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"Colonel Mustang, where are the reports I gave you to finish!" demanded Riza Hawkeye one afternoon, determined not to let Roy get out of the office for lunch without first finishing his work. Roy sighed heavily, staring outside, it was a sunny, clear day outside, the kind that should be enjoyed by a leisurely walk through the park followed by an early dinner at some restaurant or another. "Roy, I'm talking to you, are you even listening to me!" Riza yelled, noticing the colonel's spacey expression.

Yes, dinner watching the sunset, enjoying the fair weather, chatting with a date- Mustang snapped back to reality, having noticed Riza yelling at him about some report or another, as always. "Ah, the reports, right. Fullmetal's working on them right now, go yell at him about it, not me," Mustang replied, getting up out of his chair to go eat lunch. "Roy, you realize eventually you'll have to do your own work," Riza stated loudly, glaring at him, as he walked off towards the door. "You know, you'd look much prettier if you didn't stop yelling for a minuet," Roy said smugly, stopping a moment to look back at her surprised and enraged expression before closing the doors to his office and heading to the cafeteria.

Riza stood there for a moment, speechless and fuming with anger before finally stalking out of Roy's office. She might as well find Fullmetal and see how the reports were doing, and go to lunch. Walking throughout the seemingly endless hallways that made up the military headquarters had soothed Riza's flaming temper, though she was still having a few of her often occurring fantasies of finally pulling the trigger of her handgun on the colonel. Stifling a laugh at that thought, she barely noticed as Ed walked past her.

"Edward! I've been looking for you, have you finished the reports the colonel gave you?" Riza exclaimed, feeling relief wash though her at finally finding Ed. "Here's the reports that bastard colonel gave me to do, tell him that for all I care, he can shoot himself in the head. In fact, I recommend that for him," Ed spouted out angrily, thrusting a packet of papers into Riza's hands. "I'll tell him you said hello," Riza replied, smiling weakly, watching the alchemist trudge off. 'Hmm, must have called him short again,' Riza though to herself, as she turned around and began walking off towards the cafeteria, her stomach growling noisily.

A/N yah, it's a bit short, sorry but it's about 1:45 in the morning, and I'm getting sleepy. I think I'll continue this fic for a while, see how it goes, it's eventually going to be a RoyXRiza lemon most likely, I like that pairing. Until next time! -