I do not own YuGiOh or the characters in any way state or form, but I DO own this setting, storyline, and story board.



This story got really good results; I was VERY surprised.

Figured I should keep you appraised on what's going on, so this note is here.

At the moment, I have a good seven stories up in four levels of priority.

As explained in my profile, they are

(1) Tope Priority: Nicol's New Fate, Freedom Through Inferno

(2) Medium Priority: Confined Anomalies, Oddity

(3) Low Priority: Experiment

(4) On hold/finished/discontinued: Gift of Light (On Hold), Changing Life ( Discontinued)

I decided to finish my two major stories before starting any others, so Gift of Light is on hold for a while.

When I get back to it, it'll be over 15 chapters long, encompassing all yamis and hikaris (MM, YY, RB, minus Seto and Jou), with a plot (that'll be more explored in the sequel), and fluff.

So, thanks to everyone who reviewed and I WILL finish it. The next chapter (the actual first one) will be up in several months, after the New Year most likely.

Also, it might be changed from Gift of Light to Acquisitions. Not sure yet; what do you guys think?