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Raven was not afraid of the dark, but she stiffened all the same when she heard the scuffling, animal noises coming from somewhere not so far away.

As she tried to peer further into the dark, the thought of her confrontation with Beast Boy earlier came to mind unbidden. It had taken place in the hallway, just like this. She shook it away, forcing herself to focus on the present because – was it just her imagination, or was there a large, hulking something out there in the shadows?

There was a soft rushing noise. Heavy breathing, maybe?

"Who's there?" she asked, hoping it was just Cyborg, or Robin, or anybody.

Slowly, the thing began to materialize out of the darkness as it came closer. Raven could just make out the gleam of fangs, lips pulled back in a snarl, and a pair of eyes that gleamed at her inhumanly, empty.

Don't be afraid, she told herself. Don't be afraid!

The thing padded towards her. Now she could see that it was mammoth-sized, heavily clawed, and… green?

This thing couldn't possibly be Beast Boy, could it?

It looked like she wouldn't get the chance to find out. The thing lurched toward her suddenly. Her heart skipped a beat, and she froze on the spot. But all it did was bring its wet nose close to her and inhale deeply. Then it butted against her arm, like a puppy seeking attention.

Maybe… this was Beast Boy after all.

"Beast Boy?" she asked, trying to inch away from its invading muzzle without making it angry. It looked at her, but there was no recognition on its face. As she had noticed before, there was nothing human in its eyes. "Not funny. Change back, now."

Nothing. It nudged her again with its snout. Reluctantly, she began to scratch behind its ears. It seemed to melt beneath her touch, wiggling enthusiastically.

This wasn't Beast Boy. This was just… a beast.

Well, in all likelihood, it was Beast Boy, Raven corrected herself. After all, how many green animals could there possibly be in one city? But it was obvious his mind had gone fishing, because it just wasn't there.

At a loss, she sank down to the floor to sit cross-legged. The beast went with her, dropping its enormous head into her lap. She patted it hesitantly for a few moments, then just gave in and began to pet him. His fur was softer than it appeared, and even though he was huge and kind of mean-looking, it was strangely endearing when he closed his eyes in bliss.

Wait. I did not just think that.

Beast Boy had been transformed into a horrible monster – not that he hadn't been acting like one already – there was nothing endearing about this situation!

"Stop acting adorable," she hissed, trying to keep her voice down. "Because you're not."

The beast didn't listen to her. Yeah, this was Beast Boy, all right.

He nuzzled her stomach, and she released a disgusted sigh when she continued to pet him in spite of herself. Raven dearly hoped he would not remember this whenever he changed back into himself.

That was the last thing she thought before she was attacked. The blow was huge and unexpected, launching her into the air. She hit the wall, seeing stars when her head cracked against it, and sliding down to the floor, limp as a rag doll.

She opened her eyes to see another beast, growling and furious. But her beast was standing over her. Protecting her.

Her beast. Beast Boy. When had he become hers?

She blacked out.

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