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"Holy fuck" Theodora looked down at the snapped neck between her hands. Slowly she raised them to her face to stare in awe; these hands had just taken a life. Constantine came up beside his daughter and took her hands in his.

"Are you all right?" Concern rang in his gruff voice, but his eyes revealed something deeper than concern for her wellbeing. He was worried he had been wrong. Theodora tore her pulsing hands from his and leaned up against the cool library desk. She had just taken a life, had her father been wrong to bring her back? A million horrible questions spun through her head until Constantine gently placed his warm hand on her shoulder. Slowly he turned her around to face him. His expression had become unreadable. "I think you need some answers." Constantine was leading them to the double doors of the library when she suddenly stopped. She could bring him back. The thought was impossible, but somehow she knew she could. Moving quickly she hopped over the mahogany desk next to the still-warm body.

"I can bring you back." She whispered to the dead librarian, less to assure him than to assure herself.

"Theodora," Constantine peered over the high desk down at her cradling Gabriel.

"I can, I will." Theodora said with resolve, stroking the dead angel's flushed cheeks, her shed tears dotting his face. Gabriel looked as if he were just sleeping, laying in Theodora's lap as she stroked his hair and hummed. Constantine went around behind the desk and knelt opposite his daughter.

"Theo-" he stopped his words abruptly when he caught sight of his daughter's eyes. Her eyes were completely black and she began to rock back and forth, repeating something under her breath. The climate of the room became stuffy and the smell of sulfur rose from somewhere unknown. Constantine's senses pricked unpleasantly as Theodora's chanting grew louder. Hell-speak. He scooted away as Gabriel's body began to radiate a scorching heat and take on an unearthly glow. The room's temperature dropped radically and astonished, Constantine realized he could see Gabriel's breath. The fallen angel's eyes flew open with his mouth and a rattling breath escaped his white lips. The lights of the room flickered uncontrollably before finally draping the three in black. Constantine flew back hard against the wall and his daughter released some sort of banshee call. Gabriel scurried away from Theodora in horror, a life restored. Constantine barely caught her limp form in his arms as she passed out.

"A necromancer." Gabriel hissed, looking down at Theodora with revulsion. She was so cold, every vein stark against her lucid skin.

"Get me some blankets!" Constantine roared "or I'll send you back to the place she saved you from." Gabriel moved slowly towards the back office, his eyes ever-watching Theodora's still form. "I need a car, now."

"She'll never survive the drive to L.A. if that's where you are thinking on taking her." Gabriel said as he handed Constantine a grey blanket reeking of mildew.

"Then I need a phone." Gabriel gestured towards the office. "Stay with her, and don't try anything." Constantine laid Theodora's head gently on the scuffed wood floor and made his way purposefully towards the phone. Slowly Constantine dialed one of the few numbers he had ever memorized and listened impatiently to it ring.

"Hello?" Midnight called pleasantly from the other end. Never had Constantine been so relieved to hear the witch doctor's voice.

"Midnight, I need your help."

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