Just something I cooked up while thinking of weird pairings and brainstorming while at work. I like to deviate from the norm. Anyways, this is my first Bleach fic and I don't own Bleach or anything related to it, although my mom has a few containers in the laundry room

I'm sorry.

I knew I shouldn't have, but I did. I couldn't help it, I saw him first. I've known him much longer than you, I've seen sides of him you'll never see as much as you want to.

I'm sorry.

I had promised to beat up all those who made you cry, but what am I to do when I am the cause of those tears? I didn't want to hurt you, but in the end, I couldn't deny my feelings. I've harbored these feelings for so long, it felt like a waste not letting them out.

I know I was selfish. I knew you liked him, but I'm only human. You have no idea how much it pained me to break the news to you. I had thought about going behind your back, but I couldn't. You are my friend and I had to be honest with you. I saw it. I saw your heart shatter to pieces. Just for a split second before you threw on a goofy grin and congratulated me. I'm not stupid, I can read you like a book.

No matter how many times I apologize, I know I can never make it up to you. I still think of you as my best friend and I hope you do too, though I doubt it. I'm sorry for sticking that knife in your back, but it was either that, or ramming it into my own heart. You're strong, a lot stronger than me, I know you can pick up the pieces, pull out that knife and move on.

I'm sorry, but I saw him first. Yours was just a school girl crush. You've probably only felt that way for a few months right? I've felt this way for years. I know I'm only rationalizing, but this is how I feel. Guys drool over you, hell, even some girls do. You'll have no problem finding some one. Most guys are afraid of me. They either avoid me or act like I'm their boss. None of them could see me as a woman, just some threat. He knows me better than that. He's stronger than I am, so he does not see me as a threat, just the friend he's known since childhood. More than that I suppose. I'm actually heading to meet him right now. I've never been one to beat around to bush, so I asked him out.

If I had met you first, things would be different, but fate works in mysterious ways. I'm sorry I betrayed you. I'm sorry I made you cry. I'm sorry things turned out this way. I hope you can be happy for me and move on.

"Oi! Tatsuki! You're late!"

"Sorry for making you wait Ichigo!"

Forgive me, Orihime.