So. My first posting. These are simply some drabbles I've written, centering on the Lone Power, who is really my favorite character in the Young Wizards series. They've all got a very Nita/LP pairing slant, because... well, because it makes sense, and I do love those strange "romances," if you can call this that.

I would love some reviews. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Lone Power, Nita, or anything to do with the Young Wizards series. Diane Duane does. Lucky duck.

The Lone Power was not a patient man, insofar as It was a man at all. It had been attempting for quite some time now to bring about a certain young wizard's doom... this was what It did all the time, of course, but this particular wizard had captured Its attention. It wasn't sure why, but the betrayal and subsequent downfall of one Nita Callahan seemed somehow very important.

And finally, It was wondering exactly why that was. It had never stopped to think about it before. Perhaps It was simply Its need for a more focused goal than "Spread Entropy." Spreading Entropy was all well and good, but spending time and energy on something so specific as a moving target, to prove Itself, must be one of Its reasons for being so obsessed with her... mustn't it?

Obsession, yes, that was what it was, It decided. That was the correct term. It made sense, in a way. In a way It hated. Humans had been shaped by the Powers That Be, including Itself... but the Powers often overlooked just how much They Themselves had been shaped by humans. Obsession, love, anger... these would not have come into the existences of the Powers had not humans themselves invented them. The Lone One, in Its infinite wisdom, could see now just how much It had been shaped by them as well...

It was obsessed; obsessed with possessing a single lowly human. And somehow It couldn't bring Itself to care.