Seeds of Seduction

Chapter 29: Epilogue

"NO," yelled Hermione suddenly startling Draco. "If I was going to kill you I would have done so," hissed Hermione her hazel eyes burning, "What kind of a Slytherin are you? Do you think I worked this hard to survive this fucking battle so I could kill you? Do you think I waited 6 fucking months to kill you?"

"But-" protested Draco shocked at her language.

"No," said Hermione hastily, "Nothing doing Draco. You want to die, you kill yourself."

Draco simply stared at Hermione. Shrugging he took Hermione's wand in his hand and fingered it. Looking down, he traced the smooth body with his long and elegant finger. Looking up once more, he observed Hermione's face. The memory of one of their breakfast's came back to him.She was staring at him expectantly. In her eyes, he saw strength, confidence, and hope. As he beheld her, he could see them in their future. Growing old together, loving each other until they died together….images formed in his mind. Still staring at Hermione, he dropped his hand by his side and let the wand fall to the grass silently.

Leaning down, he captured her lips with his.

"I knew you wouldn't," breathed Hermione.

"You bloody Gryffindor," muttered Draco pulling her towards him.

"You slimy Slytherin," reorted Hermione softly.

Draco smirked and then enveloped her in his cut arms and kissed her.

. & .

Two things happened that day. First, Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort forever ensuring the safety of all wizards everywhere. Second, Draco Malfoy proposed to Hermione Granger in the middle of the battlefield. He got down on one knee in the middle of the battlefield and asked her to marry him. A giggling Hermione took his hand and accepted.

It was as if Hermione had taken off the mask she had donned the past few months. Her natural flamboyant and carefree nature returned and the smile she had erased from her face reappeared. The emotions she had locked in her heart flooded her words and actions. Her hair and style of clothing had gone back to the precedent style. She now walked with an air of confidence.

It wasn't unusual that Harry and Ron had been very skeptical and furtive when Hermione showed up at the Order clutching a smiling Draco on her arm. Harry had threatened Draco at knifepoint that if Hermione was hurt in any way, shape, or form he would have Harry to deal with. Ron on the other hand was burning with jealously and anger and refused to accept Draco as Hermione's husband. Ginny who was sick of her brother's self-centered behavior reminded him that he would need to get used to it as he was marrying his best friend. Grunting, he had conceded but he would never get used to the sight as long as he would live.

Two wedding had happened that summer. The first was that of Harry to Ginny. Hermione and Luna were the bridesmaids and Ron was undoubtedly the best man. The second was Draco to Hermione. Ron adamantly refused to be best man so Harry was forced to perform the honor. Ginny and Luna had performed the bridesmaid duties.

Months later, each couple settled down. Harry and Ginny bought a house near Hogwarts. Harry retired as an Auror and decided to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ginny was rather displeased at the number of girls flocking around him who were more interested in the professor than in the lesson so she applied for position as the new Potions professor. They had two children; one son and one daughter named Remus James Potter and Lillian Molly Potter. Remus was a spitting image of his father. He had the traditional messy black hair and his green eyes. Lillian had Ginny's red hair and Harry's piercing green eyes. Harry had joked how they reminded him so much of his mother and father. Lilly and Remus had both been sorted into Gryffindor. However, Harry was not angry. Draco joked when he saw the challenging looks they shot each other that their

Hermione and Draco sold the old Malfoy Manor because Draco said it reminded him too much of his childhood. They then built a new building in the countryside. They had one son named Damien who was best friends with Lilly and Remus. He had his father's silver eyes and sleek white-blond hair but Hermione's calmness and rationale. He was sorted into Slytherin. Draco and Harry laughed when they saw Remus and Damien shoot each other mock challenging looks. Draco had joked that their house rivalry would continue.

To this day, Hermione never forgot about those few moments. This story had grown to be one of her son's and Harry and Ginny's personal favorites. Over the years it passed down. And it always would start out, as "There is one rule in the game of seduction. Never fall in love. This is the story of Hermione and her Draco."

The End

Started: July 31, 2005

Finished: January 2nd, 2005

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