Seeds of Seduction

Chapter 1: Dangerous Assignment

In a shady village in the far side of Britain, a small ceremony was taking place. A group of well-dressed wizards and witches gathered silently around a long circular table. The stonewall was charmed with a spell to ward off eavesdropping. Quietly, the witches and wizards took their seats and faced the front of the room. An elderly man stood up and walked to the front his sky blue robes contrasting with the subdued and tense mood of the crowd. He turned around and spread his arms wide in greeting.

"Good evening my fellow Aurors," greeted Albus Dumbledore as he surveyed the crowd over half moon spectacles. "I know that this is a rather unexpected and sudden meeting; however regarding the previous events of the past month I believe that the operation that we have decided to embark upon needs to go into effect now. It is well known that Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley were to be sworn into the Order of the Phoenix after their seventh year at Hogwarts. However, in the light of the recent events my top advisors and I have decided that their assistance is needed urgently."

"Fellow aurors, I present to you Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley,' said Dumbledore his face breaking into a smile as four teenagers walked out of the shadows.

For the first time that evening the hall showed signs of life. Applause rang throughout the hall and whistles could be heard that they surveyed the new additions to the club. On the far left stood Hermione Granger. Her physique had changed drastically over the years. She now stood at five foot 7 and her height was not the only way she had grown. Her hair stood shiny and straight until the middle of her back. Next to her stood Ronald Weasley. His red hair had grown until his shoulders, which were muscular from years of dueling and training. His eyes were warm as he surveyed the crowd. On his left side at 5 foot 8, stood his sister, Ginny Weasley. Like her brother, her traditional red Weasley hair fell in long silky curls down her back. She smiled sweetly at the crowd as her eyes twinkled. Around her waist was the hand of her boyfriend. It was none other than Harry Potter. Unlike the rest of his friends, his eyes were hard and cold behind his glasses. His shoulders and stomach clearly showed the changes that puberty, hard years of dueling and Quidditch had brought to his body. His 6 foot 3 frame towered over those of his friends as he surveyed the crowd. Many of the witches and wizards curled back internally as they looked into his eyes.

"These four wizards and witches have expressed a desire to fight for the Order," said Dumbledore joyously once the room had quieted. "They have signed the Order pledge and have gone through the Veritaserum test. They have been through their separate ordeals with Lord Voldemort that have lit their flame to avenge their losses."

The room once again erupted into applause as the four teenagers walked down the stairs and took seats at the table. For once, the hard look in Harry's eyes vanished as his handsome face broke into a smile. Chattering and laughing, the once subdued aura vanished as Dumbledore lit the lamps and trays of food and drinks appeared. No one noticed as a figure silently slipped out of the hall and headed out into the stormy night.

. & .

In an old mansion many miles away from the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, a group of black robed and hooded wizards and witches were sitting in wooden chairs around a tall hooded figure. Pacing and cursing occasionally, the tall wizard twirled his wand in his white pasty fingers. The witches didn't move for fear of being tortured. Suddenly, the thin wooden door flew open bringing rain and snow into the dark room. The visitor staggered forward and bent in front of the Dark Lord's foot and kissed the hem of his robe.

"Finally you have come," said the Dark Lord coldly as the newcomer stood up and scrambled backwards. "What news have you brought me?"

"My Lord," said the person in a husky voice, "Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and Ronald Weasley have joined the Order."

"Yes," said the Dark Lord coldly his eyes becoming slits, "Go at once before they realize something is wrong."

Immediately the cloaked messenger swept out the door and into the cold night. With a swish of his robes, the Dark Lord turned to face his advisors.

"My Lord," drawled a cold voice from under one of the hoods, "Maybe it's time we send them a warning. We all know the threat Potter presents."

The Dark Lord chuckled derisively. "No one knows more than I. Yes Draco you are right. Perhaps we should send them a message that even the addition of the Boy-Who-Lived won't prohibit us. Fetch me the body."

Nodding, the prominent Death Eater rose form his chair and walked swiftly to a corner of the room and pulled a wrapped figure towards him. Smirking, he threw off the cover and smiled.

"My Lord," he said, "The potion has worked."

"Very good," said the Dark lord emotionlessly as usual, "You must carry this mission very carefully Draco. Leave the body at the Ministry; it's bound to be seen as soon as we leave it."

"Yes My Lord," said Draco obediently as he picked up the body in his muscular arms and apparated to the Ministry.

. & .

Harry took a sip of his fire whisky as he looked around the room. Excusing himself from Hermione and Ron's conversation, he began wandering around the room looking for Tonks. As he spotted her in the corner downing a glass of fire whisky he walked briskly over.

"Tonks,' said Harry politely, "Have you see Remus anywhere?"

"No Harry, I haven't," said Tonks worriedly running her hand through her sky blue hair, "he's been gone for a week. Dumbledore said he went on a special mission to deal with werewolves."

At that moment, Dumbledore ran into the room his smile gone from his face and the twinkle gone from his eyes. The warmness in the room vanished immediately.

"Harry! Tonks! Ginny, Hermione, and Ron!" said Dumbledore urgently, "In here now."

Harry looked around him in confusion as the other aurors in the room looked at each other in confusion and horror. Harry threw aside his glass of fire whisky as he practically ran into the room Dumbledore designated. His green eyes were blazing with confusion and worry. Hermione, Ginny, Ron, and Tonks ran after him panic etched on their faces. Tonks slammed the door shut and cast the same spell upon the door that Dumbledore had on the house.

"Harry, Tonks," said Dumbledore speaking directly to them, "This will be a shock for you."

Dumbledore waved his wand and slowly a package covered in cloth was brought upon the desk. Harry stared at it and swallowed hard. He moved slowly towards the mysterious lump and moved a hand and in one swift jerk he yanked the cloth off. Harry gasped and stumbled backwards the color draining from his face.

Staring up at him his face lifeless and limp was Remus Lupin.

"Remus," yelled Tonks heartbroken. She ran over to the body and seized Remus' chest with her hands. Tears were streaming down her face.

"Remus, wake up. Please! Remus please. You can't go. I love you," sobbed Tonks burying her face into Remus' chest.

Hermione was in tears and Ron had wrapped her in his arms. Ron closed his eyes as tears fells down his cheeks. Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry and cried. Her boyfriend wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her comfortingly. Harry stared solemnly at Moony. His green eyes were fixed on Tonks blue hair covering his chest. Anger such that Harry had never felt before erupted throughout his body. His green eyes were blazing with hatred and sorrow. His hands curled into fists and the power within him built to such an extent that the room started to shake. The curtains at the window blew even though there was no wind. Dumbledore stared at Harry a little scared as he watched the young man release his anger. His robes swirled behind him and his eyes were shooting daggers. Harry walked over to the body and placed his hand on Tonks' trembling back.

"I will avenge you,' vowed Harry softly as he stared at Remus' lifeless face. "I will avenge you, my mother and father, and Sirius."

Tonks finally lifted her tearstained and blotchy face from Remus' chest. Harry gently led Tonks out of the room as Dumbledore wrapped Remus' body and placed it under the desk.

"I'm sorry," said Dumbledore sincerely, "Please take a seat."

Harry waved his wand and immediately four chairs appeared. Seating themselves, they looked at Dumbledore sadly.

"His body was found in the Ministry of Magic," said Professor Dumbledore, "along with this note."

Harry reached forward and snatched the note. He scanned it and swore. He stood up knocking Ginny to the floor but he didn't notice.

"Malfoy wrote this,' said Harry every syllable dripping with anger. "He killed Moony. It was a warning that our joining the Order wouldn't do anything to stop them. This is not right. How did Voldemort find out that we were joining the Order? Who told him? And when?"

"What are you hinting at Harry?" asked Dumbledore.

"There is a spy in the order of the Phoenix," said Harry bluntly his eyes burning with anger. "It could be anyone. No one can be trusted."

"I agree whole heartily with you Harry. That brings me to your first mission," said Dumbledore gravely. "You four, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry will carry through this mission. Hermione, you have to carry out the first phase of this plan."

"What's that sir," said Hermione eagerly.

"You have to seduce Draco Malfoy," said Dumbledore.

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