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Chapter 3- Detective or Jail?


Everyone piled into Koenma's office, Gin still in the spirit cuffs. Gin felt horrible, the cuffs drained her of energy the only thing she could do was transform into her demon form, which she had done earlier. Her white ears were held against her head, her tails (2) swished in irritation.

" Gin you do realize what you are being punished for, correct?" Koenma asked, everyone sat in an available seat; Hiei leaned against the wall next to the door.

" Care to remind me?" Gin did remember she just wanted to torment the ruler. Koenma glared at her, pulled out a list and began reading.

" You stole about 120 items from various villages here in the Makai. About 115 of those were fully successful-"

" Fully successful?" Yusuke interrupted.

" Means I only lost about five of the items, due to some injury, but I still wasn't captured. Continue Koenma." Gin was enjoying this.

" You killed 30 bounty hunters, and 8 other thieves. You stole over 200 items from the sacred vault. Including a powerful sword, and powerful armor. You managed to reach the highest levels of the vault and pass all the security." Koenma said.

" How many levels are in the vault?" Kuwabara asked.

" 90. She stole from each level then repeated some to get more items. You also are charged with dealing in the black market, selling to many big business men and mobsters." Koenma finished.

" That's quite an achievement." Kurama said. Hiei looked away from her, as he was staring.

" Thank you Kurama. I take pride in my work. It's hard to out do the greatest thief of all time." Gin said smirking; it took a lot of energy to do so.

" Who would that be?" Hiei asked.

" Youko Kurama of course. Who else?" She said knowing that she would get it later from Hiei. He just glared at her worse than he already was.

" Uh, Kurama do those two have a history?" Yusuke whispered to Kurama.

" Yes, I believe they do, but what happened between them? I couldn't tell you." Kurama replied.

" So Gin you have no choice, you can either be sentenced to death or you can join the boys and work out your sentence on probation." Koenma said she knew what she had to choose.

" I guess... I guess I'll work with them." Gin said slowly. Yusuke undid the cuffs and Gin could feel her energy slowly return to her.

" Your room is upstairs all the way down the hall, on the left." Koenma said. " One of the boys can show you." Gin and the boys left the office.

" So who wants to show me to my lovely abode?" Gin asked the group. They looked at each other, secretly figuring it out. They nodded.

" Hiei will." The three taller boys left the two demons alone in the hallway.

" Come on." He said leading her towards the stairway. It was a silent walk on the way there; only when they got to her room did they speak. " So… why did you do it?" He asked harshly.

" Do what?" She asked, playing innocent.

" You left." He said plainly.

" I should be asking you why you did it. I saw you Hiei. I had told you I could find her without that bloody jagan. But before that you were with another woman Hiei. I'm not stupid."

" Is that why you left?" Hiei said, strangely calm at this point.

" Why do you care?" Gin asked angrily.

" I don't, I'm curious. They're different."

" Yeah, right. Yes it is why I left. And it's not a stupid reason, and I'm not a baka onna for it. I know you as well as I did all those years ago… at least I thought I did." Gin walked into her room ending the conversation/argument.

Gin was fuming. Stupid little youki. No wonder I left. I knew he didn't care anymore. Why wouldn't I leave? I had feelings for him, but it's all changed. He's changed. But for some reason, I feel as though something was wrong. Why would Hiei have been with another woman? It just doesn't feel right. That's not who he is. But it's not like I could ask him what the hell he was thinking! Oh, I need a good night's sleep after wearing those bloody cuffs. Gin flopped onto her very fluffy bed and fell asleep with thoughts of her and Hiei together again in her head.


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