Wrapped in the cold, cruel arms of Fate

A blanket of death I weaved for myself.

No one answers my pleas for help,

They have all been slain on the feild.

How did it get this far?

How did it turn out like this?

Was it worth the blood,

Was it worth the tears,

Was it worth the loss of love?

I would laugh, but I have no voice,

The raven's cry drowns it; it's lost...

As lost as my very soul, surrounded

By the cries of the forsaken.

How did life take this path?

How did I end up like this?

Was it worth the pain,

Was it worth the toil,

Was it worth the lost of inoccence?

My eyes, the eyes of the goddess,

Watch over the body of my heart.

My bloodied hands closed the eyes

Of the two who succumbed to the Call of Avalon.

How did love turn to hate?

How did trust turn to fear?

Was it worth it all,

Was it worth the fall,

Just for the name of King...?