she grabbed her coat and bag and fled out the door.

" Sam wait up!" Danny called from the front steps

" Yea?" She asked stopping

" Are you sure nothing is wrong? I mean you been acting really weird lately" He paused " Ok, at least more than usual."

" Oh ha ha" she said punching him in the arm " Yes, I am fine."

Danny nodded " I just want you know that you can tell me everything ok?" He smiled and placed his hand on her arm.

Sam blushed and turned away " ok," She said " But Really, I am fine."

Sam Hopped on her scooted and headed for home.