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Summary: Lorelai and Luke meet earlier in life. There is no Rory (Yet, at least im not sure what will happen with that yet). What will happen when two people from two different worlds find each other? Also Luke's dad is alive but mother is dead. Luke is 17, Lorelai is 16. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Far from home

"Let's go you guys were going to be late!" Tyler Doose yelled to Jackson, Kirk, Luke, and Ben

"Why are we going to this party anyways, we don't even know the people?" Luke grumbled as he came down the stairs

"Because Tyler's girlfriend goes to school with these kids and she said just to come anyways there's free beer!" Ben yelled

"Whatever lets go" Luke said and all five boys got into the car and drove to Hartford

When they pulled up to the address that was given to them, they could not believe their eyes. The house was huge and there were people everywhere.

"Do you even know whose house this is?" Luke asked while they were walking up the front steps

"Yea…umm what did Cailyn say her name was…umm Lori something …o yea Lorelai Gilmore. She is the richest girl in Cailyn's school and the most populist and her parents are in London so they left here the house for 2 weeks" Tyler said

"Wow maybe I'll meet a hot rich girl," Jackson said

"Jackson don't you and Sookie kinda have a thing going on?" Kirk asked

"Don't asked, it's confusing" Jackson replied

When they walked in the house there were people everywhere, mostly drunk.

"Well im going to go find Cailyn guys, good luck with the lady's" Tyler said and walked off to go find his girlfriend

"Ok umm. Im just going to go look around…bye" Luke said and went off to see the rest of the mansion

Luke went up the stairs and looked through all the rooms, which most were occupied by horny teenagers. Wow defiantly not in Stars Hollow anymore Luke thought to himself. He then entered a room that looked like a girls bedroom and shut the door since it was the only room with no one in it. The room was filled with bright colors and there was a four-post bed in the middle and huge red chair near the window, which he took a seat in it and ran through his thoughts.

"Ugh. Chris seriously just leave the party, you always do this," A girl screamed as she entered the room, which stirred Luke from his thoughts

The girl had a white slinky dress that hung just above her knees and had black heels on and she looked beautiful Luke thought

"What do I always do Lor…what!" Chris screamed as he entered the room and shut the door

"You always act like a jackass when your with your friends, but when were here your all like I love you and I know that's BULLSHIT, you only say that shit to get me in bed and im sick of it ugh…just g-" Her words were cut off when she noticed Luke standing in the corner of the room

"Who are you" Lorelai asked

"Um. Luke I'll just leave you two alone" He said as he started for the door

"No, it's ok were done!" She said as she looked coldly over to Chris

"No were not Lorelai, you always do this I love you, I didn't mean it" Chris pleaded

"Just like you meant sleeping with Kira…who by the way is…well WAS by best friend!" Lorelai screamed as the tears that she managed to hold in had finally slipped down her face

"It was a mistake you have to believe me," Chris yelled

"NO! Get out just leave ok im done, were done!"Lorelai yelled

"Lor…" Chris started but stopped when he saw the glare Luke was giving him and the sadness in her eyes and he walked out her bedroom door and shut it

"Im sorry about that…little show" Lorelai said as she sat on the bed

"It's alright he seems like an ass anyways" Luke said

"Yea he is" Lorelai said and managed a smiled

"O sorry im Lorelai Gilmore" She stuck her hand out and Luke shook it

"Luke Danes…so this is your house?" Luke asked

"Yup the prison" Lorelai chuckled


"Yea, well my parents are hardly ever around and when they are we always just fight because I am not the dream daughter they imagined and I just hate it here. Not just in this house but In Hartford and Chilton, all the rich snobs and backstabbers that pretend to like you but the next day they're screwing your boyfriend"

"Wow im sorry I just loaded that on you" Lorelai said

Luke sat on the bed next to Lorelai "Hey don't worry I kinda know how you feel, I don't have any of this (Luke gestured to her room) But I live in a small town and their can't be any secrets and everyone's always in your business."

"That must suck"

"Yah, but I love it, everyone knows everyone and it is really comforting" Luke said

"Yea, sounds nice I wouldn't really know comfort to much, anyways umm do you wanna leave, I don't feel like being here anymore"

"Sure, but don't you have to stay it is your house?" Luke asked confused

"No, there are security guards around I'll make sure they watch out… umm do you have a car"

"No I came with friends"

"Ok I'll call my driver… how about you meet me by the door in 10 minutes?"

"Ok" Luke said and walked out of the room and downstairs and ran straight into Jackson

"Hey buddy" Jackson said a little drunk

"Hey, umm you guys don't need to wait up for me I'm leaving with someone k, bye" Luke said and walked away quickly to avoid any questions.

Luke waited patiently by the door and then he saw Lorelai come down the stairs in a jean skirt, a green Bangles T-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops

"Ok let's get the hell out of here" Lorelai said as they walked outside to find a black stretch limo

"Is this our ride" Luke said pointing to the Limo

"Yup…. so know any good places to go and eat, nothing fancy" Lorelai said

"Sure I always hang out at my favorite restaurant Sniffy's, it has great food and nothing fancy" Luke smiled at Lorelai

"Great let's go!" She said and they got into the limo