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Chapter 17

Hartford clinic..A few weeks after applying to colleges...March 28th

The past couple of weeks have flew by for Lorelai and Luke. Lorelai has been spending more time at the Danes then in Hartford, even spending the night every weekend, Emily and Richard were not too happy that their only daughter was never home but they liked the Danes and wanted her to enjoy her last year in high school, also Lorelai told them she was sleeping in Liz's room which made them more comfortable.

"Hello Liz, nice to see you again" Doctor Wells Said as she entered the room

"Nice to see you too, Doctor Wells, this is my friend Lorelai, Lorelai, Doctor Wells" She said and they greeted each other

"So how have you been?" Wells said as Liz got situated on the chair

"Well good, the morning sickness finally passed and now I'm just having some weird cravings and back pains" Liz answered and look at Lorelai because she was the one usually eating the nasty things Liz wanted with her

"That's to be expected, so you are about six months pregnant so this little one should be out around June 7th " Doctor Wells said and lifted Liz's shirt which was covering her pretty big belly, while Liz looked at Lorelai and smiled, Lorelai grabbed her hand and held it, lately she has been in this completely with Liz, and Jimmy and William couldn't make it today so Lorelai gladly asked Liz to join

"This jell will be cold" She said as she started to put the jell on and Liz shivered slightly at the contact

"Okay here we are, see this is the babies head, and arm, and leg, and what you are hearing right now is the heartbeat" Liz just started at the screen

"Would you like to know what you are having?" Doctor Wells asked a emotional Liz

"Yes" She said and Lorelai tightened the grip on her hand

"Well it seems you are having... a boy, Congratulations!" Doctor Wells said and hugged Liz

"Wow, a little boy" Lorelai said and hugged Liz also

"Wow" Liz whispered

"Well I will fill out your prescription for some vitamins also print some pictures for you, why don't you take these to the secretary out front, she will schedule your next appointment, and congratulations again" Wells said and left the room

"Liz you O.K" Lorelai asked her and rubbed her arm soothingly

"Oh yeah sorry, wow a boy this is going to be hard" Liz stated and started to whip the jell off her stomach and lower her shirt

"We are all here with you, why Don't we go get that stuff and go to the mall for some shopping before dinner?" Lorelai suggested

"Sure" Liz said and smiled as they walked out of the room

Hartford Mall

"So do you want to eat or shop first?" Lorelai asked Liz as the entered the mall

"Lets...eat" Both girls said at the same time and laughed then headed to the food court

"It all looks so good I don't know where to start first" Lorelai said as she started down at all the food the bought and scattered across the too tables they put together

" Let's start with...Chinese" Liz said and started digging in

"So Liz...how are you and Jimmy?" Lorelai asked as she took some bites of her food

"Um... we're good I mean we have our up and downs and I not sure what's going happen once this little boy comes out but I think it will be good I will make sure he is taken car of" She said and looked at Lorelai

"That's good he has a good home, even though Luke doesn't show it he is happy, the other night we were watching a movie and in the middle he just paused it and said I love you to me, I mean we have said it before but it was random so I asked him if something was wrong and he said absolutely not, everything is just right,he said that he was so happy we were together, and that school was almost finish, and that he was going to be an uncle...don't tell him I told you because I said I wouldn't mention is soft side to anyone" Lorelai laughed

"Wow, I can't picture Luke being like that, I thought he hated kids" Liz said and laughed

"Hey Liz, can I tell you something and you can't tell anyone" Lorelai said in a serious tone

"Yea, promise" Liz said quickly

"O.K, well a few weeks ago I thought I was pregnant" She said quickly

"What!" Liz said surprised

"I wasn't feeling good and I had been throwing up so..."

"Wait, you mean, you and Luke...you know?" Liz questioned

"Mhm" Lorelai answered shortly

"More then once?" She asked curious because she thought they hadn't yet because they saw how she ended up and they would be cautious

"Mhm... and one time we didn't use anything...that was about two weeks before I got sick so Luke came to my house and he asked me if maybe I was pregnant, then he went to the pharmacy bought some test came back, I took them and they were all negative"

"Wow, I had no clue, did you guys talk about it?" Liz asked Lorelai as she started in on the Mexican food

"Yes, we both said if I was it would be a blessing, and basically he said that he will always be around no matter what" Lorelai said and smiled

"That's good, were you upset?"

"Actually I was, a lot, but your brother was there to comfort me...like always" She smiled

"Aww... you guys must really love each other" Liz said seeing how her eyes lit up when she spoke about Luke

"We do, were still young but I don't see myself with anyone but him, I'm still scared about what will happen when we go off to college, I mean he said we will stay together, but I hope that's enough" Lorelai said and looked down at her barley touched food

"Don't worry he wont leave you because I see him at night talking to you on the phone when he thinks no one can see him and he always has the biggest smile on, and we both know Luke does not smile for just anyone" Liz laughed followed by Lorelai because they both knew how true that was

"Alrighty, I am full let's go shopping" Liz said as they started to get up and get their purses

After what seemed like days, but was only two hours the girls finally got back to Lorelai's car and put all their purchases in it

"We got so much stuff Luke is so going to kill me" Lorelai laughed as they buckled up and started to the highway

"I know, maybe he wont though we he sees the little blue flannel and baseball cap you bought for this little boy" Liz smiled while rubbing her stomach


"Lorelai I just wanted to thank you for being around and helping me out, I mean your my brother's girlfriend and that role doesn't make you have to do all this I hope you know" Liz said

"Trust me I am doing this because I love you and your family" Lorelai smiled

"LORELAI WATCH OUT!" Liz screamed just before the oncoming car smashed into the

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