dreadson Disclaimer- Max Steel does not belong to me. It's the property of a bunch of big companies with lots of lawyers and money, and I hope they don't sue a poor pitiful college student... *whimper* This poem is another sonnet, of course... Shakespearean, to the best of my knowledge. Fits Dread, doesn't it? Shakespearean sonnets, to my knowledge are in iambic pentameter and have an abab rhyme scheme. If I'm wrong, then please correct me...

Dread Shadow

For I am one acquainted with the night,
And I have walked its dark and secret ways,
And wended on the path 'twixt black and white
And turned my back on that which lit my days.
Like Abraham, I offered up my son.
I sacrificed the one that I loved most.
I gained my power from that which I'd done
And now am haunted by a lonely ghost.
There in the shadows 'round me lurks a shade,
The image clear of my only regret.
His is a spirit that will not be laid
And in another's eyes, he haunts me yet.
As history comes spinning round again
And brings me face to face with what has been.