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Nita had the flu.

Itchy, sneezy, snotty, achy, flu. The kind of flu that made for absolutely miserable days and even more miserable nights. Because when she finally managed to get to sleep, she had sick-dreams.

Nita had always had weird dreams when she was sick; but they were made ten times worse now because of Him.

Tonight, she fell asleep at a little past three in the morning. Sheer exhaustion overtook her in an ambush and she slumped into her pillows and closed her eyes.

The familiar darkness surrounded her as she fell into a dream. He stood in front of her, looking strangely blurry… waxy, or fake, or not completely there. She didn't know. She didn't particularly care.

Always on the outside looking in, He said.

What do you mean? she said.

Never truly there… He said.

What do you mean? she said.

You'll probably never know, He said.


I hate you, she said.

I know, He said.

Why do you like it? she said.

Why do you? He said.

I don't, she said.

So you say, He said.


Why do you do these things? she said.

Why shouldn't I? He said.

Because it's wrong, she said.

So you say, He said.


Go away, she said.

Why should I? He said.

I DON'T KNOW, she said.

Exactly, He said.

Nita woke up, tangled in her sheets, sweat making her feel clammy. She stared at her ceiling. She pondered. She thought. She waited. No reason came.