Chapter 1 Enemies work

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Aang landed Appa right outside of Omashu. They had to talk to King Bumi about earth bending. Aang had already mastered water bending. And since the King of Omashu was the only Earth Bender that Aang knew well he decided that it would be best to head back that way.

Katara was worried that Prince Zuko would follow them into the city and destroy yet another city just like Suki's. But Aang had reassured the water bender that everything would be okay. Katara couldn't keep her mind off of the Fire bender that followed them everywhere. Things seemed different now that he wasn't trying as hard to capture the Avatar. They had spoke without any arguments the while the group was leaving the North Pole and it was actually pleasant to talk with the prince; if that's what you could call it.


It was early that morning and Katara couldn't sleep. This place felt too much like home. Well it didn't help that her grandfather was still living up here instead of being in the war. She snuck out of their house and down to the docks. She loved being down there and just enjoying the view. What she didn't know was that Prince Zuko was down there keeping an eye on the group.

"Katara isn't it?" Iroh asked from the deck.

Katara looked up and was surprised to find the two looking at her. "Yes it is." She replied then sat at the end of the docks. The water was turning a light purple from the way the light hit it.

"So why did you decide to travel with the Avatar?" Zuko asked rudely.

Katara laughed and looked at the boy who in returned offered her a comforting smile. Shaking her head she got up and splashed Zuko with some water.

"I was just trying to be nice!" He yelled as she petted a seal that came up. "Fine don't answer me I'll just burn this pathetic excuse for a town to the ground."

"Chill Prince." Katara snapped. "You don't need to have a bison."

Iroh laughed at his nephew's reaction. "So if don't mind me asking why did you leave your home?"

"I was supposed to get away from my brother and stuff. But I guess it really has to deal with the fact that Aang was banished from my home town." Katara replied. "So I decided to help to go with him because he didn't deserve it."

Zuko leaned on the railing on the deck and lost his balance and fell forward. Katara giggled as Zuko struggled to stay a float. His armor was too heavy causing him to sink below the surface. Katara dived in and made an attempt to rescue the prince. Zuko had lost consciousness by the time Katara saw him. Grabbing his arm she pulled him up to the surface and made her way back to the shore. Pulling him up and onto her lap she looked at Iroh for some help.

"Mouth to mouth." Iroh suggested.

Katara decided she would use her bending to get the water out of his lungs. A mini water snake appeared above her and she placed the water back into the ocean. Zuko coughed a bit before spitting up some water left in his lungs. His eyes opened slowly and he looked around.

"Can't swim can you?" Katara asked smiling.

Zuko sat up but became suddenly light head. Katara laughed and pushed him back down onto her lap. Closing his eyes he enjoyed the feeling of someone, other than his uncle, taking care of him.

"You should try breathing in first before moving like that." Katara said calmly.

Zuko sat up slowly. This time he didn't get light head or anything. He rubbed his head and looked at the young water bender. She had saved his life despite the fact that he had tried to kill her on numerous occasions.

"Uncle lets go. I have some stuff to do." Zuko said standing up and waddling like a duck over to his uncle. Katara giggled but wasn't surprised that Zuko used his fire bending to dry himself off.

End Flash back

Katara smiled at herself and watched Sokka pace back. Traveling with her brother made her respect the fifteen, now sixteen-year-old boy. She was glad that he worried about her but he needed to stop bugging her. Still not having the heart to tell either Aang or Sokka about her and Zuko's conversation.

Appa landed on the ground and Aang jumped over onto the ground. He sniffed the air. "Fire benders are nearby."

"No way. My instincts say that we're perfectly…" Sokka was cut short when fire nations solders surrounded them.

"What did we tell you about your instincts?" Katara asked.

"Well I know I told him not to listen to it." A voice said jumping down from a tree.

"JET!" Sokka yelled.

Katara pulled out a water whip from a nearby stream ready to take any action. "Jet what are you doing here?"

"I came to get you Katara."

Admiral Zhao walked out from the trees and grabbed Aang by the throat. "And he's helping me catch the Avatar."

Katara narrowed her eyes and pulled out some of her water. "I'm not going down with out a fight."

Jet appeared behind her and held a dagger up to her neck. "You'll come peacefully I know it."

"How about not?" Zuko's voice said as fire hit in front of Jet.

Zhao smiled, handed Aang off to Nyla and turned to Zuko. "You're mine." He dived towards the prince who just stepped back one.

Sokka managed to get out of The Duke's grip since all he did was tie Sokka's hand together. Running out of the boy's reach Sokka ran up behind Zuko.

"What are you doing here?" Sokka hissed.

"Returning two favors." He hissed back.

Zhao ran up behind the two teens and hit Sokka in the side of the head and then grasped Zuko by the neck. Zuko struggled to fight against Zhao's grip but it only tightened more around his neck. He finally kicked Zhao in the leg causing Zhao to let go of him and focus on the pain coming from his leg. Running over to see if Sokka was all right, Zuko tripped over Jet's foot causing him to hit his head on a rock.

Katara flinched as blood began to trickle down his forehead. "Zuko!" She yelled. Jets pressed the dagger further on her throat causing it slightly pierce the skin.

"Get your hands off my sister you bastard!" Sokka yelled diving at Jet. Zhao grabbed him by the ponytail and yanked him up to his face. "Hey you need a breath mint." Finding his two pressure points he squeezed them slightly knocking Sokka out cold.

Katara looked at her brother then Zuko. Both boys were out cold. Aang was already half way to Zhao's boat and she was trapped within Jet's dagger. She was going to die and the Fire Nation was going to have control of this whole war. She couldn't let this happen. In fact she wasn't even supposed to have anything to do with this. Maybe if she didn't get herself in trouble with Gran Gran then things wouldn't have been much different. Katara hung her head down in defeat but then looked up as she heard rustling in bushes. Iroh walked out into the scene.

"Now Admiral Zhao what do we have here?" Iroh asked looking at him. And shooting a fire ball at the Admiral.

"I'm sorry General but things are different now and going to be ruled under a different Fire Lord and nobody is going to stop me." Zhao laughed evilly dodging his attack.

Katara kicked Jet between the legs and ran up to the water and readied her water whip. "I'm not afraid of you." In reality she was scared out of her mind. Jet glared at her clutching his balls. "Well don't make me mad again bastard." She hissed.

Zhao walked up behind her and tried to touch her. She hit Zhao in the head with the whip but that didn't stop him from advancing on her. She backed up until she was now in Jet's arms.

"I knew you would come into my arms one day." He breathed in her ear.

"Oh shut up bastard." Katara hissed stepping on his foot. Jet again let go and allowed her to escape again. "Okay focus, work your way through the stances." Katara muttered creating a gaint wave of water hitting both Jet and Zhao. They both were frozen where they stood.

She ran off towards Nyla to get Zuko back. But before she got a chance to she tripped over the same rock that Zuko did. Falling forward she hit the ground, her head of course hit a sharp rock not only knocking her out but also cracking her skull as well.

Zhao picked her up and tossed her to Jet. "Nice working with you. I'll remember to notify the Fire lord of your demands."

"If you don't I'll hunt you down myself and kill you." Jet snapped still not trusting Zhao completely.

"You have a fire bender's promise." Zhao said walking back towards his ship.

"Yeah," muttered Jet, "It's as good as gold."

Iroh watched both men leave with their prizes. In his old shape he couldn't help Zuko or Katara even if his life depended on it. It would have been best for the retired General to meet them in the Fire Nation itself.

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