An AmeldaxAnzu (AlisterxTea) Fan Fic! yay! My friend CeruleanSan got me into this couple and requested a FanFic so enjoy..and if you don't like it...shut tha fark up 3

It was a day like any other at Domino High school. Everyone was rushing to class and getting ready for the day. It seemed like everyone was in a happy mood. All except one girl, Anzu. She had a very bad dream that morning, and wasn't too ready to face the day. She walked into her classroom quiet. So of course all her friends were worried about her.

"ANZU!" Joey yelled "WHY ARE YOU SO SAD?"

"I'm not sad, just tired." Anzu lied.

"What's wrong?" Yugi asked

"Well I-"

"Yeah, when I ask it's nothing..." Joey said softly but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Anzu and Yugi glared at him, and Anzu continued.

"I had a dream I was getting chased in the school, by some killer. No one was around to help me. He chased me into a room. I knew he was going to kill me, so I jumped out the window."

" I would have kicked him in his balls!" Joey said.

"ANYWAY...I was falling...and someone grabbed my hand and pulled me upward. It was a man. A very strong man. And he saved me...and I woke up."

"I wonder who the man was" Yugi said

"Me too, I couldn't see his face. AT ALL. So I couldn't actually tell you." Anzu said

"Maybe it was "Money More Bucks" over there!" Joey said pointing to Kaiba.

"Joey, how come you always talk about Kaiba? Do you like him or something?" Anzu asked really fed up with Joey.


"I'm really getting tired of you saying stuff behind Kaiba, just go up to him!" Anzu said

"Then I'll get killed." Joey said

"Okay class shut up!" The teacher, Mr. Buttocks, said. "Now we have a new student, His name is Amelda...uh I can't read his last name so who cares."

Out of nowhere Kaiba just flew out of his seat and knocked the thing right over. After his things spilled everywhere and he pushed the desk off himself he pointed to Amelda "NO! YOU CAN'T BE HERE! NOT HERE! THIS IS A BAD DREAM RIGHT?"

"Why Mr. Kaiba I'm surprised, you sho-"

"Shove it, Buttocks! What are you here for? My brother? Oh I've got you all figured out. See, NO ONE is talking my soul and using it for some crazy scheme...again, nuh uh, no doggy!" Kaiba drew a gun from his pocket "See! Try using your circle of doom or whatever!"

"Chill Kaiba...he doesn't have a duel disk." Atemu said half sleeping in class.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW?" Kaiba pulled the trigger and water came out. "Wait...MOKUBA'S WATER GUN? Damn..."

"Don't worry Kaiba, no one is after you. Now Mr. Butthole, where is my seat?" Amelda asked calmly.

"Right next to...Anzu Mazaki!"

(Anzu P.O.V.)

Wow, Amelda. I never noticed him before until now. Kaiba was threatening his life...and he just stood there with a smirk on his cute face...CUTE? I said cute? To him? Wait hold the phone why is he walking toward me? OMG can he hear my thoughts? Uh...Oh he's just sitting in the empty chair next to me...NEXT TO ME? Of course. He's looking at me.

"Hey Anzu, you and me haven't met yet. Since we're sitting right next to each other I just had to say something." Amelda told me.

Hey at least he's social. I thought he'd be quiet. Guess I was wrong.

"Oh, well..." Great I have nothing to say. Think Anzu... "I have nothing to say..." Except you're very sexy...

"Oh...well I wouldn't have anything to say to someone who tried to kill me either." He said very casual.

I felt guilty about not saying anything to him. Joey was saying SOMETHING about Amelda. I just knew it! He had something to say about the whole damn world. The teacher was saying something. So I turned to listen.

(Normal P.O.V.)

"Okay class. Today should be fun for some of you...and hell for the rest. By the end of the day you and a partner I chose for you will have a 4 page essay due by the end of this day. It can be about anything. And just to make it even. Each duo will have 4 papers 2 from one and 2 from the other. Both of you must work together as a team. This whole paper is worth a whole grade. So if you don't do it...I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR IN THE SAME GRADE!" Mr Buttocks said

"But what if you don't along with the partner you chose?" Some girl asked.

"You have to learn how...first group...Atemu and Yugi!"

"THANK GOD! I'M NOT WITH ATEMU!" Joey said while dancing.

"Why thank you ever so much!" Atemu said.

"Next..Seto and Joseph..."

"WHAT?" Seto and Joey shouted at the same time.

"KARMA!" Atemu said while trying to imitate Joey's dance.

"First this! Damn if only there were bullets in that water gun..." Kaiba sighed as he banged his head on the table.

After about 3 minutes Mr Buttocks got to the last group on the list.

"Anzu and Tina...hmm, Tina's not here today. Well I guess since I didn't give Amelda a partner, Anzu and Amelda..."