Cold As Ice

Author's Note: This is my first Danny Phantom fiction. I hope you all like it. For the action fans, you got it good. For the fluff fans, you got plenty of that too. By the way, Danny Phantom was created by Butch Hartman and is owned by him and Nickelodeon and anyone else who has the legal rights on file somewhere.

Two Long Years

"I am the Box Ghost! Ruler of all things three-dimensional and square! Also rectangular! Although I much prefer –"

"Ah, jeez, give it a rest already," Danny said, rolling his eyes and blasting an ectoplasm ray at the Box Ghost.

He tumbled through the air before righting himself and crying dramatically, "I, the Box Ghost, do not fear the ghost boy, but I shall flee to fight for another day!" He stayed in the spot for a few seconds staring at Danny before crying, "Beware!" and speeding off to pester some poor human moving into a house.

Danny sighed and flew back down to the alley where Sam and Tucker were waiting. "I really didn't have time for him," he said. "I still haven't even finished packing. And we're leaving in an hour."

"If it makes you feel any better," Tucker said smiling, "I packed two days ago!"

"Thanks, Tuck," Danny said with mock gratefulness. "That helps. A lot."

"Come on," said Sam, dusting off some dust from her skirt. "We'll help you finish. Our stuff is already there anyway."

Danny took a hold of Sam and Tucker's hands and lifted them into the air, turning them invisible and flying towards his house. It had been a long time since he'd acquired his powers in the summer before freshman year, and he'd gotten a lot better with his powers. He still hadn't seemed to capture the Box Ghost, however. For an idiot, he was very slippery. Now he was sixteen, and with the newfound abilities of normal sixteen-year-old boys, he had a car. Not the best car, but it was still a car. Sure, he could fly, but it was still a car. Car. And with this car came driving to distant places.

Mountain resorts, for instance.

They neared the house and Danny pulled his friends through the wall and into his room. He set them down and turned back into a human. His hair was a little longer than it used to be, but just as messy. He wore a mostly white tee shirt with a black and red Linkin Park logo, along with slightly worn blue jeans and black and red shoes. Sam had influenced him just a tad. Tucker's style hadn't changed much, but it was less geeky with an orange hoodie and khaki pants. He still wore his glasses and beanie. Sam still had to Goth thing going for her, only more sophisticated. She let her hair grow to her shoulders, and she wore a black long-sleeve shirt beneath her purple cami.

Sam looked around with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, when you said you hadn't finished packing, I didn't figure it was this bad." The room was worse than bad. Pretty much the entire floor was covered in clothes he'd thrown around trying to decide what to pack. Sam tried not to spot the boxers lying in random places. "This needs a woman's touch."

"Since when did you have the woman's touch?" asked Tucker, genuinely curious.

"Since I was given two X chromosomes through a process you're too young to know about," she retorted, throwing one of Danny's shirts into his suitcase. "It's an automatic thing. Danny, help me, these are your clothes in the first place."

"Come on, Sam, it's my birthday," he whined, laying down on his bed smiling. "Just do me a favor."

"Your birthday was two days ago."


Sam smiled mischievously as she spotted something on the floor. "I'll just pack these, then," she said, holding up an unopened pack of childish Spongebob briefs she found. Tucker covered his mouth to try and hide his laughter, but he failed horribly. The sound triggered Danny to sit up and when he saw Sam happily packing the underwear, he dove for the package, throwing it into the open closet.

"My mom bought those like, last year," he mumbled, blushing furiously and glaring at Tucker, who was now on the floor laughing. Sam giggled, receiving an accusatory glance from Danny. "What?" she asked. "I'm laughing at him, not you."

He sighed and nudged Tucker with his foot before moving back to his suitcase to pack with Sam. They were staying for ten days in a pretty cold area, so by the time they were through ten minutes later the suitcase was full to capacity. Also, Tucker had calmed down and was busy sifting through his PDA files as Danny forced the zipper to close the last two inches.

"Here's a fun fact," he said suddenly. "Tomorrow's the two year anniversary of you getting your ghost powers."

"It is?" Danny asked, taking the PDA from him and looking at the calendar. "You actually programmed that day in here?"

"It's been two years?" asked Sam. "Wow, we should celebrate when we get to the resort."

Danny looked at her curiously. "Why?"

"Oh, come on Danny," she said, "think of how far you've gotten since then. Think of all the things you can do now that you couldn't do when you started out. You can duplicate yourself without even trying hard now, you fly faster, and you're almost at Plasmius's level now." Danny gave her a dark look before she realized the last part was barely a compliment.

"And you've kicked ghost butt two hundred and eighty-four times now," Tucker added. At the looks from the others, he pointed to the PDA. "It keeps count."

Danny smiled. "Thanks, guys, but this already kind of is a celebration. We'll just throw in 'Anniversary' along with 'Happy Birthday'."

From below the floor came Danny's mother's voice. "Kids, come down and eat lunch before you go!" The three of them grasped their suitcases and left the less disastrous, though still messy room.

On the way down the stairs, Sam looked to Danny. "Hey… Danny?" He looked up at her. "What are we going to do while we're at the resort? About the ghosts, I mean."

"Sam," he whispered back, "this is vacation. I'm sure Amity can survive ten days without Danny Phantom."

"Yeah, Sam, lighten up," Tucker said from behind them. "We're going to have a ton of fun. Even though it's summer, it's so far north that the cold keeps the powder right for skiing."

Losing track of what they were saying, Danny looked at the steps he was walking down thoughtfully. Two years… had it really only been that long? Looking back on his human life, two years really did seem like a short time, but through Danny Phantom's eyes he felt much older than sixteen. Sam was right, he was getting up to Plasmius's level. Why'd he glare at her for saying that? It was true, and it was really a good thing. He was amazed that, through all the battles he'd had, that he was still sane. He had Sam and Tuck to thank for that, of course, and maybe in some small way…

Two arms grabbed him from behind when he reached the first floor. "I'm going to miss you so much!" said Jazz. "By the time you're back, I'll be unpacking my things in my dorm room in Florida."

Danny smiled slightly. "And you couldn't be happier, could you?"

"I'm finally getting out of this crazy town!" she exclaimed, letting go of him and walking with the three of them to the kitchen. "Not to mention this crazy hou-… oh, hi Daddy!" she said sweetly as Jack and Maddie came in, Jack holding some small technical device like he usually was. No one asked.

"Now, Danny," said Maddie, sitting a plate of sandwiches in front of them, "you need to promise me that the three of you won't get into any trouble at the resort."

"And by trouble," interrupted Jack, "she means messing with girls."

"I know the lack of authority will make you want to do some crazy things…"

"With girls."

"But don't think we won't drive up there and take you home."

"Away from girls!"

"Jack!" she said malevolently, shutting him up.

"I'd be more worried about one particular girl if I were you," Jazz said to Jack, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Sam and Danny.

Both of them sighed loudly and suddenly looked very angry. "It's not like I'd do anything to Sam," Danny said loudly.

"It's not like I'd let him," Sam added.

Jazz smiled wisely. "Of course you won't. Your just a few teenagers in a romantic resort, alone, and you happen to be opposite genders."

Tucker coughed. "Hello? I'm going to. No one's worried about what I'll do?" Silence. "Right, then."

"Look," said Danny, "for two years everyone's been thinking we're together. We're not. Is that not clear?"

"Don't you take that tone, mister, we can always take the car back," Jack said. After a few moments of Danny pleading to keep his car, they looked at the clock and noticed it was five minutes until they had to leave. They grabbed their suitcases and went outside to pack them in the back of the car. Danny checked his pockets for his wallet and reservation, then, with a last good-bye to his parents, got in the car and drove away for the highway.

"Finally, I am alone with my precious boxes to unleash… their power!" the Box Ghost cried, floating along in a storage room in the back of Amity Art History Mueseum. He sifted through the many boxes, tossing most of them to the side. "Where is a box that contains something I can use?" he cried dramatically as he reached the dusty back corner.

A filth covered chest was rested on the floor in the corner. A sign read By Order of the A.A.H.M. Do Not Open. Dangerous Contents Within.

"Dangerous contents?" he cried in joy. He blew the dust away from the chest to reveal that it was beautifully decorated with elaborate etchings and gems encrusted along the sides. The ghost blasted open the locks and looked inside. He was pushed away by an invisible force and a shadow was cast over the already dimly lit room. He looked up and in fright cried, "Beware!" and flew for the door.

Author's Note: Hope you like it. I'm working on the second chapter now. In it, they'll just be driving there and checking in and looking around. Until then, review please!