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Buffy stood on the shaded terrace and watched the sun begin it's descent on the horizon. She loved it here and the thought of leaving filled her with sadness. But also with excitement. For the first time in a very long time they were headed home. She smiled. It was time. She felt his presence long before he wrapped his arms around her. Buffy leaned back into Angel and place his hand on her slightly rounded belly.

"Have you said your good-byes then?" He smoothed his palm over the life growing inside his lover.

"Ummm…actually I did a long time ago. Are we ready then?" She turned and placed her arms around his neck.

"All the luggage was sent yesterday, it's just up to us to head on out."

"Can you trust this transport person?" They traveled under the radar these days. No sense tipping their hand to anyone who might try to stop them. Not that they could.

"Spike and Willow met with him and she felt he was honest, in a mercenary kind of way. It'll be fine."

"Okay. So I guess this is it. Is Willow still here?"

"They're both waiting for us downstairs. Let's go." He took her hand and led her out.

The man stood on the deck and waited. His passengers said they would be here just after sunset. He shrugged, he liked to leave with the light, but they were paying. And they were paying top dollar. Delivering antiques, didn't seem all that dangerous. He looked up at the horizon and saw four people heading his way. Must be them. About time he thought.

He recognized the man with the bleached blond hair and the striking features and the very cold hands. And the sweet young girl, his wife, with the open green eyes and red hair. What a very odd couple they were. They walked up to him, the man putting forward his hand to shake.

Spike knew the other man didn't want to shake his hand, so with a very wicked gleam he held it out to him. Willow just rolled her eyes. "Hello again Captain. Please let me introduce you to my husband's brother and his wife."

The sight of the two of them almost took his breath away. He had never seen such a striking couple. One dark, one light. Both beautiful and both with a very regal air about them.

"Liam, Elizabeth. This is Captain Malcolm Reynolds."

"Please, call me Buffy, Captain. Everyone does." She held her gloved hand out to him. "I am so glad you agreed to take us on this long journey. I'm sure it will be advantageous to all involved." She smiled, making his heart skip a beat.

All this was not lost on Angel, who was now used to the power his wife had developed over the centuries. "Captain, shall we be off?" He set his hand on Buffy's arm, making clear what his territory was.

"Umm, yes. My pilot has your coordinates. We've never been to that part of space, but I'm sure we'll have no problems."

Buffy smiled at him. "Oh I am totally confident that we won't." She looked at Willow. "Right?"

She smiled back at Buffy. "Too right."

Mal looked between the two women, not more than girls really, with a bit of confusion. "Okay, glad the two of you are confident in our abilities. Kaylee here will show you to your rooms." He nodded to the young girl who was standing, awe-struck by the foursome in front of her.

Willow smiled at her. "Kaylee, what a lovely name."

"What a lovely lady, as well." Spike graced her with one of his sexiest smiles, which garnered him an elbow in the ribs. "Just being nice pet."

Angel and Buffy settled into their room. "Another adventure. Wouldn't Giles be surprised?"

Buffy looked at her husband. "Possibly our last adventure. But I have to say my love, I would never have missed the last 500 years for anything in the whole 'verse."

He looked out the small window, Angel loved the blackness of space, and then back at his wife and smiled. "Not for anything in the whole 'verse. So here we are. A new day, huh babe?"

She lay next to him on the small bed and rubbed her stomach. "Yeah, and a new life."