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Kagome gave a small moan as her fingers clung onto the silky almost pale skin of the man on top of her. She could feel the sweat beaded between their bodies. Her long limbs were wrapped around his slender waist through his movements. Her chocolate brown eyes watched dazedly the way his well built muscles flexed in his thrusts. It was almost hypnotic. She closed her eyes with a sigh then and pressed her body close to his resting her chin on his shoulder. He was almost always gentle when making love. Deep down it irritated her because it had been months and he had yet to tell her he loved her. Months! Of course, maybe that didn't matter. She could feel it. She could feel his love in these moments. Maybe it was the soft, gentle way his fingers examined her body trying to get her pleasure foremost. And those eyes…


Those wonderful amber eyes of his were always gentle and she could see and sense the emotions erupt from them.

Kagome's pushed herself back allowing her fingers to absently trail down his built chest. Her eyes wandered down lower to his stomach and lower until she heard his chuckle. He had stopped his movements as well. She flushed brightly and raised her eyes to meet his. They glinted in amusement.

"After all the times you've seen me naked you still act as if you've never had." Sesshomaru murmured.

Kagome blushed and pouted her lips cutely. "So? You never complain. Ever."

He smirked, "Hm...that's right."

"No more talking." She ordered wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing it down to be able to kiss him.

That was another thing. His kisses always took her breath away. She felt him respond to the kiss. His lips moving over hers almost experienced. His teeth grazed her lower lip making her lips part as it swept into her open mouth. It rubbed against her tongue and explored the caverns of her warm mouth. Kagome was so distracted by the kiss that she didn't notice his actions until she felt his hand in between her upper thighs; teasing and touching. She gasped and pulled back with a small squeal of surprise. Sesshomaru sighed and rolled his eyes. She was acting like a virgin still. Not that he minded that much. Still…


"You surprised me. You're so touchy. Literally."

Sesshomaru snorted, "And you're untouchable. Remember how you fainted the first night when I barely pushed—"

"Lalala! I'm not listening!" Kagome exclaimed covering her ears blushing brightly as to prevent herself further embarrassment. She remembered all too clearly that night. God forbid he has to mention it again.

"Let me guess, 'No more talking?'" Sesshomaru quoted her previous words mockingly.

She frowned at his tone. She should have just pushed him back and left him sexual frustrated. The idea was all too tempting. However, that would leave her the same seeing as right now she couldn't stop thinking about how his fingers had just felt a few seconds ago. And that was just his fingers.


"Very well." He murmured huskily.

And there was no more talking between them in the small cabin.

Kagome's eyes drifted open upon hearing shuffling sounds. She moaned slightly and turned to her side to see Sesshomaru up and getting dressed in his clothes. It consisted of a black gi and hakama with red markings and designs embedded on the material. She saw him place his trusted Tokijin around his waist securely. His eyes darted over to her and she flashed him a small smile.

"You always are an early bird."

Sesshomaru smirked in response and drew his attention outside. The sun was bright in the sky and the sounds of birds chirping was heard. It was quiet for a few seconds until the sounds of bickering was heard outside the cabin walls nearby.

"I said no! N-o!" Sango hissed with her Hirakotsu in front of her as if to use to ward off.

"Oh come on Sango…who cares if anyone sees." Miroku urged with a wicked grin approaching her.

Sango's cheeks burned as she took a few steps back. "No!"

Miroku made an attempt to tackle her but was grabbed by the back collar of his outfit almost strangling him in the process. He chocked a breath and stopped in his tracks as Inuyasha held him in place.

"Back the fuck off perverted vampire. She said no." Inuyasha grumbled.

He was tired of having to hear their bickering already. Enough was enough.

The silver haired half vampire released his hold and Miroku winced rubbing a hand to his neck. "Party pooper." He whined childishly.

Kagome quickly pushed the covers of the futon aside and dressed herself in a kimono. It was a lovely blue colored one with white swirls and butterflies printed on the material as well as a beautiful bow around the waist. Sesshomaru had gotten it for her as a gift. He normally always did buy her little trifles. She slipped on her sandals and opened the doors heading out of the cabin to her other companions. Their eyes darted to her noticing the glow on her face. It was the glow of a girl in love.

"Hey guys." She greeted cheerfully patting a hand to her kimono as if to wipe away wrinkles.

"Feh. Morning."

"Morning dear Kagome, might I add you look—ow—radiant." Miroku rubbed a hand to his head where Sango had smacked him.

"Morning." Sango added crossing her arms and giving a glare at her lover. He still was a terrible flirt but at least he kept his hands to himself—or at least to himself and her. He really couldn't keep his hands off of her.

Kagome's eyes darted to Inuyasha who met hers as well. A look of understanding flashed in their eyes.

"You're leaving right Inuyasha?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah," He answered back with a brief nod.

"Whaaatt?!" Sango, Miroku and Shippo exclaimed out in surprise.

Sesshomaru for the most part closed his eyes and was quiet. It was as if he already knew this was going to happen and he probably did. He and Inuyasha were brothers after all. There was some underlying bond between them albeit they would never admit to him.

Inuyasha ignored their exclamations and kept his attention on Kagome. The sense of longing was still between them. She could feel it between them but she knew where they stood. The two were just merely friends that couldn't help but be somewhat attracted to one another. He loved Kikyo still, and she loved Sesshomaru. That was all.

"I could use the alone traveling." Inuyasha added dully.

Shippo immediately jumped on his shoulder proudly. "Not if I can help it! I'm going too!"

Inuyasha snorted and grabbed the little fox demon by the shirt and dropped him on the floor cruelly. "No way twerp."

"Am too! Am too! Kagome order him to let me come!" Shippo whined to Kagome.

The priestess laughed freely and allowed a smile to come across her lips. "Inuyasha, let him come. For me?"

He grumbled under his breath, "Whatever. Hurry up and pack your shit kid."

Shippo grinned and dashed away to get some things packed up. Inuyasha lowered his eyelids in a bored stare before turning his attention back to Kagome.

"I guess….this is goodbye then." Kagome whispered feeling her voice go weak.

She didn't want to say goodbye to Inuyasha. They had a bond albeit it wasn't as strong as hers and Sesshomaru, it was a bond nonetheless. She could feel the sadness creep up in her and the pricking feeling of tears welling in her eyes. She couldn't ask him to stay though. It wouldn't be fair to him.

Inuyasha's expression softened from his scoff. "Right."

Kagome made the move first in letting her body fall into his arms. He wrapped them around her body gently as if she would break if he wasn't careful. She swallowed back the tears closing her eyes and enjoying the embrace. He released her then and stepped back with a small smirk in place.

"I'm out then. Don't look for me."

And with that he was gone with Shippo running after him in place.

"You guys are leaving too?"

"Yeah, we figured we should do our own thing like Inuyasha. As well as a few other unmentionables…" A hand went across a rear in emphasis to his words. The sound of a slap was heard as Miroku lay on the floor. Sango was flushing but her expression displayed her irritation.

"I bet." Kagome remarked playfully with a nervous laugh.

Sango smiled and the two hugged. "You were always like a sister to me Kagome. One I never had."

Kagome bit on her lower lip trying not to cry. It would make things even more hard. All of them were leaving. Her family was leaving. She shut those thoughts down and pulled away with a smile.

"You are my sister Sango."

Not by blood but by bond they were sisters.

The moment was interrupted when arms wrapped out the two necks by a lecherous vampire. Miroku grinned back at the two cheekily and almost suggestively. "I feel left out. Group hug?"

Sango and Kagome gave him a blank stare knowing his full intentions. "No."

And they pulled away walking away to leave him alone.

"You two wound me so." Miroku whined feigning hurt.

The two couldn't help but giggle.

Kagome sighed and looked out the window absently. The sun was lowering in the sky now. The voices of her companions gone, leaving only her and Sesshomaru. She sighed and ran her hand absently on the wood of the window sill. She heard rustling behind her and felt Sesshomaru presence besides her looking outside as well. She looked up at him and noticed his intent stare.

"You don't have to hold it in anymore. They're gone." Sesshomaru commented.

It was then that Kagome broke down. She wailed and sobbed at the sadness of having to say goodbye to her friends. Sesshomaru held her to his chest through her crying. His fingers silently ran through her long raven tresses. Kagome lost track of how many hours they were like this. It felt peaceful just being in his embrace; as if things were going to be okay. She had finally stopped crying and wiped her tears on his sleeves.


She smiled, "Yes…thanks."

Sesshomaru gave her a rare smile. She ran her fingers on the material of silk on his shoulders absently.

"Do you love me?" She asked.

His expression turned to that of a grimace then. She knew he hated talking about feelings. He knew it, she knew it—so why did she ask? Oh right, because women had to hear things like that. Sesshomaru sighed in response.


"I want to hear it." She pouted her cherry like lips.

They looked all too luscious right now. Just one taste was never enough for him.

God, how did he allow himself to become so involved with a mere human girl?

He felt her fingers slip in his shirt teasing the bare muscles of his chest going lower and lower. When her slender fingers reached the ties of hakama and near his lower body, he stiffened in response.

Ah…that's why.

Sesshomaru growled and grabbed her wrists narrowing his eyes down at her. She merely fluttered her eyelids as if seductively and licked her lips. The action made her lips glisten teasingly. She was teasing him. She knew she had the upper hand at the moment and was using it to her advantage.

"You're no fun." She murmured.

Where had she gained the confidence for all this? Even she didn't know at the moment. Maybe after months she finally had it.

He sighed knowing where this was heading. Until he went with her request, she was going to leave him sexually frustrated. She was that predictable. He was already feeling the strain too. The two didn't notice that their steps were going further and further near the bed until the futon ends met with the back of Kagome's feet. She fluttered her eyelids again and Sesshomaru groaned silently to himself. Curse her.

"Ask me again."

Kagome gave a small grin, "Do you love me?"

"I do."

She didn't even notice her body pushed backwards onto the bed too caught up in the moment. All she knew was that her heart was racing with the truth in his words.

He said it...he said it!

Sesshomaru's lips on her neck as well as his cool fingers slipping her kimono open brought her back to reality.


She'd think about that later. Much later.

Inuyasha ran a few fingers in his silver locks of hair. His bangs fell back in place over his eyes as he trailed his eyes absently on the geishas that danced on a show for the other men in the room. Their movements were graceful as they twirled and moved smoothly with their colorful fans and beautifully designed kimono. He glanced up uninterested at one of the geisha that poured him sake in his cup. He caught a glimpse of her pale, soft like skin as she flicked up her wrist to pour the pot in his cup. A technique the geisha were taught in serving their customers.

"Thanks," Inuyasha muttered almost gruffly.

He had left Shippo back at their rented room seeing as he wanted his space. Was it too much to ask for some alone time to think? He didn't think so. The two had travelled for hours and days before finally settling in a small, quiet town.

Inuyasha brought the cup to his mouth taking a gulp. The alcohol tasted slightly bitter. The geisha smiled at him placing the pot down as she kneeled in front of him.

"You're a new customer are you not?" She asked in a musical voice.

"I guess you can say that." He replied back coolly.

He had been around Sesshomaru for too long. His responses almost sounded like his older brother. The geisha look unfazed by his detachedness and instead gave that same smile. Her lips were a bright red cherry color he noted and her eyes… They were a dark wood color. What got him were the long raven strands. She looked like Kikyo. Inuyasha felt his adam's apple bobble up and down as he tried to swallow down the dryness in his throat. This wasn't Kikyo though. She was just a regular geisha and yet here he was having desirable thoughts just because she looked like Kikyo.

She gave a giggle. "Well then, I do hope you're enjoying yourself."

Inuyasha ran another hand in his hair. Geisha were untouchable he reminded himself. They weren't easily attainable to men. Or at least they weren't supposed to be least they be mistaken for prostitutes.

"You talk a lot."

The geisha pursed her cherry lips although she didn't appear insulted by his bluntness. Geisha were trained to beguile men despite how powerful or unapproachable they were after all. "Do you mind sir?"

She was clearly young and inexperienced.


He saw a pretty blush come across his cheeks and he hated himself. He hated how weak he was at the moment. How rejected he felt. He convinced himself it was that reason that he was going to take advantage of this girl's kindness.

Inuyasha smirked and leaned closely to whisper in the young girl's ear. He felt her heart race and small gasp at the closeness. He wasn't stupid about his good looks after all. Vampires had all the allure that woman couldn't help but be pulled towards. Like a moth to a burning light. He spoke lowly and his voice sounded hynotically alluring in its confident and low barritone tone.

"Tired of bedding alone?"

The geisha's breathing hitched as he pulled back with that same confident smirk. Her cheeks were flushed and she dug into her kimono pulling out a small white card. She held it out to him with her small, slender fingers and he took it. She excused herself afterwards and got up attending the other males. Inuyasha flipped the card over to notice it having her name and information.

Miyuki Hinomori.


Inuyasha and the geisha had snuck into a room that she had paid her maid to keep quiet about. He hadn't thought it would get this far but all his reason went out the window as he pulled her into the small dark room. Her skin was so smooth and soft. The moonlight seemed to make her skin glow. He surprised himself by taking things slow and exploring her body with little haste. Her gasps and expressive responses made him go further with his act of seduction. He numbly felt her nails clawing in his back through his thrusts. Perhaps, he didn't feel them. Perhaps, he didn't care. It got to the point where he finally didn't care to be slow. He wanted to numb the pain in his head. His thrusts became fast and strong that the girl mewed in response and her nails dug into his back. He hardly felt the pain.

Afterwards, he tossed onto the side spent. His body heaved up and down with his heavy breathing. The geisha was sleeping soundly for the most part. He could hear her quiet breathing sounds and instantly he felt horrible. He thought this would satisfy him but in the end he felt even emptier. It was only then that he noticed her wood brown eyes were nothing like the warm chocolate brown eyes of Kikyo and Kagome.

He quickly fixed his clothes and stepped out of the room without another word.

What was the saying?

Time healed all wounds.

And time was definitely what he needed right now.

"Miroku?" Sango muttered his name darted her eyes up in confusion to the sudden feel of arms wrapped around her waist. She blushed when she felt his warm breath on her ear and feeling his hand reach up and grasp the mound of one of her breast.

"Miroku!" She hissed pushing herself out of his grasp and smacking him flushed.

The raven haired vampire sighed rubbing a hand to his head, "Oh come on Sango…it's not like I haven't touched you there before."

Sango fumed with her cheeks burning red. He didn't have to remind her. "Shut up."

Miroku merely grinned in response. She was all too fun to tease. He had found out just recently that her fiery personality was easily diminished when he had her writhing underneath him. In fact, she begged him quite a lot when they had sex. A man never kisses and tells, however.

Sango continued cleaning off her weapon. The weapon was scratched here and there from previous use. She hadn't used it much recently though seeing as there wasn't much need to do so. She wondered if there were any more rogue vampires on the loose.

"I wonder how the others are doing. Do you think they are fairing well Sango?"

She looked up at Miroku and pressed her lips together. "I hope so…we haven't seen them in months. I wonder how Kagome is doing."

Miroku smiled at her and brushed a few loose strands of her hair back.

"I'm sure she's fine. She does have Sesshomaru with her."

Sango snorted in response, "That's what worries me."

"Want me to distract you?" He grinned wickedly.

She gave him an blank stare. "Not today."

"Oh come on Sango.."


"Fine, be like that."

Sango sighed and shook her head. He acted as if he was that sex deprived but then again he had been sealed for how many years? She couldn't blame him.

"Fine." She reluctantly agreed.

Miroku's grin was back.

Ah, winning was sweet indeed.

"I heard their bodies were sucked dry of blood. Horrifying if I say so myself."

Amber eyes darted up towards the men that were talking in their circle with drinks. Inuyasha listened closely but managed to keep a detached look as to not appear as if he were eavesdropping. If the men noticed they didn't appear to care.

"Where was it at?"

"In the plains of a small town north from here. The small town called Shinomiya I think."


"Most definitely."

Inuyasha placed the cup to his mouth as he turned his attention back to his drink. So things were stirring up now. He stood up and excused himself from the room stepping out. He was surprised to find Shippo outside glaring at him when he saw him. He had told the young fox demon to stay home.


"Inuyasha you jerk! You left me again. Again! You need to stop messing around with girls too!"

It was times like this that Inuyasha wished he had left Shippo with Kagome and Sesshomaru. He was too much of a loner to have a kid tagging along with him although a small part of him had to admit he didn't mind the company. After the whole incident of him seducing a geisha, he had dragged himself and Shippo to another town not wanting to come across her. That would cause an array of problems for sure. They had continued travelling to other towns in the passing months and finally settled in a particular one. It was a good thing he had because now he had come across important information.

"We gotta move kid. Something is up."

Shippo blinked his childlike eyes and tilted his head to the side.


Inuyasha grinned and his fangs pricked out of his lips slightly. "Yep."

Finally a fight. How long he had craved for one. Nothing like taking out frustrations in a fight to make a person feel better.

Kagome held her bow around her shoulder as her and Sesshomaru walked down the pathway. The two had happened to come across news of an attack on a village that sounded like that of an attack of rogue vampires. Kagome had insisted that they go and take care of the problem and Sesshomaru indifferently agreed. He could be quite reasonable when he wanted to be she noted. The two came across a nearby village and decided to rest up and continue the next day seeing as the sun was beginning to fall.

Kagome dropped her things as she entered the room they had rented. She stretched her arms and rubbed her shoulder slightly in pain. Her body ached from the walking. She would have to take a hot bath later to get out the aches. Sesshomaru closed the door behind them and untied his sword around his waist discarding it in a secure place.

"Do you think…the others heard about it?" She asked quietly.

Sesshomaru shrugged his shoulders in response. "News travels fast in these parts. I wouldn't be surprised."

Kagome could feel the anticipation build in her. It had been almost six months since she had seen had seen her companions. It felt like eternity to her.

"I hope so," She murmured.

Sesshomaru said nothing but sat on the futon laid out for them.

"Come to bed Kagome. We shall head out in the morning."

Kagome gave a final glance outside the window before coming into bed with him. She was grateful that Sesshomaru made no attempt to make a move on her because at the moment she was far too caught up in her thoughts. She was sure he was well aware of it and for that she loved him truly. She smiled at him warmly before closing her eyes and drifting to sleep knowing full well that he would still be there in the morning.

Inuyasha tossed in his sleep as his mind filled with thoughts. He saw himself in that same field and his breathing almost hitched when he saw chocolate brown eyes staring back at him. He could see the loneliness flashing back in those beautiful orbs. Her long thin strands of hair were tied in a low red ribbon that complemented her fair complexion. Her cherry like lips moved upwards in a smile as she stared back at him. Inuyasha felt his hard pound hard in his chest.


"Is this…real?" He murmured in awe.

Kikyo held her hand out to him which he took without hesitance. Her hand felt so warm and soft.

"It's but a crossing Inuyasha." Kikyo answered back in her soft voice.

"I miss you. Everyday. "

Kikyo smiled sadly nodding her head, "I know, as do I."

Inuyasha sighed and moved his fingers in between hers as he darted his gaze to them. He had to clear his chest while he could. Then maybe he could move on.

"I didn't want to hurt you."

"You loved me, as you love Kagome."


Kikyo gave him a sympathetic look. "I do not hold it against you. You deserve to be happy Inuyasha. Look for your own happiness now that you can. I shall guide you."


She stopped him by pressing a slender finger to his lips. He watched her part her lips and that same smile come across them. How he wanted to taste those lips again. Did he notice Kagome at first because she had resembled Kikyo? Yes, he did. Did he love her only for that? No, he didn't. But his love for Kagome was different than that of Kikyo's. He loved Kagome for accepting him but he loved Kikyo truly because they understood each other so well. An unbreakable bond.

"Your allure can even make the mightiest girl fall Inuyasha." She gave a small chuckle.

Inuyasha's lips twitched upwards at her comment. Didn't he know it.

"Thank you...Kikyo…"

At that moment Inuyasha woke up in a stir. He could still feel the pounding of his heart in his chest. Kikyo had come to him in his dream. He had finally spoken to her. And suddenly it was as if a huge burden had been lifted from his chest. He felt almost peace now. He had finally reached his closure.

"Inuyasha?" A groggy voice questioned.

Inuyasha looked to the side to see Shippo sitting up rubbing his eye staring at the vampire from his mini futon. He shrugged his shoulders in reply and waved his hand as if to brush away the fox's concern.

"Do you think…we'll see Kagome there?" Shippo asked then with wide childlike eyes.

Inuyasha turned to his side so that his back was to the fox demon. He closed his eyes briefly pondering on the question. He had thought about it. He wasn't sure he was exactly ready to face Kagome just yet though. He knew he couldn't stick around even if they did meet up. The thought of having to everyday see her with Sesshomaru sickened him slightly.

"Who knows.."

"You still love her…right?"

The silver haired vampire grumbled a curse under his breath. Nosey ass kid.

"Yeah." He admitted.

Inuyasha didn't have to have eyes on the back of his back to imagine Shippo's sympathetic stare. He didn't want sympathy. He was fine. Of course, it wasn't easy but he would be fine. Maybe one day he could muster the sight of the two together but until then he would keep his distance for all of their benefits.

"I like you better than Sesshomaru to be honest. He always acts like there's something up his butt." Shippo commented in a mumble.

Inuyasha couldn't help but chuckle under his breath. He had no idea.

"This is it right?" Kagome asked glancing around the village. It was abandoned for the most part as she suspected it would be. Who would want to stay in a village that was attacked in such a horrifying way?

It was around the late afternoon when she and Sesshomaru finally reached the small attacked village in search of the rogue vampires. For the most part there was no sight of any of them. She wondered if they had decided to head off somewhere else to feast on.

Sesshomaru walked slowly glancing around with caution. There was the softest clatter and his eyes immediately narrowed as he quickly drew his sword. The sounding of clattering weapons was heard and Kagome turned around quickly startled. Her eyes widened in surprise and tears welled at the sight. Sango blinked noticing her Hirakotsu pressed up against Sesshomaru's Tokijin as recognition flashed in their eyes. The two stepped back holding their weapons down in surprise. Miroku appeared and stopped a distance behind Sango just as surprised.

"Kagome! Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru snorted when he saw all three exchange hugs. Thank god, they weren't trying to hug him. Miroku had teasingly attempted to in which he ended up face down in the ground by the dark lord annoyed. The two girls snickered at the scene.

"So you heard as well?" Sango questioned glancing at Kagome.

Kagome nodded and looked around in question then. They were here but what about…

"Fuck." A familiar male's voice was heard.

They all turned around to see Inuyasha sheathing his sword and walking towards them. Irritation was evident in his features until he noticed them standing ahead and surprise showed. Kagome felt her heart squeeze in her chest upon seeing Inuyasha. He looked just as handsome as ever if not more. There was something in his eyes that was different though. He seemed suddenly so…mature.

"Are you all just going to stand there or help me track down those damn vampires?" He growled.

Well, he hadn't changed that much now.

Kagome launched herself at Inuyasha and he stumbled back in surprise. Her arms wrapped around his chest and she closed her eyes just enjoying being near him; being able to see him. She heard him sigh and felt his fingers run through her hair softly. The fingers were hypnotizing in their tantalizing slow movements.

"Kagome," He murmured her name.

She immediately pulled away with a blush at her actions. She felt Sesshomaru's gaze on them and she was surprised when Inuyasha looked up at him and just blinked. There was no smirk, no grin, no glare, nothing. Just a blank look. Things definitely had changed in more ways than one.

At that moment, Shippo jumped up on Kagome's shoulder with a wail of her name. She laughed and hugged Shippo to her chest happy to see him as well.

"Well since we're all together…" Sesshomaru broke the silence then.

Inuyasha smirked, "Let's go pummel some vampires." He replied with a grin as his fangs perched out slightly.

Kagome smiled and held Shippo still to her chest watching her companions all together again. Her family. She knew after this last battle they would go their separate ways again but she knew that they would meet up again. And again. Their connection was not something that could be easily broken no matter the distance. They would find each other in the end.

"Kagome…come on already." Inuyasha called.

She blinked to see the others already up ahead of her but stopped waiting for her. She didn't know she had dazed for that long now.


With that she ran and caught up with the others.

She may have lost all of her family but…

Kagome smiled as she walked alongside Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango and Shippo.

She had gained another in return.

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