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Ok, here's a pointer for this story.

Kagome is 27

Inuyasha is 28

Gin and Kin are 4

Sango is 28

Miroku is 31

Taro is 5,

Shippo is 20 (shocking, I know!)

Kaede is 74

Kagome's Grandpa is in his 70s

Kagome's mom is 47

Souta is 20

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Dude, Where're My Kids?

"There now, Kin. Be a good boy and sit still while mommy cleans your face." Kagome said softly to the struggling four-year-old. Kin looked up and smiled, ears twitching. Kagome grinned. Just like his father.

"Mama, I'm hungry still!" Gin, Kin's twin, cried.

"I know, sweetie. There, Kin. Now, go play for a minute while I feed your sister."

"Kay." Kin hopped down from the table and headed over to play with the toy sword Inuyasha had given him for his fourth birthday. He loved that sword because it made him feel 'just like daddy!'

Kin and Gin were twins, but not just any twins. They were half-demons, just like their father. Kagome had decided to settle down in the feudal era with Inuyasha after she finished collage. Everyone went his or her separate ways after Naraku was defeated (a story which Inuyasha loved to describe in excruciating detail to the twins) and the jewel was completed. Surprisingly Inuyasha took the jewel and used it to propose to Kagome instead of wishing to become a full demon. They got married as soon as Kagome finished school, something she insisted on doing.

The twins were adorable, looking just like Inuyasha. Ironically enough, Gin means silver, which is the exact color of her hair. Kin means golden, and surprisingly enough, he has long, beautiful golden hair just like his name says. No one is quite sure where he inherited it, but Inuyasha thinks that he got it from his own grandfather, who took on the form of a golden retriever.

"Gin, come up here." Kagome motioned towards the table. Gin nodded and jumped up easily, having acquired her father's ability to jump to high places. "Now, what do you want to eat?"

"Ramen!" She cried gleefully.

"Just like your father. Ok, let me boil up some water." Kagome turned around and began to search around for the pitcher of fresh water.

"What you lookin for, mommy?" Kin looked up from his little game with his sword.

"What are you looking for, Kin. Be sure to specify." Kagome corrected.

"Ok, what are you lookin for, mommy?"

Kagome sighed. She would have to work on that. "I'm looking for the water pitcher, do either of you know where it is?"

Kin shook his head, but Gin smiled. "I do!" She sang out.


"Daddy took it!"

Kagome groaned. Inuyasha had gone out to meet Kaede for some medicinal herbs, and he hadn't returned yet. If he had taken the pitcher, it meant that Gin wouldn't be able to have ramen until he got back.

"Gin, Kin, I'll be right back, I'm going to see if I can find Daddy." Kagome started to go towards the door, then stopped. "On second thought, come with me. One of you will be able to sniff him out."

The children happily followed their mother out the door after she had grabbed her bow and arrows, for demons still lived in the woods surrounding their house. Kagome stopped in front of the Sacred Tree, where Inuyasha would sometimes take the kids to play in its branches. "Now then. Who can tell me where daddy was last heading?"

"Kaede's house!" Kin answered.

"I know that. Who can tell me which direction Kaede's house is using their nose?" Kagome rephrased.

Both children sniffed the air and simultaneously pointed north. Kagome chuckled. Kaede's house was east, so it looked like Inuyasha had taken a detour. Well, she would make him regret that when the time came.

"All right. Stay close to me and lets go find daddy." Kagome began walking, stopping every few minutes to have Kin and Gin check to be sure they were on the right trail. Suddenly Kin stopped.

"Daddy!" He cried, and he raced forward through the trees. Gin followed just as easily, but Kagome was running to keep up. She slowed down when she heard a grunt and the twins' playful squeals.

"Hello, Inuyasha." Kagome emerged from the trees and put her hands on her hips.

"Oh, hey Kagome." Inuyasha was lying on the ground, and Kin and Gin were jumping on his stomach. He stood up, holding one kid in each arm. They laughed and struggled to get out of his grip, but to no avail.

"Inuyasha, would you mind telling us why you were out here instead of at Kaede's house, hmm?" Kagome took both of the children and put them on the ground. They watched as their parents began to argue.

"I already went to Kaede's house, so I wanted to go for a walk!"

"Inuyasha, you seem to forget that we have children now. You can't always just walk out like you could twelve years ago!"

"I know that, I was on my way home anyway! Besides, it's not like you were waiting for me or anything!"

"Oh, we weren't, were we? Is that why I got Kin and Gin to sniff you out? Because we weren't waiting for you?"

"Come on, Kagome! I won't do it again!"

"SIT!" Kagome cried.

"Ahhhh!" Inuyasha fell face first into the ground, and the children laughed with glee.

"Mama rules!" Kin said to Gin.

"Yeah, go mommy!" Gin replied.

Kagome smiled. "See what happens when you disobey mommy?"

"Yeah!" Kin and Gin said together before chasing each other around their father. Inuyasha groaned and stood up for the second time today.

"Twelve stupid years, and this necklace is still on me!" He growled.

"Sit, Inuyasha!" Kagome said again. And again he fell to the ground.

"What was that for!" He demanded as he spit out some dirt.

"That was for using bad words!" She said, for the children's sake. "I keep telling you, if you keep doing that, the kids will pick up on it. And I will not have my children cussing at such an early age!"

"So I said one bad word, is that such a crime?" He demanded. Kagome raised an eyebrow.

"We're not sixteen anymore, Inuyasha. Start acting like an adult and a father." She smirked and walked away. Kin and Gin followed happily.

"G'bye daddy!"

"Bye bye!"

"And be sure to bring home the herbs from Kaede!" Kagome called. Inuyasha flinched at the harsh tone in her voice. He stood up and followed them.

Kikyo was watching the whole affair. He can't possibly be happy with that girl, can he? She thought. She observed the children, Kin and Gin. And yet he has two children, who look so much like him. They have the same personalities as he had so long ago… Kikyo thought for a moment.

"Perhaps I can give Inuyasha a jolt back to reality, a reminder of the promise he made to me so long ago." Kikyo chuckled and climbed on to her soul collectors, smiling as they lifted her into the sky.

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