I know the prologue is short, but the first chapter is a lot longer!


" As I sit here, after having written all of this, I wonder if I've done a mistake. Maybe I shouldn't have started writing any of this, for the memory of it, is just too beautiful and too painful, even for your lifeless pages to bear, dear diary. Maybe I should've let the memories remain a secret in my heart, to continue existing in silence, like they always have, inside the universe of my soul. But my heart was suffocating under the wieght of it all, and it needed to let it out, for the past has been torturing me ruthlessly. And now I feel that a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I can breathe again, and amazingly enough, I somehow feel free, and at peace with my heart and soul.

And in the end, I realize that Life goes on despite all the dreams, and the nightmares that one experiences. The hands of the clock never stop, for any joy, or any grief. Time passes by, and takes everything with it, every smile and every tear, nothing remains, nothing but the memories of once upon a time, the echoes of the past"

Christine's diary, last page