Arthur Note, by Shawniecat and Mark Potter

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YEAR 2010

Just outside of the atmosphere of a pitch back planet, a long silver starship appeared just outside its atmosphere, its lone occupant stared at the planet,
from his huge computer screen on the wall. A old man in golden robes asked "
Computer, are any life readings?"

After a long silence a female voice that sounded around the old man replied"
No life signs detected, but readings indicate that there were intelligent life forms, which ended about ten years ago."

"Hmm, I don't need to ask what killed all life, since I can already feel it"
The man thought, as he sighed." Massive dark magic, gone completely out of control, the fate of many magical populated planets, that explore in that field of magic." The man finished closing his eyes, as he remembered seeing many planets like this one." Computer, check the timeline of this planet, and check for key events and if there is anyway to reverse this disaster?" The man asked,
and then waited.

After a few minutes, a list of dates appeared, and the man looked it through.

1980 The Birth of a possible Figure User.

1981 The downfall of a powerful Dark lord, by User.

1981 User is sent to abusive relatives.

1991 User is sent to Hogwarts School for wizardry and witchcraft.

1992 User stop the spirit of Dark lord, from gaining a new body.

1993 User kills a basilisk, and save a friend.

1994 User saves godfather from wrongfully imprisonment.

1994-95 User is trick into a tournament between three schools.

1995 User watches a classmate die, and the Dark lord he defeated as a baby is reborn.

1996 User loses godfather.

1998 The Death of Users best friends and then his own downfall, from the Dark Lord.

Once the last date was displayed, the computer ended the timeline." Not much to go on." The man thought, since even though he was allowed to interfere in a planets history, he was not allowed too much information about the planet, and unfortunately only allowed one chance to change their history." Computer, what is the possible dates to effect change." The man asked, and a short list appeared.

1981 After the first downfall of Dark Lord.

1991 Before attending Hogwarts, or before the resurrection of the Dark Lord in 1995.

The computer ended, at the last date, and the man gave it a long thought." Hmm,
I don't think I would want to watch over a one year old, but his training should start before his own schooling." The man thought, as he tapped his forefinger on his snow white beard." Computer let me see the User stats, and show me what will be the best way to begin." The man asked.

"Scans show high intelligence, but since his relatives verbal, and slightly abuse him, he has low self esteem of himself, but will be protective of those he care for." The computer said, but stopped for a second, before beginning again"
Suggest giving him Figure 17 Armor." The computer informed a now startled old man." Another that will help will be intensive teaching of both magic and non magic type fighting." The computer finished, leaving the man in shock.

After a while, the man shook off his shock." Computer, are you sure Figure 17 Armor?" The man asked looking unsure about this, since the armor was both a prototype, and should be use with high level magic users.

"Computer confirmed that his magic level is suited for this type of Figure 17 Armor." The computer said, and the man sat back in defeat.

"All right then, Computer, set the Time Gate to three years before User enters Hogwarts, and a month before his eighth birthday." The man sighed in defeat, and sat back as a whirling black hole appeared before his ship, and his ship entered the Time Gate.

JULY 25 1988

A white hair man, dress in important business clothes, entered a police station, with what he hope will be enough evidence to put someone in jail for a long time." Excuse me sir; I would like to report a case of child abuse." The man said, to a clerk, sitting at a desk.

"Do you have any proof of this abuse?" The clerk asked, as he looked to the old men.

"Yes, I got some pictures, voice tapes, and others that would help in the case." The old man stated, as he placed a number of thick folders on the desk.

"I had a private investigator check into the family after I suspected them of abusing the child, and since I had a feeling this been happening for awhile I wanted to help put a stop to it." The old man finished, as the clerk went wide-eye at the evidence, which showed a clear case of child abuse.

"I will get someone on it right now!" The clerk stutter unbelieving at what he saw, and then quickly got in touch with his supervisor, and then within half an hour, a good number of policemen were leaving the station in a hurry.

"Good, now I will have a clear shot at helping Harry Potter." The man said, as he sat and waited for the police to do their job.

The usual quite community of Private Dr. was disturbed as several police cars stopped in front of Number 4 Private Dr. and within fifteen minutes, the police had a large man and his wife in handcuffs, and was interrogating them." Mr.
Dursley, where is your nephew Harry Potter?" Was one of the officer's first questions, since Harry was not seen in any of the rooms in the house.

"I don't know who you mean, only me, my wife, and son lives here!" Vernon nervously stuttered, and luckily the officer noticed it.

"Mr. Dursley, if you cooperate with us now, we MIGHT drop some of the charges..." The officer stated.

Just then a second before another officer ran up to them." Sir, we are getting strong smells coming from a small cupboard under the stairs!" The second officer worriedly informed.

"Hurry and open it, it might be the kid!" The first officer said, and they quickly left, leaving a now frightened couple.

Within minutes of arriving at the small cupboard under the stairs, the officers cut open the many locks on the door, and was shocked when they opened it an looked at what was in there." MY GOD, place the relatives under arrest this minute!" The officer yelled, and while others quickly left to make the arrest,
he radio for an ambulance.

Inside a not so clean cupboard, was a half starved, messy black haired seven year old, who looked much younger then he should. When the paramedics picked him up, they were surprised that he weighed almost nothing as they place him on the gurney, and rushed to the hospital.

As the ambulance stopped at the hospital emergency entrance, the paramedics quickly removed the gurney with Harry on it, an old man stepped in front of them blocking there way.

"You will leave Harry Potter with me." The man simply said.

"Yes, you may take him." One of the paramedic said, with a daze look in there eyes.

"This folder is all you need to convict Vernon Dursley, and you will not need Harry for proof of his abuse." The man finished, as he picked up Harry, and placed a folder onto the gurney, and headed to a waiting car.

As the man drove off, he glanced toward a sleeping Harry." His condition is much worse then what the computer indicated." The man thought, knowing that his work to help Harry will be a long one." Yes, I will need to do this carefully,
and make sure he knows that he will be well taken of." The man finished, as he headed toward the outskirts of London, and into the forest area, where the car simply disappeared.

Within the first week after getting arrested, Vernon and Petunia Dursley, was sent to prison without a chance of getting out for a long time, their son Dudley, was sent to his Aunt Marge, and as for Harry Potter, they will all not see him for a lone time.