Title: Two sides to love

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom but I do own a penny named Billy

Summary: REVISED! Valerie sees Danny Phantom kissing Sam and assumes that Sam is cheating on her current boyfriend. Though when a new threat appears will she finally discover the truth that will change her life forever? Takes place after FWD

A/N Yes, the summary isn't lying to you. I have rewritten each chapter of TSTL so that it follows FWD. My writing skills have improved loads since I've started this story so I wanted to make it better than it already was. . .I hope you enjoy this new version, Oh and one more thing, As you know this story started out as Amethyst Ocean (please look in profile for codenames) but ever since FWD the number of GrayGhost shippers have increased some so to make everyone happy this will be turning into a Amethyst Ocean/GrayGhost triangle. If you are a true Amethyst Ocean fan (and I know a lot of you are, I am myself ) then please don't stop reading this just because I mentioned GrayGhost. Don't forget, I've said the word TRIANGLE so I haven't decided who will be the couple. . .just so you guys know it's probably Amethyst Ocean because of the begining chapters. . .

Chapter One

Their memories were fading from reality, two sisters, separated spirits. Years have passed without much comfort. Right after their Father's death, they were forgotten. Lost and alone one traveled, filled with pure rage and sorrow. Her heart was crying out for Christine, but Christine never came. No one ever came. She was left alone, trapped within her own cage of darkness.

It was always a continuous battle, one that would probably never end.

Faint shouts and yelps of pain filled Amity park yet most of them faded in with the September wind.

Danny Phantom fell backwards hitting a tree trunk. No matter what he said to her she would never listen. He would never be able to tell her the truth. His eyes peered up towards his hunter, Her eyes hidden behind the shadowed mask.

"I just want you to trust me!" he shouted. Valerie advanced upon him, glaring at him with her tawny eyes.

"I can't ever learn to trust ghosts like you, you and others like you have destroyed the peace of my life! You think you can do what ever you want don't you? Well, you're not getting away this time!"

Danny phased through the tree just before her attack hit him. Still transparent, he flew upwards through the leaves of the tree.

"You can't hide forever Phantom! One day! One day I'll figure out who you are! One day I'll find the real truth about you! One day, I'll make sure to destroy you first before anyone else can!" her words were interrupted by the sound of the shrill bell that rang a few miles from Amity Park. He glanced down, taking one last look at the outraged girl before flying towards Casper High.

Valerie stared hard up at the empty air.

'One day, I'll destroy you one day,' she muttered, and without another glance the young girl turned and ran, trying to beat the tardy bell that would ring in about three minutes.

A young boy of fourteen raced down the empty halls of Casper High. As Danny Fenton ran to get to class, he couldn't help but realize that if he was late, today would mark his fifteenth tardy of the week. 'Come on, just let me be on time, just this one time,' he thought desperatly.

Unfortunately, the bell was not in the mood for bargains and rang shrilly once again through out the empty halls.

'Great just what I need right now,' Danny thought angrily sharply turning a corner. His anger prevented him from seeing the figure who was about to collide into him. Danny grunted as a force pushed him backwards. He looked up to see Valerie on the floor as well.

"You never watch where you're going do you Fenton?" she asked with a smirk while standing up and brushing herself of. Danny grinned as he took the hand she offered to him. "Nope, I guess I'll see you in detention. . ."

"Guess so," Her smile was soft and a look of amusement could be seen in her eyes.

"See you later Val,"

"Bye Danny,"

"Mr. Fenton that would be the sixteenth time this week that you've been tardy," Danny paid no attention to the pairs of eyes that watched him as he entered the class a good ten minutes late. "Actually Mr. Lancer it's the fifteenth," His biology teacher glared at him as he took his seat beside Dash. A few girls in the back of the room giggled. He looked over the other side of the room. He found his best friend Samantha, or Sam as everyone called her, looking over at him and grinned.

"Even so, I'll see you in detention after school today," Mr. Lancer told him and turned his attention back to the class.

"Now as I was saying before Mr. Fenton so rudely interrupted, molecules formed by the chemical bonding of atoms are described by chemical formulas. If the energy is available. . ."

"Attention Casper High students," Lancer groaned as his lesson was interrupted yet again.

'Jazz must be a helper in the office or something again today,' Danny thought shrugging as his sister continued to speak.

"Casper High's Fall Dance will be held this weekend. Please support the school by going to this event. Food and drinks and entertainment will be provided. This will be a formal event so dresses and tuxedos are required. Tickets are eight dollars for singles and sixteen dollars for couples. Prices may change at the door on Saturday night. Thank you for your time and I hope to see all of you there. That is all,"

A soft click sounded indicating that the announcement was over and the class broke out into excitement. Casper High normally never had two dances in the same semester. A Valentines dance would be held in February and Homecoming was always in August. Excited conversations filled the classroom quickly.

"Oh maybe Dean will go with me!"

"Do you think that I should wear the same dress?"

"Are you kidding? Buy a new one! You can't wear the same dress to every dance!"

"Man, I hope I don't have a football game on Saturday,"

"Excuse me but please save all the how do you kids say it? 'Chatter' till the end of the lesson. As I was saying If the energy is available.. . ."
As Mr. Lancer went into his boring lecture everyone became less and less focused. Once again, Danny glanced over at Sam. She was one of the few people in the class taking notes and actually paying attention.

Sam looked up from her notebook and turned to face the pair of eyes she felt staring at her. It was hard, but she managed not to laugh when Danny began to make fun of Lancer when his back was turned on them. As the class broke out in faint whispers about Saturday's dance Danny laid his head down on his desk, folded his arms and went into his favorite daydream. After what seemed like hours, the bell finally rang, shattering the best moment of his dream like always. Students filed out of the classroom and he wished it was the end of the day.

"Don't forget Mr. Fenton, my office at three o'clock,' Mr. Lancer reminded him coldly while he and Sam walked past him.

"So I take it that we're not going to the movies after school today," Sam said smirking as she walked up to him. Excited squeals and giggling could be heard from all the girls in the hall.

"Maybe we can go tomorrow if I'm not late again," Danny said shrugging. He, Sam and Tucker were supposed to go and see Dead Teacher 5 that afternoon.

Sam had already seen it four times, Tucker had seen it three and Danny hadn't even seen it once.

"I don't know, I haven't even seen Dead Teacher 4 yet, will it ruin anything?"

"I have and it won't. Actually it kind of sucked, the graphics weren't all that great. Dead Teacher 5 is supposed to be a lot better," Danny said as Tucker came up to them grumpily. Sam once again had problems holding back her laughter as she saw the disgruntled look of twisted torture on her best friend's face.

"What's your problem?" Danny asked him smirking at his overly dramatic friend.

"They're having another dance! Another dance! Now I have to go through the pain of asking girls and being rejected all over again!" he glared at Sam, who had just made a noise that sounded something like a laugh mixed in with a snort. Her laughter faded as Paullina and her friends walked passed them, all taking excitedly about the dance.

"Oh I hope I can get a chance to ask Danny Phantom! Imagine! Me going to the dance with the most heroic ghost boy on earth!"

"So are you going to ask?" Tucker muttered as they made trio made their way towards Danny's locker.

Danny shrugged " I want to ask Valerie, but then again I really don't want to ask her. . . .I'd feel more comfortable with someone who wasn't going to become more than anything but my friend that night. . .hey what about you Sam?" he asked eagerly as Tucker rolled his eyes and muttered a faint yet understandable 'clueless'.

Sam snapped out of her dazed thoughts when she heard his last sentence.

"What about me?"

"Do you want to go to the dance as friends? I mean, it's not really a big deal. I'm just not ready to ask Valerie out yet," Danny explained smiling as a pale shade of red was painted across Sam's cheeks.

"Well, I. . .uh. . .I guess. . .I mean sure Danny, I'd like to go with you,"

'Jeeze! Why did I just act so stupid right there! Argh! That was embarrassing!' she thought bitterly, and mentally kicked herself.

"Thanks! Okay, now all we need to do is get Tucker a date. . ." Danny paused as his friend gave him a 'don't even bother' look.

"Tucker can go with me. . ." a familiar voice said from behind them. Everyone turned to see Val, a small smile etched on her face.

"You mean you'd actually go with me?" Tucker asked somewhat in shock.

Valerie shrugged. "I never really gave you a chance and since we're both going to be turned down by the people we want to ask why don't we just go together as friends?"

"Sure! Pick you up at seven?" Tucker said happily.

Valerie smiled. "Alright, I'll see you then I guess," she told him winking and then made her way down the hall disappearing within the crowd of students.

"So, I guess I'll pick you up at seven too right?" Danny asked shoving the last of his text books into his locker.
Sam blushed slightly as the bell rang for the next class "Seven sounds great."

"See you guys at lunch!" Tucker said as he headed off for his class.

"You'd better go, you don't want to get another detention," Sam warned him.

Danny shrugged. "I'm used to it," he said and then smiled and went down another hallway towards his Spanish class, which surprisingly he was passing.

"How is it you get poor grades in English yet A's in Spanish!" Maddie Fenton had exclaimed to him one afternoon when progress reports came home.

Sam watched as he hurried off to class. She knew he still liked Valerie but the fact that he asked her out was just overwhelming. She couldn't wait for Saturday night.

Her daydream faded away quickly as the annoying bell rang yet again.

Sam sighed.

"Oh great now I'm late!" and with that she hurried off to her class, a new hope in her heart forming, and a small smile lingering upon her face.

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