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Daibakuhatsu Daigaku


Hakodate University

Thursday, August 13. 6:37 PM.

Kichinkyo Building, Women's Dormitory

Kagome Higurashi set down a cardboard box, filled to the top with random paraphernalia for her room. From what she knew, it seemed that she was going to have the small dormitory room all to herself for about a week until her roommate moved in, who apparently was not on the Ha. Crew. Also known as H.C., or Hakodate Crew. It was a large group of people who were selected each year to be a part of. Once a student in the college was a sophomore, they were allowed to choose if they wanted to be in it or not. But for freshman, such an option was not permitted.

The H.C. had a large array of different things that they were either assigned, asked, or flat out ordered to do. For instance, one of the things required was for all of the members to move onto campus a week before the designated date for students to begin piling in, so that they would know where everything was and would be able to help other students move in. Also in this week time period, most were also required to help the staff finish up projects around the school buildings that had not been completed. For instance, a group of young men might be asked to help some of the construction workers move in some of the last benches of the campus into place, while others were asked to work on creating a specified map for the new classmen coming in within seven days.

Kagome flopped down onto her bed, huffing an exasperated sigh. "Whoever thought that making an eight level dormitory with no elevators is a complete idiot..." She ignored the old and lumpy mattress's discomfort, since carrying up at least fifteen cardboard boxes about thirty pounds each up those stairs... with no help... and a television... she was bloody tired.

Quickly removing her old and torn windbreaker off of her body, Kagome sat up and leaned against the wall. Her feet quickly kicked off her stuffy shoes, letting her feet catch the cooling night air from the open window.

The room was not very large, and neither was her bed, for that matter. She remembered that the credentials for the rooms in each of the dorms had two twin beds, cabinets, and room to spare for desks, televisions, etc.

"What a load of crap," Kagome said to the room, scanning over it once more since her arrival.

The twin beds looked like if a person were to put two toddlers shoulder to shoulder on one of them then they would just barely fit. The other bed was directly above the first one, as a bunk bed to allow more room, if that was what one might name it. With the room left in there, what with the massive cabinets eating up half of the opposite wall, there was just barely room to place her television in between the bottom bed and the all too close mini refrigerator. At the foot of the beds there were two already placed desks, that looked like there had been iron attached not to long ago so that the staff could nail them to the ground, preventing burglary. There was just enough room for her to fit a laptop and a can of soda on the top, and the two gray and stained chairs were almost on top of each other.

Ah, to live in an overpopulated country.

At least free cable T.V. was included.

Kagome slipped off of her bed, deciding that if she spent any more time resting then she wouldn't get up until her stomach wanted her to. Not that time was too far off, but she still didn't want to feel like some blob.

Once plugging the T.V. in, she switched it on, and began flipping through channels until she found one that she could be able to set up to without getting distracted by.

Kagome stood back up from the T.V. (She had yet to figure out where the bloody hell she put the controller) and looked around the floor, staring at the mass of boxes. She cringed at the number of them. 'Did I really bring all of these up?...' The thought of throwing some out the window occurred to her, but decided that it wouldn't be that good of investment of money.

Tying her hair up so not to get into her face, Kagome heaved open the first box, and began to un-pile its components.

6:43 PM

Dasunoshi Building, Men's Dormitory

Junior. He was finally a junior. Just another year and he would be a senior. And then he'd be free of the damned university.

"Only another year after this..." Inuyasha said to himself, taking a deep breath of his cigarette before knocking some of the ashes off of the end. His legs dangled loosely over the edge of the building roof, getting covered in the tobacco burnings.

Inuyasha rested his head on the secondary railing where his arms were already. He hated the college, the city, the life, everything of Hakodate. The only thing he wasn't totally against was, of course, the women. What male college student wouldn't say that? That they hated everything here except the women.

"Well, let's see..." Talking to himself again. A common practice, he'd noticed. "The gay guys wouldn't say so, and neither would the computer wacks or the 'clean and straight' ass holes..."

Well, not really even that, since a whole lot of those guys were also perverted or something, only hid it well. "Whatever..."

The waning sun continued to fade beneath the horizon, shining its rays upon the hanyou warmly.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the golden ball in front of him before sighing and stubbing out his cigarette on the hard concrete of the flat roof. He briskly stood, turning around and pacing over to the door.

At least there was one decent thing about being called in early to the University for the H. Crew; one's tuition went down quite a pretty penny. And it really wasn't that hard to figure out ways to get out of helping out, just a bit of a challenge for the execution.

'Not to mention less chance of getting caught smoking...'

He lightly jumped down the stairs before walking down the carpeted hallway to his room. His dormitory was definitely a lot better than last year's and the one before, considering he actually had his own bathroom. That was a nice little perk. And since his roommate wasn't coming in for another week, he would be having the bedroom all to himself, and could 'decorate' the main room the way he saw fit.

Not minding to lock the door before he had gone out for his cigarette break, Inuyasha idly walked into his room before flopping down on the couch, turning on the T.V. in the process. He began flipping through the channels, looking for something to pass the time with. Along with trying to 'plan out' what all would be on his agenda this year in school. 'Let's see... Figure out the damned lock combo on the Management and Banking building vault... continue where I left off with Kikyo last year... kill that son of a bitch Koga... oh, probably should do a paper in there every now and then...'

He wasn't about to ruin his perfect D+ record now.

' ... Figure out a way to get rid of my roommate again... Kill my son of a bitch brother...' He took a quick glance at his Marlboro Pack. ' ... And get more cigarettes... sounds easy enough...'

Thursday, August 13. 8:22 PM

Kichinkyo Building, Women's Dormitory

Kagome grinned to herself as several of her excess boxes thumped happily down to the trash compactor that reigned as the basement. 'I told Mama that I didn't need all of that, but no, she had to go and pack it back in after I already took the stupid stuff out.'

"What is it with mothers anyway and packing stuff extra?" Kagome swung around and watched a girl that was obviously older than her walk up to another opening for trash and dump in a few of her own cardboard boxes. "I've told her time and time again, I don't need a wooden back massager..."

The freshman chuckled to herself, peeking down into the dreaded basement to watch the cardboard boxes explode into splinters. "I know what you mean. My mother and grandfather absolutely insisted that I bring all of these different things that most likely would destroy my backbone. Annoying as all get out."

"Yeah..." the older girl opened up the plastic flap and stuck her head into the shaft, laughing as her excess load was dissipated. She quickly picked up a plastic basket containing clothing and brought her head back to the outside. "Well, see you around."

"Yeah, see you later."

Kagome took one final look at her destroyed load now in the basement before beginning to pick up the rest of her items by her foot. She briskly headed up the steps, knowing all too well from previous experiences that if she slowed down she wouldn't be able to get going again.

She began to pant at about the fourth floor, and by the time Kagome got to her floor of residence, her body felt like it could just melt into a big pile of glop. She heaved the cardboard boxes once in her hands over the top step before crawling up it herself. She leaned back against the cold cement wall, eyes closed and breath hard.

Perhaps she would wait to go to that bathhouse behind the building. And perhaps walking would suit her best for this living arrangement.

Kagome slowly dragged herself and her things to her dorm room.

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