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Title: Two Sides To Love

Rated: T

Summary: Valerie witnesses Danny Phantom kiss Sam and assumes that Sam is cheating on her current boyfriend. Takes place after FWD (chapters rewritten)

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Chapter 9

It's not what it seems

Not what you think

No, I must be dreaming

It's only in my mind

Not in real life

No, I must be dreaming

I must be dreaming- Evanescence

Dreams . . .Nightmares. . .all illusions of the mind. One never realizes the true power behind dreams. One never realizes the true fear of a nightmare. . . One never realizes power's strength until this power is released to full capacity. Until the dreams and nightmares begin to turn real. . .Until the dreams and nightmares become reality. . . .

Trust is something one has to gain, and trust can easily be destroyed. Trust can be destroyed with lies. Lies that can poison the heart, lies that can break Trust.

That vision, that made up dream. Danny trusted Bella and Bella betrayed him. He believed the lies of that vision, the lies of that false memory and now his heart was torn in half. It was torn because he believed those lies and by believing the lies he endangered the ones he loved.

Valerie was still out cold underneath him. Her raspy breathing was only a whisper against the wails of the winds. Thunder growled, the faded black sky began to turn a foggy green as Bella was preparing to take revenge.

He had failed, but he couldn't give up.

Sam was alive, he felt it in his heart. He knew Val. . . Danny knew Valerie was strong enough to fight the poison infecting her body.

As the fog and clouds became one Danny noticed a locket, abandoned by the edge of the stream. Her locket. . .Sam. . .

Gently laying Valerie back down on the soft grass he reached over for it. Danny ignored the calm current of the stream in front of him. Shadows danced around the silver locket as he held it up to an invisible light. Thunder grew louder, roaring in the distance as it made its' way towards Amity Park. Screams of panic and cries blanketed the moonless night while troubled lightning was beginning to form within the olive haze.

It was amazing how much one simple lie could lead to so many problems.

"Don't worry Sam, wherever you are I'll find you, that's a promise. I won't give up," Danny muttered. He couldn't give up on her, not now. . .not ever.

'If you are a mere mortal your suffering should end in less than an hour. . .'

Danny glanced down at Val's face with sad eyes. It was his fault that she was in this state in the first place. None of this would have happened if Danny hadn't believed Bella and her lies. None of it, he could have finished her off on the spot instead of letting her manipulate him. He could have destroyed her, but he didn't because he let himself believe her lies.

"Valerie, Val, come on, please wake up, please. . ." Danny whispered gently taking Val's hand back in his own. She ignored his plea.

The raven haired teen turned around to see his techno geek of a best friend run towards him. He didn't want to ask how Tucker had found him, he just stared at his eyes. Pure panic and worry could be seen within them.

"Danny, where have you been man? I've been trying to get a hold of you and. . .Oh no. . ." His voice dropped with his knees as he knelt on Valerie's other side.

"Danny, what happened? What. . .why?"
"Tucker, I am so sorry, I don't. . .I couldn't. . .Bella. . ." Danny broke off, not meeting eye contact. Even though he couldn't see it he felt Tucker's eyes on him, and he could sense the confusion and worry within them.

"Dude, relax, I'm not blaming you. . .It's just. . .Is she okay?"

"I'm. . .not sure. Destiny said that there was no antidote for the poison. . ."

"Yeah, some ghost wolf took a bite out of Valerie's leg. . .its' fangs injected this poison inside of her. . ."

'Wait a minute, that can't be right! Ghosts can't hurt humans in the ghost zone! It's impossible!'

"Her dad is worried sick over her Danny. . .And Sam's parents are wondering where she is. I've been trying to stall them but her mother is close to tears. . ."

'A lie, a vision. . .Ghosts seriously can't hurt humans in the ghost zone, they're intangible basically, so why. . .'

"Tucker, something's not right," Danny muttered. Above him a snarl floated as Bella's demon spirit advanced upon Amity Park once more . . .

"What do you mean? Listen, is there any way we can save her Danny? I don't think her father is going to fall for any excuse at the moment. . ."

"No just listen! I'm not sure Valerie is hurt!"

'Humans can't get hurt in the ghost zone! They're intangible'
"What are you talking about? Of course she's hurt!"

Danny frowned and glanced up towards Bella's spirit form. It mocked him by roaring with malevolent laughter once again. Things were beginning to wake up in his mind, things he had shoved to the back and hid so he never would have to deal with them again. Bella's voice taunted him once more within the shadowed section of his mind, teasing him. . .haunting him. . .

"My powers permit me to create mystical allusions, so that enemies become hypnotized by the ring of lies that were settled within them"

That was it!

"Tucker this isn't real!"

He watched Tuck's eyes narrow, a look of disappointment seen within them.

"Danny, quit fooling around! Of course it's real!"

A lie . . .a vision. . .a memory. . .

"You're not real either,"

A lie. . .a vision. . .it was only a vision. . .

"Knock it off! Dude, you're scaring me! I'm your best friend, remember?"

A lie. . .

Danny felt himself turn towards Valerie's still form, pressing his hand firmly against her forehead. She was as cold as ice. . .as cold as death. . .

So why was she still breathing?

"No, you're not my best friend. . .you're not real. . ."

"Yes I am! Snap out of it Danny! We've got to save Valerie!"

Save Valerie. . .How could you save someone that wasn't even hurt?

How could you save someone that wasn't even real?

"BELLA!" Danny roared at the haze as her thunder laughed. The air screamed, the ground shook, and Tucker's form was becoming distant. . .

A vision. . . .

"Danny, come on!"

(Danny's POV)
I felt a force pull me away from Valerie, a force that lifted me into the air. It felt as though I was flying, but I wasn't. I saw Tucker's and Valerie's image become fainter, a sea of olive green and black blinded me from light.

The last thing heard before the colors blended as an ocean of solid black was Bella's acid laughter. . . .

Silence. . . darkness. . .

That was all my eyes allowed me to see. . . .

"Danny? Danny, wake up!"

A memory. . .

(normal POV)

Danny almost jumped, startled at the sudden voice. His vision was becoming clearer and color was entering the darkness. His emerald eyes were greeted by soft amber ones.

"Danny, can you hear me?"

That voice. . . A little girl?

"Yes," he muttered, trying to focus his vision upon the eyes.

"I'm surprised you didn't fall for her trick. . ."

He knew she was talking about Bella. Trick? Danny had fallen, he had believed the disgusting lies that demon fed him. . . .he wasn't going to let that happen again. . .

"Do you know who I am?"

That voice. . .it sounded familiar. . .as though he heard it in a dream. . .

Or a lie. . . .

"Christine. . .?" Danny asked weakly. Where was he? Was he still in a lie? Was he in reality?

He wasn't sure what reality was anymore. . . .

"Yup! Come on! You can open your eyes now, it's safe here,"

Safe. . .was she just another lie as well?

Danny reopened his eyes and was surprised that his vision wasn't so faint anymore.

A figure came into view. She had the same black hair as Bella, long and pulled into a braid behind her. Danny recognized the dress, it was the dress that Christine was wearing the day she died. Painted upon the material was a tainted Carmel, a color that matched her amber eyes perfectly. She was small, she looked like she had just turned ten years old. She was Christine's ghost.

He felt a soft wind pass through, and Sam's locket still grasped in his hand. . .

"It's safe here, for now. . ."
"What do you mean 'for now' ," He spat at her bitterly. He wasn't about to fall for another lie, maybe Christine was in alliance with Bella and this was just her version of her powers. Maybe Christine wasn't all that she appeared to be. . .

"I'm not sure how long it will be until Bella realizes that I've intervened with her plan. She might already know . . ."

"How can I trust you?" He asked her, narrowing his eyes.

Christine's face fell.

"I expected you to say that, who wouldn't after all the stuff Bella's put you through," she said sighing sadly.

So she was saying she was innocent? That didn't matter, Danny wasn't going to fall for another lie. . .

He wasn't going to trust anyone except himself. . . .

"Bella did lie to you, but believe me Danny, that's not what I'm doing. . ."
He couldn't be sure. . .he wasn't going to trust her. . .

"I was MURDERED by Bella Danny, I want to see her destroyed as much as you do!"

"How do I know if you're telling the truth?" Danny retorted. He was sick of being lied to, all he wanted was to find Sam, destroy Bella and go home. . . .

"I know where Sam is,"

He froze when these words reached his ears. . .the silver locket was growing warm in his clenched hand. . .

"If you know where Sam is then tell me! Let me save her and bring her out of this nightmare! She's probably scared to death, I don't know how strong Bella's powers are. What if Bella hurt her? What about Valerie? Is she okay? I need to know where she is. . .!"
"Danny, she's safe, and Sam is too. . .for now. . ." Christine said softly, interrupting his rambling.

" For now? What's Bella going to do with her? What's the REAL story, I don't want another lie. . .!"

"I'll tell you if you help me,"

"How do you expect me to trust you? You're Bella's sister! Just tell me where Sam is!" Danny snapped at her bitterly. He couldn't take it anymore but at the same time a mixture of relief had entered his heart. . .

Sam was alive. . .

"I can't help you save Sam unless you hear the whole story. . . My story," Her soft voice wasn't meant to calm him down but he found himself relaxing a bit.

"What does Bella plan to do with her?" Danny asked, his voice a mere whisper.

"Your friend is in the middle of her vicious plan, a plan only Bella had the courage to carry out. Valerie is safe and back in Amity Park with her father and her friends. Bella never took her with you to see the memory, Valerie was never there with you when Bella took you to the graveyard. Valerie was safe all this time, but Bella DID capture Sam,"
"What has she done with her? What is she going to do with her?" Danny interrupted forcefully. Christine ignored his question.

"Sam has been the main target for Bella's plan for months now, Bella did not care about you town, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to have some fun with it and destroy it with her powers. She lied to you so you'd be able to listen to 'her story' but her story is nothing but lies, phony lies. . ."

"I figured that out already!" Danny snapped. Once again Christine ignored him.

"This is what really happened. The girl you saw in the vision was indeed once Bella and I was her sister. Bella discovered her powers one foggy October night, a day or two before Halloween. I was the only one who knew about her powers, she didn't tell our mother, father, brother or anyone else about them. She only trusted me,"

To Danny, Bella's story so far sounded a bit like what he was going through with his powers.

"I helped her control her powers, we would sneak off to the woods in the middle of the night and she would perform spells. I never did ask her how she got them, I was just festinated with the fact that magic existed,"

Christine paused and looked up towards the faded sky. It was only then did Danny realize that they were both in the Ghost Zone.

"Bella was arranged to marry her best friend, Christopher," Christine continued, "That part of the vision was true. Bella didn't want to marry, she was just fourteen. Our family was in debt with Christopher's and the only way the debt would lift was if they married the two together. Bella often told me of her worries. We talked about everything. She was scared that Christopher would find out about her powers one day and turn her in. She didn't want to be accused of being a witch. She was frightened of death. One night, I was waiting up for Bella to come and get me. She'd always throw a rock at my window and helped me climb out of it so I wouldn't have to go to the front door. I waited, but she didn't come, not even when I heard our father go off to bed and shut the door to his room. I was growing restless and impatient so I looked out the window. I do remember that there were no moon or stars out that night. I also remember a faint violet light coming deep in the woods where we normally practiced. I frowned, thinking that Bella had gone off without me and decided to follow her. I'm pretty sneaky so I was able to get out of my house without my parents knowing.

I remember it was cold outside, a nice cool, calm wind that whispered throughout the night. I remember how I ran towards our practice area, a little and secret clearing in the woods next to a small stream. Only Bella and I knew about the stream. I found her there, performing spell after spell, concentrating on her work. She didn't notice me at first, she was muttering incantation after incantation. Her eyes were narrowed in concentration and I noticed that she had drawn a symbol upon the earth. . . .his symbol. . .

"Who's symbol?" Danny asked again, only this time knowing his questions wouldn't be answered until Christine finished.

"The demon who gave Bella her powers, she had been worshiping him for a while I could tell, but she never told me she was. Our family was religious, we went to church every Sunday and once during the week, if not twice. My father was friends with the priest, who happened to be Christopher's father. If the villagers ever found out that Bella was worshiping the devil they would burn her at the stake and accuse her for being a witch. Well, apparently Bella didn't care, she was just practicing as though it was a normal thing to practice. I couldn't tell what spell she was performing, but it didn't look good. I decided to intervene before Bella's spell got out of hand. She accused me of spying and then said I knew nothing. She told me that the only way she could keep her powers was if she gave her soul to the devil, and the devil would give her immortality. I asked her why she wanted to keep the powers, I asked her why she just didn't get rid of them. Her powers just caused trouble. Again she told me I didn't understand, that I was just getting in the way.

I wasn't about to let my sister give her soul to the devil. We argued, I don't remember what we said, but I do remember that Bella got so mad because I broke her concentration. I remember in the middle of our argument, we heard a twig snap. Someone was spying on us. Bella blamed me, saying that I had led someone to our secret clearing and lit up a portion of the woods in the direction the sound came so that we could see. Violet light revealed Christopher's brother. Apparently he had seen me sneak out when he was about to sneak back inside and had followed me. He saw everything according to the shocked look in his eyes. He had heard our argument. He knew of Bella's secret. Bella wouldn't stand this. Before I could stop her, her eyes turned a dangerous blood red and she began a harsh incantation. She repeated it continuously in a pattern, and as the devil's words escaped her mouth Christopher's frightened brother was levitated by violet light and thrown into the shallow stream. Bella's light choked him in the water, enabling him to save himself from drowning. I screamed terrified and yelled at Bella to stop. I didn't want to witness this! A few moments later Bella stopped chanting and Christopher's brother stopped struggling. He was dead.

Even when her light faded I didn't stop screaming. I couldn't help it, wouldn't you scream if you had just witnessed a murder? Bella's temper was growing and I felt her frown at me with narrowed eyes. The last thing she said to me before I died was 'You'll never understand me'. I don't remember how I died, I died quickly, as though a spell had shot me down. I remembered death, how cold and afraid it was. I wanted to go back but it wouldn't let me, it just kept on pulling me into the darkness. I couldn't hear myself scream and the last thing I heard was Bella's tortured scream. Three deaths took place that night," Christine finished sadly. Danny forced himself not to pity the young girl, remembering what happened the last time he pitied Bella.

"What does Bella want with Sam?" he asked softly, but forcefully. Christine looked up at him, gazing into his deep, green eyes.

"Bella regretted giving her soul to the devil. She turned hideous. The devil had tricked her. She had no immortality. The only way you have immortality is if you have a soul. Bella wanted immortality, she had been searching for the perfect soul to steal. Sam was the unlucky victim in her scheme,"
"Sam. . ." Fear took over as he realized what Christine was going to say next.

"Bella is going to use Sam's soul to bring her immortality. She's going to destroy her body in order to do it. If Bella succeeds your friend will die,"
Neither spoke as the words escaped Christine and wove around Danny, as though mocking him. Winds began to howl a low tune, humming the melody before allowing it to grow. It was only then did Danny realize that he and Christine were standing in the same cursed cemetery. It was only then did he realize that Christine was telling the truth.

"Danny, there is something we could do," Christine spoke softly when Danny didn't say a word. He was in shock. Wouldn't you be if you had found out that your love was about to be killed?

"Bella is powerful, I'm sure you've noticed. Your friend is alive, I would be able to know if Bella's plan prevailed. I'm sure you would be able to know too, you love her don't you,"

Danny nodded slowly, a feeling of guilt and worry sunk to the bottom of his stomach. Sam was in trouble, and he didn't know how to save her. Once again, this was all of his fault. . .

"I thought so, I've seen love in Bella's eyes once, before she got her powers I mean. She really did love Christopher. I know she did. But her powers took control and soon she couldn't feel anything anymore. Let me ask you something, do you love her enough to sacrifice her life to her?"

Silence took over him for a moment as he listened to a distant crow cawing. He felt the wind whisper against his neck and shivers went up his spine.


Yes, he would sacrifice his life for Sam. Yes, he'd give up anything in order for Sam to be safe.
His answer was yes.

It just didn't want to come out of his mouth. Silence had captured it his throat. He didn't know why it was so difficult to say yes to that question.

"So your answer is yes then?"

Christine seemed to have read his silence and figured out the answer by her self. Her eyes gazed upon Danny, sympathy embedded in them.

Danny nodded slowly once again. Why couldn't he answer it for himself?

"I just needed to know, I know how dangerous saving her might become, but I'm not going to tell you that yet. I will tell you one thing, Sam is neither in the Ghost Zone or on Earth. . ."

"So where is she?" Danny cried, finding his voice. Why wouldn't Christine just hurry up and tell him? He needed to save Sam before it was too late!

"Sam is neither in the Ghost Zone or on Earth, but she is alive. She is no where in our universe but somewhere that can't be reached by a mortal. Only love would be able to break the invisible barrier. You just told me that you'd give up your life for Sam, and now I'm going to tell you how you can save her. . ."

Danny watched as Christine brought her hands up to the air. She muttered a word, it was foreign and very faint but Danny could clearly hear it as a blood red light flowed from her hands, just as the violet light flowed from Bella's hands.


Danny was strongly reminded of the crimson miasma from the spell that Destiny had unleashed that moment in the graveyard. He watched as the smoke parted. When it parted, it revealed a crystal mirror, one that Christine was levitating with her hands.

"Because I am her sister, when I died I received a tiny amount of power from Bella. I was scared when I first found out about it, I wanted to become nothing like her.. . ."
She made the mirror levitate gently across into Danny's hands.

"This mirror is the key to saving Sam. It has special powers that you will be able to enter the world in which she is captured. You need to trust your heart in order to save Sam. You need to listen to it, let it guide you, trust your own instincts. You can't let fear take over, you know what Bella is capable of doing and you need to stay strong, you need to stay strong in order to save her. Her life is in your hands, and you need to protect her with your love,"
He nodded to show that he understood her words, gazing at the beautiful mirror. As he peered into it, he noticed his green eyes became brighter in the reflection, and shined brightly in his face.

"This is the portal," Christine spoke. "You can use it to enter the world, but you can not use it to come back. I can not help you from here, you are on your own. If you succeed, you will know how to come back. This mirror can only be used one way to enter the world, but it is not the exit. To come back, you must find your love, save your love and protect your love,"
He looked up at her as the young girl placed a small hand on her shoulder. She gazed up at him.

"I know you can do it Danny," she whispered.

"Christine, you don't know how thankful I am for your help," Danny told her softly. Christine smiled sadly.

"You don't need to thank me, just save Sam and destroy Bella once and for all,"

"That I can do,"
"Go, the light will fade soon, and tell Sam that I said hi,"
Danny smiled at her as he felt the green light grow stronger. He felt it pull him in the world that the two sisters had created. He felt as though he would be able to defeat Bella. He knew he could save Sam. He knew that he could do it, he just had to. He had to destroy that demon once and for all.

Christine watched sadly as Danny vanished in the light. The mirror stopped levitating and went completely black. It fell to the floor and crashed into pieces.

The wind sighed as Christine stared at the remains. Her eyes sparkling, she wished she was able to cry but she couldn't, it wasn't possible. Bella was her sister, and she knew that Bella would destroy Sam. Bella would take the love between two and slice it into pieces. Bella would destroy love, just so she would gain immortality. She wanted Bella destroyed, she wanted this all to end.

"Danny, I know you can't hear me, but I know you can do it. I know you can put an end to this nightmare. I know your love will protect you, and I know you'll return home safe. . . ."

She tore her eyes away from the shattered pieces of crystal by her feat and whispered two silent words.

"Good Luck,"

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