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Kikyou,Kouga(koga),Kagura ,naraku BASHING If you don't ,Umm read on.

Kagome and Inuyasha have known each other sencie kindergarden.This is how they met.

( In The Past.)

Little Inu was being picked on and little Kaggs came over bit the shit out of the kids.

"Thanks for saving me". Inuyasha said." Its o.k.,us hanyous have to stick together ,kagome said.Hanyou? "Inuyasha said.

(She had a black hood on)She reached up and took off her black hood.Inuyasha looked at her black ears, a with silver spots on top."Ohh,I see now. Little Inu said with a joy in his voice.

They both just stood there looking at each other." Umm? So,what's your name?" Inu said . Kaggs looked at him. ' Should I tell him'? Sure ".My name kagome,yours"? Inuyasha,but you can call me Inu.

"Cool, so why were they picking on you? Kagome said . Because I'm a hanyou,half dog ,half human." He said a with sadness." Well I'm a hanyou too.You need to tough'n up."

"I do"? Inu said . "Um yeah,I'll show you show you some moves.Kaggs said taking Inu by the hand and running behide the class. Inu blushed at kaggs. Okay frist you need to how you running fast ,you know how? She asked."

"Ohh.I know how to run fast ,little Inu said ."

"Alright,step two . Be ready for anything."

"Step three .Know who your fighting and why."

"Step four.Kick their ass."

Inuyasha laughed at Kagome,but he listened. "Okay" ,little Inu said .

So that from that day they played with each other . They began best friends later on.

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