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Dude, Where're My Kids?

Chapter 10

"It's finally over…" Kagome sighed and put her hands behind her head as she watched Kin, Gin, and Taro play with Shippo's new kitsunes. The baby fox demons were barely a month old, so Kagome, Sango, and Kit were keeping a close eye on the children dancing around them.

"Huh? What?" Sango looked away from the twins' game of tag.

"Kikyo. She's dead, after so long…" Kagome smiled.

"Yeah. She's finally at peace." Sango nodded in relief.

After Kikyo went to Hell, everything went back to the way it had been. Well, Kagome and Inuyasha were a lot more careful about where Kin and Gin were allowed to go after dark, but other then that things went back to the way they were. Sesshoumaru went back home and Rin went back to her village just like before.

However, Kouga and Ayame decided that their wolf demon tribe was a little on the short side, and now they were expecting new pups to be born in spring. Sango and Miroku continued to live with each other, though Kagome couldn't understand how Sango lived with a pervert like Miroku all the time. Sango insisted it was because she had to make sure he didn't corrupt Taro, but Kagome knew that she loved him all the same.

"Yep." Kagome stood up and walked over to Kin and Gin. "Hey, you two! Can I play?"

Kin and Gin looked up at their mother. "Sure, mommy. But you gots'ta play like we tell you!"

"I will." Kagome laughed.

"Ok, here're the rules. Kin and me and Taro against Mommy. If one of us touches her, we win!" Gin cried happily. The other two children cheered; Kagome shook her head. Somehow those rules didn't seem fair. "Ready, go!"

Kagome cried in surprise as Kin, Gin, and Taro raced towards her as fast as their legs would carry them.

"We'll get you, auntie!" Taro yelled, pumping his legs faster. Kagome laughed again and began to run away from them. She'd tease them by letting them get close, then pull away quickly just before they touched her. Taro had a hard time keeping up because Kagome was an adult with long legs, and Kin and Gin were half-demons. Still, the boy continued to run and laugh. Sango watched from the sidelines, a grin plastered on her face as she saw Kagome collapse and the kids jump on her. The priestess stood up and dusted off her jeans, walking back to Sango.

"Done already, mommy?" Kin asked innocently.

"Yeah, you guys play too rough for me to handle!" Kagome winked at the trio and sat down next to Sango, panting slightly. Kin, Gin, and Taro shrugged and went back to playing.

Kit, who had been watching the whole time, walked over to the two humans, her arms and shoulders laden with fox demons. None of the babies were bigger then Kagome's fist, and there were six of them at last count. Kit knew exactly who was who, where they were, and how many there were at all times, but Sango and Kagome had given up trying to remember.

"That looked fun." She commented dryly as Kagome and Sango each took two foxes.

"It was. They just have endless energy… If I keep doing what they do, I'll die before I'm forty!"

"Inuyasha wouldn't like that." Sango pet the creatures she held gently.

"I say live life at it's fullest, because there's no time like the present." Kit decided.

"Present!" Kagome abruptly handed Sango the two demons she held and dove for her backpack. For a moment all you could see was her back bobbing up and down as she searched for something. Finally she appeared with two boxes in hand. "I put these in there when we went to search for the kids, and I guess I forgot to take them out…" She said thoughtfully.

"What is it?" Sango asked curiously.

"Presents from my mom. They're for Kin and Gin. I think its clothes, because she said that she hopes it fits." Kagome explained. "Kin, Gin! Come here, mommy has a present for you!" Kin and Gin raced over at the word 'present' and waited impatiently for their mother to hand it over. "Here you go."

"Yay!" Kin and Gin tore off the wrapping with incredible speed. They struggled a bit with the tape before using their claws ruthlessly to get the box open. Kit and Sango watched with open mouths.

"That was quick…" Kit commented. Kagome nodded.

"You should see them at Christmas."

Gin was the first to get her box open. She anxiously peered inside and looked shocked when she pulled out a solid silver necklace. Kagome blinked.

"A necklace?" She asked out loud as Kin pulled out a gold one. "Gin, let mommy see please?"

"K." Gin handed over the necklace. Kagome inspected it as Sango and Kit peered over her shoulder.

"It's a compass…" Her voice trailed off as she read the inscription on the back. " 'Home is where the heart is.'" She smiled warmly. "How sweet."

"Don't compasses point north?" Sango asked, blinking.


"But this one's pointing south…"

"Maybe it's broken?" Kit suggested. Kagome put the compass down and began shifting through the boxes they came in. She found nothing in Gin's box, but Kin's was a different story. There, underneath the packing, was a small note written by Mrs. Higurashi. Kagome read it silently while Sango and Kit studied the necklace.

Dear Kagome,

I know how curious Kin and Gin are getting, so I began thinking about what to get them for Christmas. I decided that compasses were the only logical things, because curious kids tend to get lost easily.

Oh how right you are, mother. Kagome thought as she read.

I bought each one to match the color of their hair, because it's so unusual for kids to have that color, and they should treasure it deeply. Also, since I figured that Kin and Gin wouldn't know how to read a compass, I had your grandfather put an enchantment on them. Your grandfather can do some things correctly when it comes to spells! Anyway, I made him put a spell on each of the compasses so that instead of pointing north, they would always point towards your home. That way, even if they get lost, Kin and Gin will still find their way back to their loving family. I hope it works!

With love from the future, Mom

Kagome smiled warmly at the note. Her mother really knew what she was doing. "How smart…"

"What?" Sango noticed the letter and snatched it from Kagome easily. As Kit and Sango read it, Kagome put the necklace back on Gin.

"Now kids, you must never take these necklaces off, all right? If you're ever lost, just follow the direction that the arrow is pointing and you'll eventually get home, ok?" Kagome ordered. Both children nodded and ran off to play again.

"That would have been nice to have when they were lost!" Sango cried, dropping the letter.

"She might not have had it then, Sango." Kit pointed out.

"Wow. That's ironic…" Kagome muttered.


"Well, my mother gave those presents to me the day Kin and Gin were kidnapped! I chose to give it to them in the morning because I thought it was just clothes and that it could wait until they woke up! Now I really wish that I had given it to them…"

Sango fell to the ground, and Kit shook her head. Kagome sweat dropped. "It's not my fault!" She defended.

"What's not your fault?" A gruff voice came from behind.

"Daddy!" Three voices squealed at the same time. Instantly the children were tackling the person in question. Miroku laughed and picked up Taro; while Inuyasha bent down to see his children. Shippo walked over to Kit and collected the babies from Sango so he was holding three and Kit was holding three.

"Kids, show daddy what Grammy gave you." Kagome told her twins.

"Ok!" Kin pulled out his necklace; Gin did the same. Inuyasha inspected them while Kagome explained everything she had just found out. After she finished, Inuyasha was glaring at her in a joking sort of way.

"If anyone asks, I blame you." He said. Kagome laughed.

"Fine, just know that I blame you!" And the two started arguing. Again. Kit and Shippo sighed and stood.

"Well, while you two are blaming people, we're going home. It's getting late, and frankly, I'm exhausted." Shippo stated. Miroku chuckled.

"Told you so." He said. Shippo glared at him and began to lead Kit back to their current house, which was a small burrow not far from the Sacred Tree. Kagome had a feeling it was to become their permanent home, though she never said anything.

"Bye." Sango called, but her voice was lost in the calls of 'goodbye' from the kids. Once they were out of sight, Sango stood as well. "Come on, Miroku. It is getting late, and Taro needs to eat dinner. I believe Hoshi and Kaede will also be needing some assistance in healing everyone after that demon raid on the village." Hoshi had taken up apprenticeship with Kaede to become the next village healer. Of course he wouldn't be a priest, he didn't have the holy powers, but he could still help the village as much as possible that way.

"True, true…" Miroku sighed and put Taro on his shoulders. "Ready to go, Kid?"

"Yeah!" Taro squealed happily. "Bye Kin! Bye Gin! Bye auntie Kagome and uncle Inuyasha!"

"Goodbye, guys." Kagome waved. "Well, we'd better be getting home as well, Inuyasha."

"Scared?" Inuyasha asked as they started home.

"No. It's just that Kin and Gin will be tired and I'm hungry."

"Uh huh." Inuyasha grinned and raced ahead, taking a laughing Kin and Gin with him.

"Really!" Kagome called after his retreating form before sighing. He never listens…

Kagome gently laid Kin down beside Gin on their bed. Inuyasha stood in the doorway, waiting. "Good night, you two." She whispered to their sleeping forms.

" 'Night, kids!" Inuyasha stated. He began to walk down the hallway before he realized that Kagome wasn't following him, He turned around and saw Kagome's face illuminated by the candle she was holding, just staring at Kin and Gin thoughtfully. "Kagome?"

"Huh?" Kagome shook her head and turned towards her husband. "Yeah?"

"You just looked kind of spaced out…" Inuyasha wrapped an arm around Kagome. "Is anything wrong?"

"No. I was just thinking."

"Uh oh." Inuyasha chuckled at his joke. Kagome glared at him.

"It's not a bad thing!" She exclaimed quietly. "I was just deciding something."

"And what did you decide?" Inuyasha asked nervously.

"That Kin and Gin will be attending elementary school in my era."

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