Chapter 1

The path he took to Ritsuka's school was already imprinted in his head, the path that lead him to his sacrifice. Soubi placed his hands in his pockets and continued walking, a smile visible in his face.

"Ritsuka-kun! Wait for me!" yelled Yuiko as she ran faster to catch up with a very anxious Ritsuka.

"Ritsuka-kun, you seem happy today"

"Hm?" Ritsuka stared at her, it seemed he had not heard her approach. Happy? Him, happy? Well, perhaps he was.

Ritsuka looked away and smiled inwardly to himself as he remembered the promise Soubi had made. They were going to go out on a date today. Finally, there was nothing stopping them. Soubi didn't have to be at school, Ritsuka had nothing to do and, best of all, there hadn't been any fighters around to butt in. Today was going to be great and he couldn't wait for it to start. However, he had to admit that he was nervous.

" --and then we can go get ice cream!…Ritsuka-kun?….Ritsuka-kun?" Yuiko stared at him, a little disappointed that he hadn't been paying the slightest bit of attention to her whole plan for the two of them.

"I- what?"

Yuiko sighed "Like I was saying, today we can head over to the--SOUBI-KUN!" Whatever she was about to say got interrupted as Soubi finally showed up in front of the school, where he always waited for Ritsuka.

"Ah, Yuiko-san" Soubi smiled, but his eyes were focused only on Ritsuka. This made Ritsuka blush slightly as he headed over to him.

"Yuiko, sorry, I can't walk home with you today, I have some things to do"

"But I thought that --"

Soubi stared at her and then at Ritsuka and smiled. "Yuiko-san, maybe we'll do something some other day ne?"

Yuiko looked sadly at the ground and then up at Soubi, her expression now filled with happiness. "Promise?"


"Okay. I'll see you too later. Ja-ne!" And with that, Yuiko ran the opposite direction towards home.

Ritsuka, meanwhile was hoping that he hadn't hut Yuiko's feelings. When he finally came back to reality, the silence was absolute. Soubi was looking down at him, a smile on his face. Ritsuka on the other hand looked back and blushed again. He didn't know what to say but that didn't matter, Soubi had grabbed his hand and they were now walking away.

After a couple of moments of silence Ritsuka finally spoke.

"Are you sure you have no plans? Homework?"

Soubi smiled

"No, I do have to do an assignment but that's not due until next week"

"Oh? What do you have to do?"

"A portrait"


"I would like it to be a portrait of you"

Ritsuka stopped for a moment while Soubi kept walking. He wanted him to be in the portrait? And then Ritsuka remembered what Soubi had told him that day in Yuiko's house;

'I'll draw you sometime'

Ritsuka caught up with Soubi but didn't say anything. Soubi seemed to realize this and looked down on him.

"Your answer?"

"…it's fine"

Soubi smiled again and continued walking. Ritsuka had no choice but to follow. After all, it was Soubi who was taking him somewhere. After about five minutes, they were there. Ritsuka's eyes widened. They were in some kind of park or something, but it was like nothing he had ever seen before. There was a bunch of butterflies flying around. He seemed to be absorbed into this, for he let go of Soubi's hand and stepped closer to have a better look.

The huge trees covered most of the ground below, where squirrels and rabbits ran around and ate, there was a particular tree shaped like a 'b' that overlooked a small pond. The sun's rays were beautifully camouflaged with the surroundings. A small, beeping sound distracted him, and he looked down, the light on his cell phone was blinking….red. He opened it and sure enough, it was from Soubi. It read:

Like the view?

The message was so plain and simple…but then he realized why, he had paid no attention to Soubi what so ever since he got there, he was looking at everything so intently. Footsteps were heard close behind him followed by a whisper from Soubi. His lips were so close to Ritsuka's ear, it made him shiver.

"I love you, Ritsuka"

Ritsuka turned around and was face to face with Soubi, they were a little too close…much too close. Ritsuka didn't seem to be able to move, he was rooted at the spot, his eyes staring at the blond's blue eyes and suddenly, everything seemed to vanish as their lips met followed by a long, wanted kiss.


There was a knock, followed by two others, and then the door busted open. A very happy Kio stood there looking everywhere inside.

"Sou-chan! I'm here!….Are?(1)"

Kio inspected the apartment slowly, sure enough there seemed to be no trace of Soubi. He sighed and sat on the bed looking around. At the far corner of the room stood a blank canvas.

"Oh? Sou-chan has another assignment?"

Kio smirked and headed over to it, expecting to find something drawn, there was nothing but a piece of paper;

Due Date- August 1st

Portrait- Human, male or female

Worth 60 of final grade

Kio read the paper again and stared at it in amazement. August 1st was tomorrow. How was Soubi going to finish this thing if he hadn't even started and he wasn't home. He grabbed his cell phone.


Soubi and Ritsuka walked down the street towards Ritsuka's house. The day had indeed been great, even when Soubi had carried Ritsuka and jumped into the lake with him. Ritsuka was now wearing Soubi's coat, which was large on him, but kept him warm.

"Arigatou "

This took Ritsuka by surprise, why was Soubi thanking him? It should be the other way around.

"Soubi, I-"

Soubi placed a slender finger against Ritsuka's lips and smiled "Oyasumi (2)"

He began to walk away and Ritsuka just stared after him, dumbfounded. He looked around and was surprised to see he was already standing in front of his house. He smiled and got in. Avoiding any contact with his mother, he headed to his room and locked the door. There was no way he could go to sleep right now. He sighed happily and threw himself on his bed.


He landed on top of what seemed to be a small, hard object and it was….vibrating? He stood up and looked all over the bed, he was no longer 'feeling' it…and there was no bumps on the bed…he sat down and jumped up again. In the coat! Something in the coat! He reached into the pocket and finally found the thing. It was Soubi's cell phone.


Soubi reached into his pant's pocket and took out his keys. He turned the knob and walked in the dark room. There was something different about it, or something wrong about it…he examined the room closer and just as he flicked the light switch, a figure jumped on him.

"SOU-CHAN! Where have you been? I was so worried!"

"Kio…don't scare me like that. What are you doing here anyway?"

"Came over" Kio answered with a mischievous grin.

"I see that. Anyway, go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed"

"Oh? Can I go to bed too?" he asked with a smirk. He looked straight into Soubi's eyes, his mischievous expression was then replaced by an alarmed one.

"Tonikaku(3) Sou-chan what are you thinking? Leaving an assignment blank when its due date's coming up soon!"

Soubi's eyebrows came together in a confused look. It took him a while to get what he was talking about.

"Oh, that. Don't worry about it I have it all figured out"

"Oh is that so? And tell me, who and when are you going to paint it?"

"I'm painting Ritsuka and it's going to be sometime this week if you must know"

"EHHHHH? Ano GAKI(4)? Why Sou-chan, when you have me here, always"

Soubi sighed "Kio…"

"But, that can't be, sometime this week? The assignment is due tomorrow you know"


"yea, I read it" Kio responded, crossing his arms and signaling towards the paper.

Soubi stared at him before walking towards the paper. His eyes widened. It was tomorrow. What was he going to do? He would have to start on it now if he wanted to finish it in time, and that meant there was no time to sleep tonight. But there was another problem, he couldn't call Ritsuka over here now. It was already 11 pm and he had a curfew. With all this information hitting him like a bullet, Soubi sat on his bed, his head against his hands, thinking.

Kio took a little while to figure it all out and when he did, the smirk on his face would just not go away.

"Oh, Sou-chan…..I can be your model"

Soubi looked up at him in disbelief. He couldn't…he just….but then again, he had no time to waste and Kio was the only person besides himself currently in the room. He sighed again, his face looking dangerously calm.

"Fine, hurry up, I need to start"

Kio remained smirking. "Whatever you say, Sou-chan"


Ritsuka slipped into some comfortable baggy pants and a lose t-shirt and headed out, Soubi's coat and cell phone at hand. He smiled, holding Soubi's coat tightly against his chest. He felt so happy, the day had been great and now he had snuck out without his mother noticing. There was no way, he thought, that Soubi could live without his cell phone. How else were they suppose to keep in touch when they were doing their own thing? Ritsuka was excited to be going to Soubi's and he was happy he would see him again and be alone with him again.

Ritsuka looked up at the sky and began to quicken his pace, it was beginning to rain. It didn't matter, he could already see the steps leading to Soubi's apartment. He smiled.


Grabbing the necessary materials, Soubi began to place everything in the corner of the room where the blank assignment stood. He placed a stool close to the window where he could overlook the couch, the empty couch, Kio seemed to be taking a little longer than necessary. The atmosphere in the room was hot, the air conditioning seemed to be busted so Soubi removed his shirt and went back to sit down and wait for Kio hoping to get everything over with as quickly as possible.

There was something bothering Soubi, he knew he shouldn't be doing this, not Kio anyway. He had a bad feeling about all of this. He sighed and looked up, away from the canvas and there he was. Kio's naked figure was laying down sideways on the couch, facing Soubi and smirking. For a moment, Soubi just stared at him. He had to admit that Kio's figure was unique, his light skin seemed to glow in the dark, every-part-of-his-body.

Kio, realizing that Soubi was staring at him, smirked again, his expression seemed to reflect some kind of triumph, like if he had won a humongous prize. Soubi looked at Kio's face and his mind came back to reality. He looked away and walked towards his bed, removing a large blanket. He then walked back and placed in on the bottom half of Kio's body to cover him up. Kio looked at the blanket, then at Soubi and frowned.

"I don't need this"

"I know, but keep it on" replied Soubi in his normal, calm voice as he walked back to the stool.

"Come on Sou-chan!" whined Kio as he threw the blanket on the ground and resumed his smirking.

Soubi glared at him. "Kio, I told you to keep it on"

"Put it back on me then" replied Kio with a venomous tone.

Soubi walked back and grabbed the fallen blanket, and after that, everything happened too fast. He slipped on part of the blanket and landed fully on top of Kio's naked body, the impact of the fall causing Soubi to place his hands out in front of him for support. Unfortunately, his hands pinned the other's hands over Kio's head and right then, a small, almost terrified voice came from somewhere in the room.


Soubi abruptly turned to look who it was and his eyes widened in shock as he looked at the shocked face of Ritsuka by the front door.

Ritsuka's face seemed to tremble and his lips would not move.

Soubi was just, speechless.

Kio, however, smirked and moved his bare body closer to Soubi's bare chest.

Ritsuka's involuntarily dropped Soubi's belongings and a small, silent tear rolled down his face. He didn't want to be here, he didn't want to see him ever, how could he? How could he? And with his mind filled with different unexplainable emotions, he turned and ran out, not caring where he was going.


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(1)Are- huh?

(2)Oyasumi- Night

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