Its 2002 and its been 18 years since "the good ole' days" with Jack Janet, Terri, Larry, Chrissy, Cindy, the Ropers, Mr. Furley, and even dratted Lana together. Everybody went their separate ways. So Jack and Janet decide to hold a reunion.

Jack and Janet are both 47 and have a house in Los Angeles, not far from their old apartment building and still stay in touch with Mr. Furley and the Ropers, who moved back into the apartment building in 1990. Jack owns three restaurants and even has his own cooking show, which has high ratings. Janet now owns and manages her own flower shop called "Janet's Florist." They have three children. Michael "Mike" is 16. Mike has Jack's hair and Janet's eyes and is very handsome. He is smart and does very well in school and is a hard worker. He is easygoing and quiet, and is often described as "the sensible Tripper family member." Christopher "Chris" is 14. He has Janet's hair and Jack's eyes. He is funny and goofy like Jack and has Janet's temper. Jennifer "Jenny" is 12. Jenny has Jack's hair and eyes. She is sweet and caring, but goofy like her dad.

Larry, 48, and Terri, 47, have a house in Los Angeles, also near their old apartment building seeing that they live right next door to the Trippers. Larry is still a used car salesman and Terri is still a nurse. They have four children: Amanda is 15. Amanda has Terri's hair and eyes and is very pretty. She is sweet and kind, and always seems to be right about everything. Daniel "Danny" is 12. He has Larry's hair and Terri's eyes. He is goofy and a bit of a troublemaker like his dad. Emily is 10. She has Terri's hair and eyes like Amanda, and is very small for her age. She's cute, sweet, and adorable, and is also very shy. Samnatha "Sammy" is 9. She has Larry's hair and eyes. She is a major dady's girl and is goofy and a troublemaker like him. She's also a bit of a tomboy.

Chrissy, 47, married Jim the bartender who worked at The Reagle Beagle. They live in San Diego where Chrissy works as an accountant and Jim owns his own bar. They have two children: Matthew "Matt" is 14. He has blond hair and green eyes. He is a very outgoing, talkative (in an annoying way) person. Yet he is nice and friendly so you have to love him. Brittany is 11. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is somewhat spoiled and arrogant, but tolerable. She is ditzy and bubbly like Chrissy.

Cindy met her husband Hal Matherson, a former Dallas Cowboys football player, during a trip to Dallas, Texas, and they married. They live in Dallas where Cindy is a stay-at-home-mom, and Hal coaches the football team at the University of Texas in Dallas. They have one daughter: Elizabeth "Lizzy" is 13. She has Cindy's hair and eyes. She is friendly and bubbly like Cindy.

Lana Shields never married but ended up pregnant. The man that was the father made no effort to help her. So she got a job selling cosmetics in a mall in San Francisco. She has one son: Ethan is 19. He is quiet, and not too bright. He dropped out of high school when he was 17, and has sat his butt at home ever since. Now they have just recently moved back to Los Angeles in the old apartment building where Ethan attempts to start working when he gets a job at the dealership that Larry works at. Lana is searching for a new job.

Mr. Furley is still the landlord at the old apartment building. The Ropers moved back to the apartment building in 1990 and are now good friends wioth Mr. Furley.

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