He Wants Me To Kill You

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Summary- HBP GIVE-AWAY! SPOILER! We had been together secretly since first year… but after what he did, or try to do… I was next. DM/HG. Hermione's POV. Do NOT read if you don't want the 6th book to be ruined.

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Note 2- (this note is a HBP spoiler) I'm changing some parts in the Half-Blood Prince… like the story is going to start with Draco crying to Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom and Harry just performed that curse that ALMOST killed him. And then it goes my way (with some parts in the book) from here.

Note 3- this story MIGHT have no story line to it, so I might just go right to the big parts!

So… lets start with the story!

Chaper 1- His Tears

I was sitting in the Great Hall, reading, with Ron, while he ate. People around us were talking about the problems that they had. Katie was the only one who knew my problem. She, him and me are the only ones that knew my secret. If I told Harry or Ron I'd be dead in a minute because they hate him.

I glanced at the Slytherin table hoping to get a glimps of him. He wasn't there. Maybe he slept in. I went back to reading.

I don't want to believe that Harry thinks he's a Death Eater. I mean he acts like he can be one, be still… he just CAN'T be! He did look really suspicious that day when we were in Diagon Alley, though.

I never get the chance to talk to him anymore… he always has some excuse for ditching me. He never makes eye contact with me anymore. And lately it looked like he had been cr… I can't even say it! I mean… it is HIM that I am talking about… he's not the type person to cry. But his eyes have been bloodshot and he has had bags under his eyes too, like he hasn't been sleeping. Maybe that's why he isn't here; he's catching up on his sleep.

"Harry, you alright mate?" Ron said.

I looked up. Harry looked really pale, and he was shaking.

"Harry," I said, "what's up?"

"It almost killed him," he said softly.

"What killed who?" Ron said.

"That spell," Harry was barely whispering, "I didn't it was going to do that. The book just said 'for enemies' and… and… it almost killed him."

"Killed who?" Ron said a bit too loudly.

"Shhh!" I said to him. "Harry, are you talking about a spell you got from the Prince?"

He nodded.

"Harry, we still don't know who this Prince person is! I'm wondering why you trust that book!"

"Hermione quit nagging on him!" Ron snapped. "Killed who?" he said turning back to Harry.

"Malfoy," he said.

My eyes widen.

"What? What happen?"

"He was in the bathroom, crying, and Moaning Myrtle was there and he was talking to her and he saw me and we had a duel then I threw that Sectumsempra spell at him and it… it like…" he couldn't finish.

"It what?" I said. As much as I'm supposed to hate him, I'm still allowed to be worried inside. "What happened?"

"Since when are you all worried about Malfoy?" Ron said.

"Look, I could care less about Malfoy," I lied, "but I just don't want Harry expelled."

"I'm not expelled, I just have to spend every single Saturday in detention with Snape for the rest of the term," Harry said.

"I would rather be expelled," Ron said biting his toast. "Wait!" he spat his toast out. "You mean to tell me that Snape put you in detention for the rest of the term? What about Quidditch?"

Quidditch was the least of my worries. In fact it was never a worry I even had. I mean… DRACO was almost KILLED by my BEST FRIEND! You do the math! I can't believe it!

"Is he in the hospital wing?" I asked, not thinking. Of course he is in the hospital wing!

"Yea," Harry said and Ron gave me a really weird look.

The bell rang and everyone headed to class.

I could barely stand it! It was like the ultimate torture for me! I'm sitting in Transfiguration and just wanting the bell to ring. That conversation freaked me out. Thank Merlin that I have a break next because I was going to go see Draco. Pansy Parkinson had already seen him and she has been crying all day. Wow, she is SO annoying! And when Harry told me that Pansy and Draco looked 'comfortable' in his compartment on the train, it had BETTER be part of the act! That hit my nerve!



Harry and Ron called to me to tell me wait up. Wait up? WAIT UP? I don't think so. But I did. I passed a girls bathroom and told them that I had to 'go'. They're boys… they fall for anything! When I knew that they were out of sight, I quickly ran down the corridor to the hospital wing.

"Mr. Malfoy, you need your rest. Now will you please go to sleep?" I heard Madam Pomfrey saying.

"But you don't understand, I have to get out of here!" that was Draco's voice.

"You are to stay! I will step out of the room for 10 minutes because I have to speak to the Headmaster and when I return you had better be here!" She meant business!

I pretended to walk away reading while Madam Pomfrey walked out of the hospital wing. I ran into the room. Draco was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling with that 'Malfoy look'. He sat up when I walked in.


"Draco… what happened?"

"You mean, Potter didn't tell you?"

"I would rather hear it from you."

"It's not that I don't want to tell you… it's just that I can't."

"Draco that is no excuse!" I was getting pissed! "What is going on with you?"

It was like he was scared of something, he keep fidgeting, and he wasn't looking at me when he spoke.


"Hermione… you just need to understand that I can't tell you!"

"What I don't understand is that you can't come to me to talk but yet you go to… to Moaning Myrtle? I mean… I'm your girlfriend! You are supposed to come to me for this kind of thing.

He muttered something about being friends with Harry.

"Who cares if I'm friends with Harry? It hasn't bothered you before! We went 5 years and the only one who knows is Katie!"

"You never know who to trust anymore."

"No shit, Draco!" I'm trying my best not to scream. "I hardly trust you!"

"Hermione, calm down!"

I took a deep breath in and let it out. I sat down on the bed.

"Look, it just makes me feel… feel…" how to put it "feel pissed that you talk to a ghost and not me!"

"Like I told you before, I can't tell you. I want to tell you, but if he found out we would both die!"

"He who?"

Draco gave that look that Hagrid gives when he tells us something that wasn't suppose to be said.

"He who?" I repeated.

"Damn," was all he said.

"Draco… please tell…" and then it hit me. I stood up from the bed and back away. "I didn't want to believe Harry… I really didn't… and I still don't."

"Hermione, just please, listen and understand that I can't tell you…"

"You didn't! Please tell me you didn't!"

He looked away again.

I walked to his side and took his left arm.

"Hermione, I can explain…"

I pulled his sleeve back and stared at the Mark on his arm. My mouth dropped open when I saw the Dark Mark stained into his skin, pierced into his flesh. I looked at him and back at his arm.

"Harry was right," I spoke.

"Hermione, I had no say in this. He wanted me to join and it was my father's wishes."

"I- I … why?"

"Mi," he stood up, "I love you. And if I told you anything that I have to do, he will come and kill you… and me."

"Voldemort," he winced at the name, "is already after me because one, I'm Muggleborn and two, I'm Harry's friend."

"Mi, he just can't find out about us," his hand went to my cheek softly.

"He's not going to," I cried as a few tears dripped down my face. He wiped them away with his hand.

"The Dark Lord knows these things… and… it would just kill me if you ever got hurt."

"Like I am now?" I backed away. "So, that's it then? We're over?"

"Hermione, please understand this…"

"I'm trying but you need to tell me what is going on for me to understand," I wiped away more tears on the back of my hand.

"Can you just understand that I can't tell you… just not now?"

I never answered him. I just looked at him.

"Madam Pomfrey is going to be here soon. I better get going," I said.

"Hermione," I turned back. "I love you."

"And when you love someone you have to let them go," I said. "I get it," I walked out. I shut the door behind me and I knew I left him in tears.

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