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Chapter 1

Snow was falling outside as pale violet eyes stared out the window, into the moonless night. Snow! Yuki! (the Japanese word for snow). Maybe that was why the snow intrigued Yuki Sohma so much. The name.

He continued to stare out the window, not paying attention to the time or to his surroundings. The snow had captivated the whole of his attention.

"Yuki," a voice called. Yuki tried to register the voice, but the snow still held his attention. "Yuki!" This time the voice was a bit more forceful, but it still couldn't release the hold that the snow had over him.

"YUKI!" the voice cried a third time, placing both hands on his shoulders and spinning the silver haired teen around.

"Kyo? What the hell?" Yuki asked, snapping into the realm of reality.

"I called you three times, you damn rat," Kyo snapped back irritated that he was getting told off like he was the one in the wrong.

"Well, that gives you no right to touch me. Stupid cat. Next time find a better way to gain my attention, without resorting to actual contact," Yuki growled. "So what was it that you wanted?"

Kyo shuffled his feet and ran a hand trough his unruly orange hair. A grin made its self known over his features. "You were so nasty to me that I don't think you deserve know what's up."

The rat glared at the cat, and wished yet again for a meteor to strike the feline down. But no such thing happened, much to Yuki's dismay. So he had to be content to with trying to get the other to spontaneously combust in a glory of falmes.

Kyo fidgeted under the intense gaze given by the violet eyes. "Shigure and Tohru are snowed in at Hatori's. They won't be able to get back till at least the morning or maybe even later," he relayed the message he was suppose to. He hoped that they would be able to survive until the other two returned.

Yuki was about to tell the cat off (he couldn't help but wanting to kill this particular messenger) when the lights suddenly flickered and went out, shrouding the two teens in darkness. Whatever Yuki was about to say was ripped from his throat as he shrieked inaudibly as the darkness enveloped him.

Kyo, whose cat-like eyes had adjusted to the darkness quickly, left the room and came back a moment later with a lit candle. "Here," he grunted thrusting the candle into Yuki's limp hands. "Stay here, I'm off to find us some more candles." Kyo turned to leave when a soft whimper hit his sensitive ears and stopped him in his tracks.

"Do-don't go, Kyo," a whimpering voice commanded.

Kyo looked to the side and was stunned to see Yuki huddled on the windowsill with his knees drawn up and his arms wrapped around them, rocking back and forth. "What's wrong rat?" he asked, when an idea struck him and he couldn't help but taunt the other. "Scared of the dark?"

Yuki tried to glare at Kyo and his accusation, but it came across as a scared glance. Reluctantly he spoke. "Please… please do-don't go K-kyo. I'm… I'm scared," he admitted.

Kyo almost fell over from shock, but his cat-like reflexes kept him upright. 'Did the rat just admit that he has a weakness? That is surprising. Maybe he is more human and like me then I thought.' "Follow me. We need more candles so we are going to have to leave this room. If the lights are going to be out all night we have to be able to see."

Yuki stood up shaking so hard that he fell over. His head was heading towards the floor when a pair of strong arms surrounded him and stopped him from hitting his head. Violet eyes glanced up in surprise. "Kyo?" He couldn't believe that Kyo was holding him. His face flushed and for once he was glad for the darkness.

"Can't you even stand on your own?" Kyo asked, pushing Yuki back to his feet. "Are you going to need me to hold your hand as we walk through the house?"

Yuki pulled away from Kyo's warm embrace, reluctantly. "Don't patronize me, cat. I can manage on my own, thank you very much."

"Doesn't look like it to me. Stay close." Kyo wondered as he led Yuki around the house, why he suddenly felt empty without the rat in his arms. He shook his head violently trying to dislodge the thoughts, but he couldn't shake the fact that he wanted to hold the other teen again.

Yuki did as Kyo had told him, and stayed close. So when Kyo stopped abruptly, he ran into the orange-haired boy's broad back. "S-sorry," he muttered his apology, never looking up at the other.

"'S all right… lets just get the candles set up," Kyo moved and handed Yuki a set of matches. "You start at one end, and I'll start at the other end," he pointed to the row of candles he had set up. "I'll start at this end. We'll meet up at the middle."

Yuki nodded his understanding and set to work on the task at hand. The silver haired male found himself wondering who would get to light the middle candle, or if it was going to be a fight for that chore.

Kyo watched closely as Yuki lit his candles. He had arranged the candles so that there were two in the middle. One for each of them.

As they both approached the middle of the table, Kyo noticed that he had miscalculated the number of candles. Now there was only one in the center of the table. Kyo fumbled with a match and spent enough time doing that to allow Yuki to lit the last candle. 'Why did I do that?' he asked himself. 'Why is it that I didn't want to fight with him?'

Yuki lit the final candle and glanced quickly at Kyo who had finally lit his candle. "All done," he chimed, happy now that they had light to chase away the darkness, but in his head though he was wondering something completely different. He was wondering why he would give up the last candle with such ease. 'Usually the cat would never give up the opportunity to gloat over the smallest thing. So why did he give this one up?'

Suddenly a chill ran through the room, making the lit candles flicker. Both boys turned and noticed the paper door at the same time.

The past day

"This is it! Today is the day that I am finally going to beat you, you damn rat," Kyo spat, taking a fighting stance. He stood in the family room ready for the fight.

"You're on cat. But don't come crying to me when your ass is severely beat, yet again. And please don't pester poor Miss. Honda with your lame excuses of why you are beat," Yuki replied calmly, yawning and waiting for Kyo to charge at him.

Kyo did as was expected, and charged at Yuki with anger and rage.

Yuki side stepped the head on attack and felt a rush of air pass as Kyo passed. He reached out and grabbed Kyo's arm, flipping him through the paper doors that lead to the backyard.

"Yuki! Kyo! You didn't break the door yet again, did you?" Shigure's voice floated from his office (like he was actually working). "'Cause you know that we are out of the door paper, and with the long weekend I am not going to be able to get some more till Tuesday."

Back to the present

"Damn I forget about the door," cursed Kyo, gathering a blanket and placing it over the broken door. He glanced at Yuki from over his shoulder. "Take a candle and get me some duct tape. I don't want to stay here all night, holding this damn blanket over the door."

Yuki looked up and couldn't help but smile. Kyo looked so funny, standing in the doorway, holding up the green blanket, blocking both the wind and the snow. But that moment of happiness was soon over as realization hit him that he would have to go and find the tape, alone in the dark. Yuki whimpered slightly. "But Kyo, the… the darkness?" he whispered staring straight at the other teen.

Kyo looked over his shoulder, and rather then glare at Yuki, his face and voice softened. "Yuki," he called softly, "Yuki, it's okay. Don't be scared. Take a couple of candles and light your way to the kitchen, it's just the next room over. The tape is in the drawer, there is no need to be scared."

Yuki looked up at Kyo, surprised. 'Was he just… no he couldn't have just been nice to me?' "Ky-kyo… could you come… come with me?" he asked hopefully, not wanting to be left alone in the dark.

Kyo sighed and let the blanket fall to the ground. He walked over to the table and grabbed three candles (two to hold and one to leave in the kitchen). "Come on, we have to finish this quickly, so that no more snow enters the house." He began to walk towards the kitchen and waited for Yuki to catch up to him.

Yuki ran (with his own candles in hand) to Kyo's side. "Thank you," he whispered as they stalked into the dark kitchen.

Kyo placed a candle on the table and waited impatiently for Yuki to find the tape. It was his job after all.

Yuki hurriedly searched through the drawer. Finally a circular object caught his eye. A slender hand reached down and grabbed it. "Found it!" he cheerfully told Kyo, turning around to view the other.

"Well let's go then."

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