Important Note (09/14/2011): So, I started writing this thing back in '05 and it's safe to say my writing back then wasn't the all. I wince upon looking at this story and my other old writings. Ah, yes, the point? I'm rewritting/re-editing finally all the chapters. It might take awhile considering the length but I am doing it. In the meanwhile, sorry about the craptacular first few chapters.

Black Blood

Many centuries ago a powerful, dashing, dark, vampire lord ruled the region. He had long silver hair like snow and eyes of amber like a wolf's. Raspberry colored stripes, two on each of his cheek, and two on his wrists. A dark, blue crescent moon on his forehead as well. His features boring coldness and callous. They called him 'the ruler of the night'.

He was unstoppable and known as Lord Sesshomaru of the Western lands.

The perfect killer, lord of the West, ruler of vampires.

Ancestors fought against him many times hoping to win but to no avail. That was until the powerful priestess Midoriko sealed him with some prayer beads in a coffin. His own bedding to be his eternal hell but before he was sealed he threatened to return and bring chaos on the lands again.

His undying promise, threat, warning.

Too bad no one paid head to his promise seeing it as a silly threat. It was finally peaceful and the villagers moved on and lived happily. For times the tale of the dark lord was foretold as a fairy tale but some tales aren't forgotten for long.

Nothing gets left behind or forgotten for so long. They come back with an even more haunting past; with so much violence and deep inner darkness hidden.

One girl, the new withholder of the dark secret arrives. Apocalypse riding on her shoulders. Stories foretold this event just as Sesshomaru stated. Just as the legends states she would be the one the rule the dark lord's heart. Doing so her own living soul will become corrupted by him. His heart's desires would become her own.

Though with the two combined they would make an unstoppable team for a greater evil that arises. If they shall follow.

"Kagome dear, are you okay?"

A young girl of the age of seventeen turned around facing her mother. Her ebony strands of hair blew along the air as her cinnamon brown eyes shined with innocence, and bravery. Her face was perfectly oval like and her light complexion was that of a china doll. Her nice, slim figure was in a priestess outfit that consisted of a white gi and red hakama.


She looked across the lands as they wind blew the rustled grass and tree branches as echoes were heard.

"Today is your eighteenth birthday Kagome, you are considered a woman now."

"I know…I'm going to check the lands." Kagome nodded grabbing her bow and arrows.

Her guardian watched the grown priestess. The woman had been watching over Kagome since the tragic death of all her other family members. She was one of the last priestess' alive. It was a big burden for such a young girl yes, but she was destined to follow the path of her ancestors.

'Midoriko lives within you Kagome…seek your inner powers and you shall find your answers….'

Kagome walked the lands as she wore the sacred Shikon no tama around her neck on a shelled necklace. It gleamed by the sun as she glanced around wary. She was entrusted to protect the jewel like her past ancestors. It drawed all evilness to it in hopes to make their desires come true with the jewel's power.


She looked up to see a young girl running towards her holding up her kimono above her legs to run in it. She had long raven colored hair with brown eyes as her face enlightened innocence and kindness.

"Yes, Rin?" Kagome asked kindly.

Rin was a young villager around the age of fourteen and currently guarded by Kagome and her family after the decease of her parents. Her eyes were wide and childlike in their dark wood color along with the ever developing oval face. She tossed her hair slightly back as the long raven strands fell in place behind.

"There is a demon at our village and I seek for your aid." Rin answered.

"Of course."

Kagome followed Rin to the village as a huge centipede demon prowled the land crashing down the villages with its long tail. It seemed to be a mistress centipede.

"Sacred jewel…" It hissed as the villagers ran screaming.

Kagome aimed her bow and arrow holding back the arrow as she released it. The arrow zoomed through the air surrounded by holy power. It blasted the centipede's stomach making a hole as it growled charging at Kagome. She quickly aimed another arrow releasing it and ducking out of the way as the centipede swung its long body. It gave a cry and charged again as Kagome looked up then seconds late. She gave a low gasp but then a wolf demon arrived and grabbed her dragging her to safety.

"Kouga-kun? Why are you here?" Kagome asked.

"What else Kagome, to claim you as my mate." He grinned.

He was leader of the wolf tribe and met Kagome a while back. Immediately when he found out her abilities he wanted her. So occasionally he would pop out of nowhere. Persistent he was. Kagome wasn't one to be attracted to any man that just wanted her for her abilities, however. To her a relationship had to be more than just for gain.

"Not the best time." Kagome gave a sigh turning back to the centipede.

She aimed another arrow and launched it as the demon fell, then got up running off.

"Oh no you don't!" Kagome exclaimed running after it.

"Kagome!" Kouga called.

He was about to run after her but Rin grabbed his arm trying to drag him away.

"Lady Kagome needs her privacy to slay that demon."

Kouga gave a sheepish grin as he ran off in the opposite direction. Rin just shook her head walking to help the villagers. She would never understand men.

Kagome ran down the grounds as the wind blew her loose hair back. She panted a bit taking deep breaths as she clenched her bow. The centipede was running as fast as it could down the path. It seemed to narrow towards a dark cave.

Kagome quickly aimed another bow and arrow as she released it. The arrow launched towards the centipede shinning as it blasted it. The demon's blood squirted out as it screeched a bit before it's flesh vanished leaving its bones.

Wiping some sweat off her forehead, Kagome headed towards the place where the demon laid. She saw its bones and gave a frown. That's when the dark cave ahead caught her gaze. It was burrowed into the walls almost manmade. It was dark inside except the illuminate of a torch inside which hung on the wall. She felt an eerie feeling from being in it.

Kagome walked inside it placing her bow and arrows on her shoulder as she grabbed the torch holding it. Something about the cave drew her into it. Calling her inside. Her footsteps were heard lightly as the darkness surrounded her. Echoes were heard throughout the cave as she felt a slight shiver. Whether it was from the cold chill or something else. The flames of the torch lit the pathway as she walked down a long pathway. Her eyes searched the area. The area seemed familiar. Maybe it was her ancestor's sacred grounds.

One last step took her to arrive at a widened area. There was an open room almost as there were prayer beads set up around. Kagome felt a dark aura and knew it must be from the deceased. She could always apprehend anyone's emotional and mental state. She was after all an empath as well as a priestess.

Only one chosen child was gifted with this ability. As fate would foresee, Higurashi Kagome was that chosen child.

Kagome walked towards the dark aura as she stood in front of a coffin. It was black colored and made of smooth hardwood. Her hand slid against it's surface feeling the cold wood under her palm. She spotted a lock then on the coffin as she kneeled down towards it.

"It's locked? Could there be something in it?" She thought out loud.

Curiosity got to her as she held the lock trying to open it. She was not aware of all the ancient markings and warnings stoned on its surface against it.

Her fingers held the top of the lock as it was held tightly in place. A simple tuck and then it suddenly opened. Kagome gasped as she took out the lock stunned. She had unlocked it. She stood up observing the coffin then as she noticed the webs. It must have been here quite a while she judged.

Her hands lifted the top of the coffin to the side as she glanced inside. A low gasp escaped her throat.

Inside was a man or what seemed to be a man. His long sliver hair laid out perfectly as his face was in a peaceful, dreamy yet cold state. His eyelashes were closed as his wardrobe was a black gi and hakama with a cape and some chains. Around his neck was a set of blue prayer beads. His ears were pointed like elves almost and his nails were long and untrimmed. His raspberry stripes stood out along with his blue crescent moon on his forehead.

'He's dashing…' Kagome thought with her eyes widening.

'But why is he in a coffin?'

Kagome then noticed some markings on the inside of the coffin top as she touched them reading them. Her eyes widening after reading it.

The dark lord lays here in this bedding. For he who shall unseal him shall bring destruction on the lands as he once again will rule. Only the chosen one may unlock him but legends would foresee her as his. His territory, his property, his mate.

Kagome gave a loud gasp covering her mouth with her hand as there was then a shifting sound. She looked down inside the coffin to see amber eyes staring at her. Cold, ruthless, merciless, evil, eyes. His eyes.

Sesshomaru had opened his eyes to stare into the eyes of cinnamon brown. They were so innocent, and sweet, it stunned him a bit. It seemed to be a girl who had unsealed him. How could she?

He sat up trying to get up as Kagome backed off scared. He was alive? Sesshomaru got out of the coffin approaching her slowly intrigued. The girl was giving off a bright aura as he felt a familiar presence. It was that of Midoriko's. The priestess that sealed him in that coffin for ages. In a flash he had pinned Kagome against the wall holding her throat in his grip, and she gasped for air squinting her eyes in pain. Kagome saw his eyes flash with anger as he gave a growl.

"Looks like your plan failed Midoriko…" He commented with his voice cold and smooth like a blade.

'Midoriko? He thinks I'm her.' Kagome thought holding his arm on her throat.

She was paling a bit as she tried to get some air. Her hands pushed at his arms trying to get away but his grip was too strong. A cough was stuck in her throat as she started to gasp kicking around a bit. Sesshomaru didn't move as his expression stayed cold. He didn't seem at all fazed by the idea that he was killing her.

"Not…Mi…doriko…" Kagome wheezed.

Sesshomaru didn't believe her words as he narrowed his eyes. His grip strengthen a bit as he felt her going a bit limp. Suddenly she was surrounded by a bright aura and his strength loosen. He felt his body go rigid and he then backed off alarmed.

Kagome fell to her knees gasping for air as she took deep pants. Her face regaining its usual color as she shook a bit. The oxygen finally returning to her body. She had thought she was a goner.

"You're an empath…" Sesshomaru stated coldly.

"A wha?"

"You can apprehend a being's emotional and mental's a exquisite ability." He added.

"You're that dark lord that my ancestors spoke of correct?" Kagome questioned standing to her feet. Her fingers absently rubbing her neck were she felt the throbbing pain of where he had held her in his grasp.

Sesshomaru said nothing and ignored her question as he walked to his coffin gazing at it. His fingers touched the top of it as his expression hardened a bit.

"How is it that a mere half human unlocked me." He questioned more to himself than her.

"Half human? I'm not half human!" Kagome exclaimed.

The nerve of him. As if she was some kind of not human.

"You are half empath, half dark, therefore you are half." He retorted.

Kagome gave a noise of disagreement as she searched for her arrows. She found them piled against the wall as her eyes connected with them.

"They won't work mortal." Sesshomaru commented.


"Your arrows have no affect on me." He remarked reading the markings on the coffin.

"Yeah right…" Kagome remarked creeping towards the exit.

She had to warn the villagers. She was so stupid for what she had done. Unlocking the dark lord upon the region once more, and when Midoriko was deceased. Nothing could stop his evil rampage.

"So, according to this you belong to me mortal." He almost smirked.

Kagome felt chills as she ran away from the cave. Her footsteps were heard pacing as she breathed heavily running towards the opening. Just when she reached the outside she screamed seeing Sesshomaru standing there giving a bored look almost. He was fast. Too fast. Why hadn't she thought about the fact that he just might be? Now he definitely was going to hurt her.

"H-h-how did you?" Kagome stammered.

Sesshomaru walked towards her towering her small stature as her eyes widened. Grabbing both of her wrists in his one hand he forced her against the cave walls. She gave a yelp as the cave walls scratched her back painfully. Her wrists held in place above her head as she chilled staring into his amber eyes. They seemed to flash with something else for a second before turning cold.

"I have no desire towards you human, but I do have control over what belongs to me. This includes you." He muttered closely to her face.

"I-I belong to no one you demon! And the names Kagome!" Kagome exclaimed indignant.

"I am a dark lord, not a demon." Sesshomaru corrected.

"Like a vampire?"


"Uh….y-you aren't.."

"No, I'm not going to feed on you. I require tastier blood than that of a mere half human." Sesshomaru stated disgusted by the mere thought.

"Chu…whatever." Kagome remarked clucking her tongue.

"But you do belong to me so I will keep you around." He added.


"You unsealed me, your powers must be of greater terms. Only that other priestess was able to seal me so you must be of family to her."

"Midoriko was my ancestor…but that doesn't mean I belong to you!" Kagome exclaimed angry.

"Actually it does, she sealed me so as her blood I'm going to have you." He avowed narrowing the gap between them.

Kagome held her breath as she felt something rough, yet smooth come across her neck sliding down it and up. She gasped as his tongue on her skin made her skin quiver with a strange feeling. It was wet, warm and soft surprisingly. He pulled away from her neck licking his lips before giving his usual cold stare.

"Now my scent is on you so no demon shall be able to approach you without my consent." He said huskily.

"You…I hate you! You mated me!" Kagome outraged.

"No, it is a step of courting human. I only want to make sure my territory belongs to me."

"I don't belong to you!" Kagome yelled.

"Hm." Sesshomaru commented backing away from her.

He started to walk away as Kagome ran in front of him giving a determined look. He could see the flames burning in her eyes. She was a spitfire alright.

"I won't allow anyone attack the village, demon or not!" She declared.

"I have no desire to attack your feeble village."

"Then what do you want?" Kagome asked but then blushed hearing how bad that sounded.

Sesshomaru only gave a slight smirk as he saw her modesty to blush from the question. Something drew him to the human girl somehow. Whether it was the fact that she unlocked him, her powers, or his animal instincts that wanted to make him claim her. She was a beauty after all. Her ebony hair, the innocent eyes and woman figure. He was surprised such a young girl could be alone like this but that mattered not to him. Sesshomaru closed his eyes blocking the indecent thoughts as he looked towards her then as she watched with a clueless look.

"I wish to finish something I left undone." He answered.

"Like conquering the world." Kagome rolled her eyes sarcastic.

"No, I don't have to explain myself to you though human." He commented walking away again.

Kagome stood in her same spot as she saw him then stop to face her. Almost urging her to come along. She felt lured to him in some way. If it was from his good looks, powers, or evilness. Desires took her heart towards him; pulling her to him.

"I belong to no one." Kagome replied walking ahead of him.

She had to watch him, he was after all a threat to mankind. She convinced herself that she was doing this to watch him. Even though it was really because she was attracted to him. Like two magnets together.

"We shall see indeed." Sesshomaru commented giving a small smirk before following her.