10-year-old Crystal Turner sat in the back of her parents' car, completely bored. "Mom, do we have to go to Timmy's house?"

"Yes Crystal, we do," her mother replied. "Your father is brothers with Timmy's father, and they haven't seen each other in a long time. Besides, don't you want to play with your cousin Timmy?"

"No," Crystal said. "I don't like him. All he ever does is play with his stupid goldfish." Mrs. Turner decided to avoid responding to her daughter's answer.

An hour passed, and then the Turners' little car pulled into their relatives' house. Timmy's mother and father were waiting outside and greeted the family when they walked up to them.

"Hello Crystal!" Timmy's mom said. "Timmy is upstairs if you want to play with him." Crystal stayed put, but then her mother pushed her inside.

"Go ahead, Crystal," her mother said. Crystal rolled her eyes and then walked upstairs. As she neared Timmy's room, she heard voices; two males and a female.

"So have you learned your lesson, Timmy?" the woman voice asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," said Timmy's voice.

"Do it again! Do it again!"


"Timmy?" Crystal asked from outside his door. As she poked her head in his doorway to look inside, she heard a magical-sort of poof. "Are you okay?" Timmy was sitting on his bed with his goldfish in their bowl. He looked at Crystal angrily.

"When did you get here?" he snapped.

"Just now," Crystal replied, walking inside his room. "My mom said I have to play with you."

"Great," Timmy muttered. "Just what I need…"

Crystal blinked. "Well, er, if you don't want me here…" Crystal said quickly and quietly. She turned and rushed out the room and heard the same magical poof as before.

"My god," Crystal heard Timmy say, "I wish Crystal had her own Fairy God Parents so she won't bother me all the time!" Crystal stopped dead in her tracks out in the hallway. Fairy God Parents?

"You got it, bucko!" she heard a man say.

"No, Cosmo, I didn't mean it like tha-!" Crystal heard another magical poof, and then nothing.

Suddenly, a little, floating teenager was floating in front of her with a large, goofy grin on her face. "Hi! I'm Ashes, and I'm your new Pixie God Parent!"

"You're my WHAT!"