Okay, so, let's right down to the point: These are questions and comments that different people either sent to me via email or I read about the story, for which I will now answer. Please note that this is the last update ever to be put on Daibakuhatsu Daigaku. Nothing more is coming after this. Honestly, show's over.

Q1. What the hell does Daibakuhatsu Daigaku mean anyway?

A1. Obviously, you didn't take a look at my friggin profile page!…I digress. Daibakuhatsu literally mean "The action of a large explosion" and Daigaku means "college". It seemed fairly fitting to me, since the story takes place at a college and the theme it sets up is not all that small.

Q2. What was your inspiration for this?

A2. Er… this is a little bit more tricky to answer, primarily because the end result of the story… I didn't decide upon that at the beginning. I roughly knew what I was doing, but it only came together about five months into the story (chapter five or six), and then became crystal clear at about chapter fourteen.

Anyway, inspiration. For the name: I have always liked this song called "Daibakuhatsu No.1" By ZONE (jpop), and I wanted to do something that incorporated that feel into it. This was only mildly accomplished through the comedic parts of the story. For the story: A few people guessed a primary one, which was V for Vendetta. However, that wasn't the only thing. One person did pick up on my fancy of "Animal Farm". Also, I really like some parts of "Ender's Game", but only to an extent - whoever would teach children that young that kind of language should be dumped into the Lake Vostok. I also just pulled a lot of it from just personal likes and interests, such as the ideas of terrorism and its roots, prejudice, etc. I always wondered why people would do such awful things, and I had to really research and delve into the human mind to try and grasp this (which I still don't think I did very well). And there were many things from day to say that inspired different parts of the story, but I can't possibly name them all, or else this would be a really long answer.


A3. KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN! You don't have to write in all caps to get someone's attention any better, sheesh!

One thing I'm big on is realism. I'm sorry, but real deep love does not come within a few days or weeks. Nuh-uh. It takes years for the deep stuff to fully bloom. This doesn't mean that two people can't really love each other before a certain amount of time at all! It's just the whole trust factor takes a long time to establish, even in very open people. (And adding fluff simply or fluff's sake, to me, is rather pathetic. I love the building up of tension and suspense and leading it up to one nice moment that is not only relieving but believable: do you see random people running up to each other crying and then making out so passionately that they fall to the ground because their heads are lolling all over, thus knocking off their balance, at the local bakery. If this does happen to you frequently, I suggest you stop using whatever illegal drug happens to be in your possession: just say no)

Q4. Who was the whole conspiracy thing pointed at? The Church?

A4. As far as I'm aware, I have no conspiracy theory in the story. Such a thing actually implies a massive cover-up that defies common thought and/or nature. I do acknowledge that there was a big cover up, but this was by an isolationist and fascist regime, which does so by nature. So sorry, no cover up.

As for the whole church bashing thing, it's not really so. For one, there are about a 1.3 or so billion Christians in the world: That is 1.3 billion different interpretations, mindsets, and people. There is a lot of room for difference, no? So, did I bash something/one? Yes. Was it the church? No, it just so happened the demented sadist I bashed is an Christian of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Q5. What's your real name?

A5. Next question.

Q6. You put in those little cultural facts in the beginning, and then stopped. How come?

A6. Several reasons. For one, I felt like I was belittling my readers by saying 'oh yes, I know all about Japan' and all that nonsense. I really don't like being arrogant or condescending, and when I catch myself even possibly doing so, I try to stop it.

Another reason was the fact that I don't know everything about Japan. Do you know everything about a particular culture or nation or even region or city? I recognize the fact that I know a fair bit, but I don't know everything. The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing. (go Socrates)

I also thought that I covered most of the real biggies for the fan fiction, so if there were smaller cultural references, I tried to work them into the story for a more creative learning instead of flat out lecture notes.

(Side Note: For my next piece, I am planning on adding these regularly at the end, otherwise it'll be really hard to comprehend)

Q7. Wow, do you think something like this story could really happen?

A7. Definitely: They have already happened. Examples: Third Reich, Apartheid, Pre-War Japan (Pre-World War Two), etc. This is a nice perk to trying to keep things realistic, in that the line between reality and fantasy is very slim.

Also, I discovered a few days ago that a massive outbreak of Bird Flu (in birds) struck just outside Moscow. That crept the hell out of me.

Q8. Why'd you tell us to think about the location of Korea compared to Hokkaido? That had nothing to do with the story!

A8. Oh ho ho… you thought about it but didn't think of timing. Any kind of storm that could force a cloud of nuclear fall out away from southern Japan, across the Japanese sea and all the way to Hokkaido would have to be really powerful. Like a Typhoon. Which occur in the later part of the year. Like November and December. Which is when Kagome's birthday is. I'll let you guys continue from there and figure the rest of the theory out. J

Q9. Hey, the characters are really out of, well, character. And what was with the adding in of an OC near the end? WTF?

A9. I am VERY much aware that the characters in the fan fiction quite often broke their manga/anime persona. I did this for both aesthetic and realism issues.

I hate to break this to you, but happening's and people in the manga and anime… that's not how it really works. Sorry, but it's not very realistic: it's very idealistic, to say the least. I don't mind it for that. But, as I repeat, I really wanted to stress realism in this piece.

And aesthetically, there were some habits or vocabularies and such that I felt really fell right into a character's persona, if not their manga script.

Q10. Are you a Political Science major?

A10. Heh heh, no. I'm currently looking at colleges, actually. I'm a junior in high school. And actually, I plan on majoring in Archaeology and/or International relations, one of which will get a doctorate. I also plan on minoring in art/creative writing. I'm just very passionate about political stuff. For example, I do not believe that one should start any political argument and take sides if they cannot argue both sides of the argument.

Q11. Why was everything a weird, like driving on the left side of the road and stuff?

A11. Uh, cause the story is set in Japan. Not the United States of America. Japan… Say it with me, Japan…Nihon…

Q12. Is all of that stuff about Cascadia true?

A12. What, the fact that it's an actual region of North America and has a fair amount of people actively campaigning or independence? You bet your bottom yen. You might be surprised how many groups advocate for cession: Many in Hawai'I and Alaska, Some in Texas, the Southwest, Michigan with Wisconsin and Minnesota, New England areas, California, and even the city of New York has parties vying for independence (think Singapore)

Q13. Can you really track everywhere the main characters go in the story?

A13. Oh yes. I can do it quite easily with Google Earth. I made sure to pay close attention to such cartographical extremes.

Okay, and that's it. If you didn't have a question answered, then you should have sent in an email! I won't answer anything else about this story now. It's done, over, le fin.

And, as usual, if you want to find out anything else about stuff, go to my profile page. Duh.