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"Oi! Harry get up!" Ron Weasley said through a mouthful of chocolate frog.

"Gerraf me," Harry mumbled sleepily.

"But it's Christmas morning! And you've got presents!" Ron shouted.

With this Harry leapt off his bed, and onto the pile of presents on the floor. "Ron, did you open all your presents without me?" Harry said noticing all the gift-wrap on the floor.

"Only some," Ron replied, "but I couldn't wait, and you couldn't wake up!"

Harry laughed as he opened present after present, and there was only one left. "Who's this from?" Harry asked Ron who was trying to decide which sweet to eat next.

"Dunno," said Ron, tearing his eyes away from his enormous pile of goodies, and looking at the present wrapped in silvery paper. "It looks kind of like a book. Maybe Hermione gave it to you?"

"No, she gave me some treats from Honeydukes," said Harry.

"Well, you're not going to find out by staring at it. Just open the present, maybe there's a note inside," suggested Ron. Harry tore through the paper and found a withered book, bound in red leather. He opened it up, and sure enough a note fell out.


I came across this account of your mum's 7th year in Hogwarts one day, and thought you might like to have it. It should put your mind at ease if you had any doubts about your mum and dad's relationship. Hope you enjoy it.

Happy Christmas,

Remus J. Lupin

"Woah!" said Ron. "We've got to read this!" Harry agreed, so they opened it up and began reading the diary of Lily Evans.

Chapter 2: Hello dear diary

Harry and Ron opened the old book, and found his mom's unfamiliar handwriting, and they began to read immediately.

In my room, late at night, July 17th 1981 Dear diary,

Hello! I'm sorry for the mess inside my mind that you'll have to endure. I'm actually a very neat person, it's just that my mind isn't a very clean place. Okay, that sounded wrong, I don't have dirty thoughts or anything, I was just trying to say I have a lot of thoughts, that I don't organize, but really, who organizes their thoughts? My name is Lily Marie Evans, and I'm 17-years-old as of today. I got this diary as a birthday present from my Aunt Linda, and I decided to keep my thoughts in it.

I'm planning on keeping this diary a lot longer than I've kept all my other diaries. It's kind of weird though, talking to a blank book, that (hopefully) no one is going to read. Oh, well I'll get over it. On to my story. Today was a wonderful day. I awoke and went downstairs to see my family and friends all welcoming me. I blushed bright red when I remembered I was still in my nightclothes, and had bedhead, but forgot about it almost instantly when I saw all my presents! They were terrific, well all except for 1. My loving (not) sister Petunia, decided it would be great idea to get me a half-full container of paper clips for my birthday! And do you know what my mum said when I opened it? Well obviously you don't since you're a blank book. Anyway, she said, "It's the thought that counts." Can you believe her! I know what the thought was when she wrapped this up in the old, musty newspapers. The thought was I don't want to waste any money on that witch (who I'm extremely jealous of, but will never admit to it), so I'm just going to give her this old container of paper clips, that I'll probably never use anyway, and I'll wrap it up in one of the old newspapers under my bed! I didn't say this of course, I just smiled at Petunia who smirked (can you believe she had the nerve to smirk at me!) and muttered my thanks. But the best part came after the presents. We were eating my favorite breakfast (blueberry pancakes with maple syrup) when a tawny owl flew in through the window. It landed in Petunia's pancake stack and she shrieked and fell back in her chair(absolutely priceless), and my best friend Mary Beth got a photo of it! She's from a wizarding family, so she had one of those cameras that can make pictures move. Anyway, the owl gave me a letter telling me I'm head girl! They didn't tell who head boy is, however, and it frustrates me a bit. I've been going over it in my head, and I've decided it'll be Frank Longbottom, Lucas Tornum (a hot boy, might I add), or Thomas Dorgan. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see on September 1st, (I really wish it's be Lucas Tornum, yum)! Haha, that rhymes. Alrighty, my mum is yelling at me to turn off my light, so goodbye.


"Wicked," said Ron. "Tornum, why does that name sound familiar?"

"Isn't that the last name of that Ravenclaw in fourth year?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, the goody-goody," said Ron.

"My mum could have been his," Harry said with a hint of disgust.

"Wow," said Ron, "well I've had enough reading for now, haven't you?"

"Yeah, let's go get some breakfast," Harry said. With that, the two boys got dressed and went down to breakfast, abandoning the book.

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