Yuuri sighed again in relief that, contrary to his fears, nobody had tried to force him into a wedding dress, like his mother surely would have. The worst struggle had in fact, been to convince Günter that he wouldn't be wearing his school uniform for the ceremony.
Even if he had accepted that he'd probably be stuck dressing like a high school student for the rest of his life in New Makoku, he was definitely sure he didn't want to wear it on his wedding day. Finally, the advisor had conceded, that while the tuxedo Yuuri had suggested lacked style, the Earth garment was mostly black and was therefore quite appropriate to the occasion.

Yuuri looked up from fidgeting with his tie as there was a soft knock on the door.

"Yes?" he called uncertainly and the door opened to admit a smiling Conrad.

"You look good, your Majesty."

"Yuuri." The black haired boy corrected and turned to the mirror, resuming his efforts to produce a proper bow. "I told you, it's Yuuri. We're family, remember?"

"Of course." The older man replied and watched the young Maou's struggle. "Would you like help with that, yo... Yuuri?"

"Please." he sighed gratefully, allowing Conrad to set to work.

An unfocussed expression appeared on his features when he thought how Wolfram would have reacted, if he found out that his wimp of a fiancé couldn't even get himself dressed properly.

"Who'd have thought, I'd be looking forward to this, when I proposed to him?" He said quietly, blushing noticeably as certain images flashed across his mind.
"I still believe he deserved that slap, though." Yuuri grinned fondly.

Quite suddenly, however, he returned to the present: "What are you doing here, though? I thought you were in the great hall, getting everything ready for the ceremony?"

"I just came to offer some advice about my brother."

"What kind of advice?" the younger asked, nonplussed.

Conrad looked up for a moment and Yuuri felt like scooting back several inches as he detected the hint of steel in the man's eyes. "I would have you make sure you don't ever hurt Wolfram or you will very much regret it."

"C-Conrad . . ." Yuuri stammered uncertainly "You – you wouldn't...?"

"Oh, I would never harm your Majesty." Conrad smiled warmly. "Wolfram however is quite capable of doing that by himself. And I'm sure you would rather not have me stand guard over you in your bed chambers ..."

With a wink the tall knight bowed and left, leaving behind a totally flustered Maou, with a perfectly tied bow.