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Cinnamon Floss! (Prima Donna)

Laundry: The Bathroom needs you!

(Your public needs you)

Detergent: Lisa needs you too!

(We need you too!)

Cinna-Floss: Would you not rather have your mouthwash, hmm?

(Would you not rather have your precious little ingénue?)

Detergent: You bet bit-

Laundry: (clamps mouth) Uh, no!

(Signora, no!)

Detergent and Laundry: We both want you!

(The world wants you!)

Detergent and Laundry: Cinnamon Floss you know we all need you!

Listerine, the one who's mean, can take a hike!

Despite you leaving us almost bankrupt

It's still you that we like!

(Prima Donna first lady of the stage!

Your devotees are on their knees to implore you!

Can you bow out when they're shouting your name?

Think of how they all adore you!)

Cinnamon Floss you know that even though

Listerine has curves and lots of nerves she never can

Take your place in the magical bathroom

All will go as to plan!

(Prima Donna enchant us once again

Think of your muse and of the queues round the theatre!

Can you deny us the triumph in store?

Sing, Prima Donna, once more…)

Towel: Listerine spoke of a haircomb…

(Christine spoke of an angel…)

Cinna-Floss: (to herself) Cinnamon Floss you are very sexy!

Look at those buns like two red suns for a booty!

Listerine doesn't stand a chance next to me!

(Prima Donna your song shall live again!

You took a snub but there's a public that needs you!

Think of their cry of undying support!)

Laundry: We get our money

(We get our opera)

Detergent: She gets her revenge

(She gets her limelight)

Cinna-Floss: I hope Towel gives her cooties!

(Follow where the limelight leads you!)

Detergent and Laundry: She has mental problems!

(Leading ladies are a trial!)

Cinna-Floss: Listerine can't really clean as I do

(You'll sing again and to unending ovation!)

Everyone else: Who knows what this mystery person will do

(Bliss or damnation)

Cinna-Floss: Think of how satisfied Lisa will be

Soon she'll be saying "Listerine…who?"

(Think how you'll shine in that final encore!

Sing Prima Donna once more!)

Everyone else: Somebody's wrong in the head!

(See these demands are rejected!)

Detergent and Laundry: Poor clean Listerine

Isn't on the scene anymore

Her name has no more fame

She'll give a great big howl

When all she has is Towel

When will he ever learn?

He cannot be with her!

(Who'd believe a diva

Happy to relieve a chorus girl

Who went and slept with the patron?

Raoul and his soubrette

Entwined in love's duet

Although he may demur

He must have been with her!)

Detergent and Laundry: Somehow I can tell

This all won't end too well

Lisa will rage in fury

We'll all be killed and buried

And never used again

I hope that won't happen!

We're too cute to die!

(You'd never get away

With all this in a play

But if it's loudly sung

And in a foreign tongue

It's just the sort of story

Audiences adore

In fact a perfect opera!)

Detergent and Laundry: Cinnamon Floss it's time for the big show!

Oh, how we hate you, let's decorate you with ugly bows!

(Prima Donna the world is at your feet!

A nation waits, and how it hates to be cheated!)

Cinna-Floss: Oh, I look so good in tacky clothes

With lots of glitter, oh look at how I shimmer!

Listerine won't be a star

I'm shinier by far!

And always will be!

(The stress that falls upon a famous Prima Donna!

Terrible diseases, coughs and colds and sneezes

Still the driest throat

Will reach the highest note

In search of perfect opera!)

Everyone: Precious flower

Get into the shower!

Show us, Cinnamon floss

Your cleaning power!

(Light up that stage

With that age old rapport!

Sing, Prima Donna,

Once more!)

Haircomb: What the fizzle? You shizzlin' biznatches ain't obeying me?

(So, it is to be war between us? If these demands are ignored a disaster beyond your imagination will occur!)

All: Your cleaning power!

(Once more!)