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Danny gasped, his heart jolted in his chest. "SAM!" He pushed him self up weakly " No, NO!" Using the last of his strength the phased Sam out from under the rubble. Bile rose up into his throat when he caught sight of Sam's mangled body. A large wound ran from her brow down to her chin. Danny watched in horror as her chest slowed in movement. He could clearly see she had a few broken ribs. Blood pooled from her stomach onto his lap. Everything felt so surreal

"Sam, Sam please wake up." He pleaded with her limp form. Slowly her eyes opened, pain burning behind them.

" Danny?" she asked, her tone soft and shaky.

" Oh sam. I'm so sorry. If only I hadn't been such a Jerk. If only I had talked to you. This never would have happened...It's all my Fault. Oh God Sam, Please forgive me..." Danny Rushed on " Sam...I..You need to know...I..." His tears splashed onto her cheek.

" You talk to much." She stated weakly, She forced herself upwards, placing her lips onto his. " Tell my grandmother I'm sorry."

" Sam?" Danny asked as her lids began to close once more.

" Oh and Danny?" She asked her voice growing softer " I... love...you...t..." Her voice cut off suddenly.

" Sam! Sam!" He called. No answer. "Come on Sam, this isn't funny." Danny buried his face in her chest, he sobbed deeply. "Come on lets get you to your grandmother." He lifted her into his arms. Unable to transform, he opted to walk instead. He knew if he were to be seen, it would only bring more trouble. He took the back alley ways. Sam cradled in his arms.

Limping through the back streets, the only this that kept him moving was the lifeless body of his best friend. And the girl he loved. He couldn't help but think about Leo. He hated him, everything about him. It made him sick, that he could lure Sam into such a false seance of security, making Sam feel for him what they had always had. And here Danny was trailing up Sam's driveway, her limp body in his arms. And where was Leo? Most likely figuring out what to have Sam do when her re-gained her trust and inducted her into his clan.

He kicked open the front door and started screaming " Mrs. Manson!" He screamed.

" What is it Danny dear?" Sam's grandmother asked Shuffling down the stares. " It's awful early, Sam's still at school. Can I get you a drink? A soda perhap...Oh my god." Sam's grandmother rushed down the stairs, finally catching sight of her limp body. " Sam...oh Dear...Is she?" She rushed to her granddaughter's side taking her hand. " Come, come to the back room."

She led Danny up the stairs into her room. She moved the book shelf and reviled a Room filled with potion bottles and artifact " Lay her there." She said pointing to a table in the center of the room, covered with white lace sheets. He nodded and obeyed, laying her gently on the table. Her blood stained the sheets red.

"Move." Sam's Grandmother demanded. She slowly tore away at the fabric covering Sam's heart. " Oh no." She gasped as she saw Sam's chest.

" What!" Danny asked urgently. She peeled The fabric Back reveling a symbol etched across Sam's chest.

" What the hell is that?" He asked.

" Leo's family clan symbol..." She stated forlornly. He growled at the mention of his name.

" What does it mean?" He asked.

" He's challenging you." She paused Running her fingers over the mark. "This mark signifies that he has calmed Sam's Soul"

" He's what...Her soul? What does that mean." He asked panicked.

" It means That he has Sam's soul trapped with in her body...He has claimed it for the Dark side...for his clan. The only way for her soul to take hold of her body and for her to live again...is for someone close to her from each side to fight for her soul. Leo has chosen you to fight...If you don't accept... Sam's powers and Her soul belong to Leo's Clan." She sighed falling to the floor.

Danny looked at Sam's lifeless body stained in blood " Well I accept...where is he?"